10 Best Foot Massager for Heel Pain: Guide and Review

10 Best Foot Massager for Heel Pain: Guide and Review

After a tiring day at work, most of us feel pain in our heels and feet. Heel pain can be quite uncomfortable. Nothing is relaxing and soothing as a good foot massage with top quality massagers. It calms your senses and sets you in the right mood for sleep at night. Good foot massage regulates blood circulation and applies pressure on the right points of your foot and joint muscles thus relieving pain. When a foot massage is done, it loosens up the tight tendons on the foot and your body feels re-energized. In addition to this, your mind also tends to be more alert as your sore muscles are relieved of the tension that builds up during the day. Here is the 10 best foot massager for heel pain.

The best relief for heel pain can be found in a good foot massage. Invest in one and you will reap the health benefits that come with it.

Check out the best foot massager for heel pain in this article. 

1. Dr. Physdisplayio  electric foot massager:

 The Dr. Physdisplayio electric foot massager is the one for you if you are looking for a   complete foot massage.  It gives you the ultimate spa treatment experience unlike any other.  It not only eases the pain from the soles of the feet but also massages the entire area at specific target points.  Dr. Physdisplayio electric foot massager combines the power of Revolutionary methods that transforms your body into one that is refreshed to take on the hurdles of everyday life.


·         Engages advanced modern technology that gives the best massages that your feet deserve.

·         Feet massage is done using Physiotherapy methods.

·         Relaxes you completely while massaging your feet.

·         Reduces stress, worries, body strain, and anxiety.

·         Brings in the power of infrared physiotherapy. 

·         It provides the user with a complete spa experience.


·         The manual operation of this foot massage is a bit complicated.

·         This foot massage is costly.


 It comes with an inbuilt digital display that enables the user to keep track of its performance. There are several options for massage services that you can choose from. In addition to this, it features massage rollers that are easy to operate and quite effective.  The entire Foot Massager machine is portable and compact to take with you at any time and wherever you may go. 

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2. Quantico foot massager:

This one utilizes the benefits of air pressure technique. It is known to be powerful in boosting blood circulation in the feet and the rest of the body.  Quantico foot massager is proven to relax, rejuvenate, and reduce the harmful effects of stress on the user.


·         Easy to handle and manage the foot massager.

·         Uses a powerful 3 Mode advanced Technology.

·         Ergonomic, lightweight, and compact.

·         Provide the best foot massages.


·         The heating technology in this foot massage does not startup instantly.


The special technology that comes with the Quantico foot massager not only massages the foot but also the calves and the surrounding areas. The massage delivered is similar to that of a professional and experienced masseuse.  The Quantico foot massage also features reflexology rollers that cover your heel. It is anti-skid and this prevents sliding accidents.  The ergonomic handle gives the user a firm grip during the massage session.

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3. Agaro  foot massager:

 If you are looking for a good foot massager that produces pain and swelling of your feet, then the Agar Foot Massager is the best one on the market. It combines the techniques of vibration, massaging, and rolling to relieve pain. The entire machine functions on 80 watts power. The accompanied covering on the Agaro foot massager enables the user to clean and handle the machine with ease and convenience.


·         User-friendly and environmentally friendly.

·         Perfect foot massager for reducing stress.

·         Relieves pain and swelling of the feet and calves.

·         Combines the benefits of four different techniques.


·         It is not budget-friendly.


 The Agaro foot massager features a Hi-Tech LED screen that gives it a classy and professional appearance.  The digital display on the screen is clear and accurate indicating all that the foot massager is performing. The LED display on the Agaro foot massager also enables the user to select the settings that are desirable as per the need.

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4. Craftgasmic  wooden foot massager:

 This Foot Massager is one-of-a-kind and is available at a reasonable rate in the market. It uses Acupressure to alleviate the pain and stress of the feet and the rest of the body. It features 6 rollers that perform beyond expectation.  What’s even more special about the Craftgasmic wooden Foot Massager is that it enables you to massage both feet simultaneously with each of the Acupressure rollers that come with it.  You can operate the Craftgasmic  wooden foot massager to massage your feet all you want.


·         Helps to alleviate pain and stress.

·         It is budget-friendly and available at reasonable rates in the market.

·         It is convenient and easy to use while ensuring that you are comfortably placed during the massage session.

·         Works well for medical purposes and domestic use.


·         Best foot massager should be operated manually and it can become tiresome for the user.


 The Craftgasmic feet massager is made up of natural wood.  Each of the 6 rollers is 11 inches the entire feet area during the massage.  Outer construction of this foot massager covers the contours of the feet completely, thus ensuring a good feet massage experience.

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5. Lifelong  foot massager:

 This is a foot massager that is feature-packed, durable, and long-lasting.  There is no other better choice than the lifelong foot massager which guarantees a healthy rejuvenated life. The functioning of this Foot Massager is superior due to the premium quality materials used.  It utilizes the traditional methods of massaging along with a touch of modern technology as well.


·         Compact, lightweight, and highly portable.

·         Perfect for use by the entire family.

·         Engages high Technology for the massage sessions.

·         Durable long-lasting and available in the market at affordable rates.

·         Focuses on the acupuncture areas of the feet.


·         It is a bit expensive when compared to the other foot massager on the market.


 The high technology that this Foot Massager comes with enables customized operations.  You get to choose the different programs depending upon the need. Each of them is different, offering better experiences than the other.  The design and build of the lifelong foot massager makes it convenient and easy for use. The main focus is on the prime acupuncture areas and pressure spots that link the feet to the rest of the body. The performance of this foot massager is similar to that being done by a real masseuse.

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6. Stok small compact foot massager: 

 This Foot Massager is an all-in-one solution for all your feet ailments.  It combines the techniques of kneading, rolling, massaging, and shiatsu. The massage experience with this machine is truly memorable.


·         Performance of this foot massager commerce the entire foot.

·         Heating features calm and releases the tension build up in the soles of your feet.

·         Highly beneficial for blood circulation, rejuvenation therapies, medical purposes, better metabolism rate.

·         The technology used in this foot massager is varied and capable of performing several messages at a single time. 


·         The Stok small compact foot massager heater that comes with this foot massager is not very effective.


This Foot Massager features five buttons that regulate the control and Management of the machine.  It enables the user to select the desired mode for the massage. It serves several functions at a single time and you get the best of foot massage and care within the comfort and convenience of your home.  The heating feature distributes the heat evenly across your feet and keeps it warm. It is capable of five functions which include massaging, rolling, kneading, shiatsu, and pressing. This machine is designed to perform on 3 parts of the feet which are the heels, toes, and sole. 

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7. Stok. ST – F.M01 Foot massager:

 This Foot Massager is an electric one and not only guarantees to alleviate your feet pain but also to provide comfort while doing it.  It includes the best of advanced technology to help you fight stress, fatigue, and lethargy. This Foot Massager is designed specially to give you the best shiatsu massage therapy beyond expectations. The massage is dedicated towards specifically targeted parts of your leg and the benefits can be felt in the rest of your body.  Apart from the above therapy, it also uses rolling and kneading that gives you an out-of-the-world massage.


·         The massage therapy session with the Stok. ST – F.M01 Foot massager makes use of several controls to enable smooth massage.

·         Comes with the benefits of the world-renowned Japanese shiatsu technique.

·         It can be operated with remote control as well.

·         User friendly and safe to the surrounding environment.


·         The motor that powers this Foot Massager machine is not a powerful one.


 The design and overall construction of the Stok. ST – F.M01 Foot massager is aimed to deliver the targeted results. The focus is on the main pressure points of your feet that work its benefit upwards.  The user experiences a customized massage with the 3 special modes that can be adjusted from one to the other.  Stok. ST – F.M01 Foot massager works on your toes, heels, back of your heels, and soles of the feet. 

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8. JSB Hf119 Foot massager:

 It is equipped with high-quality heating Technology and airbags that provide comfort and trap the Heat giving you the best foot massage you are looking for. This machine is highly recommended for those who are suffering from arthritis, feet ailments, varicose veins, and other related ailments. It works great for pain relief and is a great stress buffer with its special rubber pads. JSB Hf119 Foot massager works not just on the soles of your feet but also show on the ankles and calf parts.


·         It is highly effective on those who suffer from insufficient blood circulation on the feet and the surrounding parts.

·         The Heating system can be adjusted to about 45 degrees.

·         User-friendly and convenient to use at home.

·         The leg backrest supports the upper part of the feet while the massage is being done.

·         It is effective for those people with constant leg pain from long travels or hours of sitting at work.


·         This Foot Massager is costly.

·         Not suitable for users who are  6 feet tall.


It is equal with all the right features needed for a good foot massage. It comes with rubber kneading pads; heating Technology; airbags that prevent the heat from escaping; and a support system. It combines the best of Technology to ensure that the user is stress-free and enjoy a good massage no matter what time of the day it may be.

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9. Robotouch Ortholite foot massage:

This foot massager is the go-to machine after your long day at work. Nothing feels like heaven than taking off your shoes to relax back and enjoy a full leg massage.  The Robotouch Ortholite foot massages lets you unwind the build-up of stress during the day and spend quality time with your loved ones even during the massage. 


·         The heating system facilitates a soothing and relaxing massage session.

·         Comfortable and easy to use.

·         Aids in the complete blood circulation around the feet and the rest of the body.

·         Relieves the tension in the tendons muscles and sore feet.

·         You can take the massage all the way up to the knees.

·         It comes with an instruction manual that enables the user to have complete control over the massage.

·         Comes with five different kinds of programs.

·         It is capable of performing 17  different massage types.

·         Suitable for people of all age groups.


·         The machine does not cover the calf area in some people.

·         It is expensive.


 The Robotouch Ortholite foot massager ensures that the user experiences a good massage with the power of foot rollers, kneading, and top-quality heating systems. One of the top features that make this Foot Massager a great choice is that it gives a full leg massage right from the soles of your feet up to your thighs. The cutting edge design and features are aimed at providing a stimulating massage to the main target points of your leg. It features three rollers that are inbuilt and works to soothe your sore muscles. The heating feature works well with not just your feet but also the ankle and thigh parts. An added advantage for users of this foot massage machine is that it is lightweight and can be easily carried to any desired destination. It easily blends in with the rest of your surroundings at home with just a low sound.

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10. Health Sense foot massager: 

The health Sense foot massager is a unique machine that guarantees the user with a whole immersion experience. It is the best machine for those with knee and feet ailments. It covers the feet, knee, and the surrounding parts of the leg. It is an expensive machine that is recommended by physiotherapists and for medical purposes. It combines the benefits of air compression Technology; powerful vibration and heating systems to deliver the best outcomes for your feet.


·         The foot massage session with the HealthSense foot massager is a revitalizing experience.

·         It alleviates and relieves all types of pain in the feet, even chronic pain and swelling that accompanies varicose veins. 

·         It is user friendly and anyone can operate and control the foot massage machine, whether it is being used on yourself or on your loved ones.

·         Alleviates stress and provides a great deal of relief to the user. 

·         It uses the air pressure technique that is known to deliver healing results in the user.

·         The controls on this foot massager help for easy management and complete control over the machine during the sessions.


·         This foot massager is quite costly.


The entire Foot Massager machine is zipped and protected from external factors, dust, dirt, and grime.  This enables it to be cleaned and maintained easily unlike other foot massagers. The special compression Technology that is a part and parcel of this massager features airbags which can be regulated to meet the needs of the user during the massage.  The bags do not require much effort to inflate and deflate. It also possesses an anti- overheating feature that prevents the massager from getting overheated during prolonged use.  The user can maneuver the foot massager easily and freely without any restrictions.

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Buying Guides:

Things to look out for when buying foot massages:

With the several foot massages in the market, it can be challenging to find the right one that meets your needs. In this article, you will get to know all about the different aspects that need to be looked into when purchasing foot massages. 

· Size:

Size matters when it comes to foot massagers. The size of each person’s feet differs from the other so it is critical that careful attention is paid. In addition to this, the specific ailment and the condition of the leg area also need to be considered as swelling and conditions like varicose veins demand larger space. Decide on a foot massager that enables your feet to fit in well, snugly, and comfortably for the massage. This enables the user to reap the maximum benefits and enjoy the best experience.

· Comfort and ease of use:

Most of the above-mentioned foot massagers are user friendly and can be easily controlled and operated just by the click of a button. Choose a foot massager that isn’t too complicated to operate. A foot massager that comes with several features all in one piece is also a good choice. Before operating the machine go through the instruction manual and the settings thoroughly. 

· Design:

 The design model and the overall make of the foot massager plays an important role in soothing your feet muscles and the build-up of tension. This includes the angles of the foot massager; model; open designs; closed design and more. Decide on one that is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry around so that your loved ones can also benefit from it. A soothing and refreshing foot massage can be experienced only when the machine works silently and free of noise pollution. Check out the technology of each foot massager and ensure that it is designed for a stable performance. It is an even better choice if the foot massager can perform a relaxing massage on your entire leg, using the benefits of heated Technology systems.

There are several foot massages with different settings and options to choose from. Make a wise choice of foot massager that does not require much maintenance. 

· Stability:

The stability of the foot massager is of prime importance. One that is unstable and wobbly tends to cause accidents and mishaps affecting the overall Massage experience. Every massager is designed to perform with the user comfortably seated without piling on weight and affecting its performance. 

Massaging features:

Each foot massager comes with its own unique features. Choose a foot massager that uses air pressure; kneading techniques; rolling; shiatsu, heat, and oscillating pressures, all of which work wonders for your feet. 

· Durability: 

Choose ones that are designed to last and are made up of top premium quality materials. This not only ensures good performance, massages experience of the user, but also prevents mishaps, and can be used for several years to come. 


Science has backed up the health effects of foot massagers. It doesn’t matter whether you are healthy or struggling with complications, a good foot massage is all you need to reverse your health. The above best foot massager for heel pain in the market, meets specific health needs. Choose from the above foot massager for heel pain and enjoy an incredible foot kneading.