For most of us, recliners are the highest relaxing machines we have in our places. They come in one piece, meaning there is no need to fix them by yourself, and you can sit on them as much as you want without having to change your position. Check out the best recliners for small spaces.

However, many of you reside in small apartments where there is no much space to deal with the recliners. Modern manufacturers have been offering you the solution of buying the new and improved recliners that are softer and lightweight than ever before while keeping their dimensions close to the baseline.

Now it is the time to check what the online market is available to offer you in terms of recliners that are both affordable and high-quality to stay with you for a long time. You need to know that recliners can make you get over the back pain issues you may be facing and give you the time to recover from extreme fatigue you may accumulate throughout your busy day. There is nothing better than sitting on your best recliners for small spaces that are always available to offer you their qualities.

Top 3 Best Recliners for Small Spaces Reviews

1.Devoko Manual Single Recliner Chair PU Leather Modern Living Room Sofa Padded Cushion Adjustable Home Theater Seating (Brown)

The recliner of the new generation comes to you with fully reliable leather coverage, offering you extreme comfort and durability like never seen before. You will have the ability to seat when you have visitors in your house, but as soon as they leave the premises you can recline the back part and lay down making your legs relax for as long as you wish. 

The leather parts remain highly cleanable and that is among the benefits you can have to acquire this recliner. 

The recliner is 27” L X 29” W X 24” H being among the least space covering recliners around the world, capable to install in any small living room. The armrests are the best you can find for the price and they are in the right position to support your arms no matter the position angle you have.

The recliner comes in many colors Allows you to clean it daily Reclining operation is easily reached  No need to assemble
Not good for taller than 6 feet Only holds 270 lbs of body weight  Backrest and footrest are connected 

2.Dorel Living Slim Recliner, Beige

That is one of the most popular recliners in America since it takes less than 31” X 35” in your living room, leaving you much space for your other furniture. There is no reclining mechanism and you may easily have the chair reclined when you softly push your back towards the chair. It comes in a lovable beige leather that can match with other furniture or paintings in your living room.

Not to mention, that it is lightweight enough to let you relocate it as much as you want. The synthetic leather is softer than you ever thought, and you can wash and rinse it as much as you like. The armrests are roomy enough to give you the conception of relaxing when you come tired from work. The soft upholstery and cushioning can give you a reliable solution for all the possible musculoskeletal issues you may face.


  • Easy to assemble, just put the screws for the legs, and you are done.
  • Best affordability for all kinds of budgets
  • Lightweight to relocate it by yourself when you need to
  • It has 3 functional positions to let you relax and relieve your painful syndromes


  • There is no handle reclining mechanism so you need to use your weight to balance between positions
  • You shouldn’t use it if you weigh more than 200lbs
  • It has the shortest footrest in the category and this could be annoying for some owners
  • You can’t lay back to the laying-down position, meaning you cannot sleep on it easily

Where to buy it: Buy on Amazon

Buy on Amazon

3.BONZY Manual Recliner Chair Roll Arm and Pushback Mechanism Recliner Chair – Buff

One of the best recliners now in the online market, created by BONZY that specializes in this kind of furniture from 2003. The recliner has an automatic pushback mechanism to let you recline in 3 distinct positions. The soft fabric covering is always there to keep you warm during the winter or cool in the summer, can be easily cleaned with soap and water, and give you a sense of elegance.

The recliner frame is made from hardwood adding up to the lightweight profile of the recliner. Its dimensions stay at the 20” X 20” levels which is the smallest one you can find in the market. If this recliner doesn’t fit your room then no other does.


  • A unique value for price item that makes you feel comfortable all the time
  • Easy to assemble and pack whenever you want to relocate
  • The pushback mechanism works smoothly


  • Not good for tall people over 6 feet and overweight over 250 lbs
  • Stains can stay on the soft tissue covering needing a more thorough cleaning

Where to buy: Buy on Amazon

Buying guide

For people who want to buy a recliner for small spaces they need to be extra cautious to the dimensions of the various models. Only those who are less than 30” X 30” can be compatible with small living rooms and offices.

You also need to take extra care of the leather or textile surface of your recliner. Some people believe that leather wears off easily, some others do think that soft textiles are hard to clean. 

Another critical part of your ordering for recliners is their ability to support your bodyweight. The initial models never go over 200lbs of weight and using them by overweight people may put their lives in danger. 

The presence or absence of a reclining handle is also of crucial importance. The pushback reclining mechanism is a viable alternative, though it is more ambiguous in use compared to the handle.

Finally, you need to pay attention to the lightweight design of the recliner. It will allow you to relocate your recliner easily and give you extra assurance about the durability of the whole furniture.


Recliners are irreplaceable items for a modern house. That is why all people do like to have them and relax on them when coming home from work.

Make sure you have the best recliner for your small space and the most reliable for your budget. It will be a piece of furniture that you need to have with you for a long time, so you better invest some time and money now instead of picking a more expensive solution in the future after you realize the defaults of the previous model.

Recliners have always been the best friends of the tired man coming home from work. It is a tradition that can never be replaced by anything else since you don’t have to share it with anybody else other than yourself.