10 Best Massager for Lower Back Pain

10 Best Massager for Lower Back Pain

About 80% of adults have experienced moderate to chronic lower back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is a common health problem the intensity of which can affect your mood, posture, and overall health. This health problem is affecting people of all ages and is a recurring problem. This issue prohibits us from performing our day to day activities and can also lead to low body function and sometimes disability. To overcome such restricted conditions, here we introduce 10 best massager for lower back pain that will help you recover quickly and get back to your healthy life again.

Top 10 massagers for lower back pain


1. Papillon Back Massager with Heat, Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

If your lower back pain is caused by muscle injury or strain, this back and neck massager will relieve soreness and reduce pain effectively. Its ergonomic design effortlessly merges with the contours of different body parts while offering proper pressure. The massaging nodes change direction every minute automatically and efficiently reduces pain and soreness.


·         Comes with an overheat protection device

·         The device automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of use for safety

·         Comes wrapped in a high-quality sofa fabric that is soft to touch and skin-friendly

·         Prevents low-temperature burns and offers deep tissue kneading massage

·         The broad and ergonomic design of the pillow adjusts easily on various body parts

·         Features 4 powerful 3D massage nodes to target the painful areas

·         Works for lower back pain, full-body pain, and muscle strains


·         Cover of the massager may wear after extended use


This shiatsu massaging pillow features 3 adjustable speeds and thus lets you control the amount of pressure you want to apply on any area to soothe muscle pain. Plus, the massager is suitable for human temperature, so you don’t have to worry about burns or overheating. The massager is also covered with sofa fabric that offers a gentle touch and doesn’t leave a foul smell.

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2. Waist Heating Belt, Massager Motor Virbrating Heating Pad

Here’s a heating and massaging pad designed especially for targeting the lower back cramps and pain. This heating pad works for lower back arthritis cramps and improves blood flow. If you are suffering from muscle soreness, sciatica or lower back pain, wear this heating pad, and it will stimulate circulation while offering needed comfort and relief from pain.


·         Well equipped with 8.4v adapter and overheat protection tool

·         Comes with auto mode changing feature

·         Easy to clean pad without electric leakage

·         Comes with 3 heating and 3 vibration settings for a comfortable massage

·         Great for office workers, elders and others who are suffering from arthritis or lower back pain

·         Offers hot and cold therapy through its 2 motor massage

·         Relieves pain in the lumbar area, lower back, and abdominal area

·         Features breathable  neoprene and hook and loop for better compression


·         Does not come with a battery pack


The vibrating heating pad features heat and vibration buttons that work simultaneously or individually. The pad can fit up to 42” belly size in circumference. Simply turn on or off the heat or massage buttons by long-pressing for 3 seconds. The massager is easy to use and also has 3 heat and vibrating settings for controlled massage. The heat mode is for the highest temperature, the white mode is for medium temperature, and blue mode is for the lowest temperature.

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3. Naipo Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Massage Pillow with Heat

Wrap this back massager pillow around your lower back, and its 4 deep-kneading massaging nodes will offer instant results and heal your pain.  This massager provides immediate relief and mimics the penetrating and gentle motions of a real therapist’s hand. The nodes help relax and soothe muscle tension. The best thing is that you can use the massager in your office, car or at home.


·         It features 20-minute auto shut-off function as well as an overheat protection device for safe massage

·         Easy to control and operate with a single button

·         The massager will change the direction of kneading every minute automatically

·         The pack comes with a car adapter and power adapter

·         Quickly relieves stress, fatigue, and muscle tension while improving blood flow


·         Not highly durable


The massage nodes on this massager can be heated for up to 112F, and thus, it doesn’t create any burns or injuries. The massager improves blood flow and doesn’t hurt the skin. Its unique design easily adjusts as per your body shape so you can enjoy a deep massage without feeling any discomfort.

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4. Relaxzen 3D Mesh and PU Massage Lumbar Support Cushion with Heat

This lumbar support heating cushion is a powerful tool that offers relief from back pain and relaxes the muscles. The cushion provides vibration massage through its 2 powerful vibration motors. These motors feature 30-minute auto shut-off feature to prevent overheating or injuries. The high and low massage intensities are offered for a customized and enhanced experience.


·         Features 2 powerful and high-intensity motors

·         Offers high and low-intensity vibration massage for along with heat settings

·         Offers firm lumbar support and massage

·         Comes with a 30-minute auto shut off timer

·         Breathable mesh and foam padding makes the cushion more comforting


·         Retaining strap is not durable

·         The heating level is not as good as vibration level


The cushion features a 3D mesh design with foam padding and PU leather cover that is skin-friendly and soft to touch. The cushion offers contoured support for any seating, and it also comes with AC and DC adaptors for using the device in a car, at home or office. The therapeutic movements of this cushion offer gentle warmth while the optional heating settings are provided for additional comfort.

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5. Conair Therma+Luxe Massaging Heating Pad

This is a versatile and foldable massaging heating pad that will adjust to your lower back and offer relief while you are enjoying your favorite TV show or are working in your office. This heating pad is a great tool to relieve sore and tired muscles. The massager comes with 5 different combinations of settings to offer required heat and massage to the painful areas without overdoing it.


·         Helps in targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time

·         Large-sized pad to cover painful areas and fits all body types

·         Comes with a strap to secure the pad on place

·         Custom controls of the pad instantly activate heat or massage settings

·         Offers 5 combinations for massaging and heat


·         Heat settings are not efficient


The ergonomic design of the remote has customized controls to stimulate the heat and massage settings individually. The heating pad is extra-large, and thus, it quickly spreads on the painful area and offers massage. Also, the pad comes with straps to hold the massager in place while you are using it.

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6. Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

People experience some sort of back pain now and then, and this massager will offer targeted relaxation and comfort for your back pain. This handheld massager offers therapy to relieve pain in the neck, back, or other muscles. This deep tissue massager features a variable speed dial to switch from gentle to deep massaging for reducing intense pain. It improves flexibility and reduces soreness by stimulating blood flow.


·         Comes with 4 customized and unique massage heads

·         Features a flexible speed dial for gentle to extreme massage

·         Sleek, long handle to reach every muscle from back to shoulders

·         Therapeutic massager to reduce inflammation, target pressure points, improve blood flow and fight chronic pain

·         Comes with a 9 feet power cord to offer flexibility while massaging

·         Offers deep targeted massage to various spots


·         Cannot be used while relaxing or sitting

·         It may cause your arms to ache if you use it for more than 15-20 minutes


The 4 customized attachment heads feature a flat disc for full coverage, accupoint head to relieve pin-point soreness, 4-finger flex to mimic finger massages, and deep muscle ball to relax the muscles. The massager effectively reduces fatigue from joints and muscles and will reduce inflammation.

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7. Etekcity Cordless Neck Massager, Back and Shoulder Massagers

You can carry this cordless massager with you while you travel and get instant relief from lower back pain. This cordless massager reduces the hassle of detangling the cords so you can relax, sit back, and feel the massager soothe your sore muscles. You can charge the battery whenever it is not in use and can use it later for massaging your back.


·         The massager is covered with a high-quality skin-friendly mesh for breathability

·         Comes with a removable cloth wrap for easy and quick cleaning

·         Comes with an innovative motor and overheat protection tool

·         Offers 3 intensity levels to choose the speed you need

·         Wireless and portable massager

·         Comes with 15-minutes auto shut-off feature


·         Heat feature does not work effectively


The massager comes with a long-lasting battery that lasts for 3 hours non-stop. The massager also features 2 heating levels with infrared heating to ease the sore and painful muscles. The massager improves blood flow and prevents fatigue. Its 8 deep bi controller kneading rollers can deeply massage targeted areas.

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8. Waist Heating Pad for Back Pain

Heal your back pain with this USB heating waist belt that offers hot compresses and relieves cramps. The belt features a built-in thermal protection module or tool that prevents overheating and returns to the standard temperature. The belt has a heating pad that can warm your abdomen and lower back and can reduce soreness while improving blood flow in the areas.


·         Offers 3 heat-settings and 2 charging methods

·         More extensive temperature control from 104-194 degree F that can be changed with ease

·         A USB charging cord and AC adapters are provided for charging

·         Comes with a hook and loop closure to adjust the band according to your size

·         Fits up to the waistline of 42 inches easily

·         Comes with small voltage control design with overheat protection tool


·         The cable may come off easily as charging cord is not long enough


The pad comes with a 2m long charging cable so you can sit back and let the belt work. The belt also features a lightweight and breathable neoprene to ease any discomfort, and the controlled temperature regulation provides enough warmth while allowing the air to flow. The belt offers lumbar support and is easy to clean.

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9. Back and Neck Massager – Shiatsu Shoulder Massager 

Are you suffering from sore and achy muscles? This shiatsu massager will help you live an active and painless life.  This massager features 8 powerful 4D shiatsu massage nodes that offer bi-directional rotations to improve blood flow and relaxes sore back muscles. The massager has an optional heating function you can use if you have deep soreness and pain.


·         The 4D massager auto-reverses every minute, so the massage effects get appropriately distributed to all the areas

·         The u-shaped design with comfort handles allow you to control the intensity of massages easily

·         The belt features 3 layer protection net for durability

·         Features 8 deep-kneading massage heads

·         It can be directed clockwise or anti-clockwise

·         Comes with a 90 day money-back period


·         Does not get heated effectively


The heating pad has a 15-minute auto shut off feature to avoid overuse while you are sleeping or relaxing. You can choose from the 3 different speed levels and apply the right amount of pressure on the painful area. It also comes with a wall power adapter and a car charger so you can easily use it in a car, home or at the office.

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10. Wagan IN2514 Heated Massage Lumbar Cushion

For better lumbar support and relaxation, the cushion has a unique design that offers lower back support and improves posture. The cushion has a built-in motor that effectively targets the lower back muscles and massages the area gently. For frequent backaches, simply organize the cushion on your seat, switch on the heat settings and relax while it works on your lower back.


·         Operates on DC power and comes with an adapter

·         The built-in heating element provides required heat to heal soreness

·         Features durable and washable cover

·         Unique design that distributes heat easily and evenly

·         Slim design that occupies minimal space and offers required lumbar support

·         You can switch between heat and vibration modes


·         Not a long-lasting product


The cushion offers heat settings so you can switch from gentle to intense heat according to the extremity of your pain. Plus, the massager is covered in a washable cover so you can easily remove the cover and use it after washing. If you work for hours on your computer, you can use this massager while sitting and even while driving.

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Buying Guide:

How to choose the best massager for lower back

There are varieties of back massagers available in the market. However, every massager has a unique feature, and to choose the best back massage for healing your lower back pain, you need to have a look at these features before investing in a massager. Here are the things you need to consider before buying a massager:

Type of Massager

The various types of massagers available in the market are massage guns, massage pillows, massage chair pads, massage sticks, massage belts, etc. If you are specifically looking forward to healing lower back pain, the belt massagers, pillows, or waist-belt massagers are perfect as these massagers will target the entire lower back and offer targeted healing. Choose a massager that can easily stick to your back and gently work on your sore muscles.

Design of the massager

These days, massagers that feature an ergonomic design are extremely famous because these massagers adjust as per the shape of our body and, thus, are easy to use. Pick an ergonomically designed massager that is lightweight and easy to use.


The most important thing while considering the massager is its durability.  Customers often complain about the durability of massagers as some massagers only work for a few months. When you are investing in an important product like a massager, it is important to check the durability of the product.

Massage heads or nodes

The massagers with multiple and multi-dimensional heads or nodes will offer better healing and, thus, choose the massager that has 4 or more massaging nodes. This will allow the massager to target the entire achy area and reduce soreness effectively.

Battery and cord

Some massagers are wire-free while some massagers are wired. Regardless of the design, you will have to charge the massagers. So look for the charger that offers continuous usage and requires less charging. The massagers that charge quickly and feature a lightweight and travel-friendly design are recommended. Plus, also look at the length of the cord as chargers with low length charging cords are not portable and will lock you in a particular position for massage.


The main objective of a massager is to reduce and relieve pain and improve your mood. If you are suffering from constant lower back pain, choose wisely from the available massagers and use the massagers carefully. Learn the correct way and about the duration of using the massager for controlled and better healing.