The Best Norlanya Electric Head Massager Review (KS-2800A)

The Best Norlanya Electric Head Massager Review (KS-2800A)

Brand Overview

Being founded in the year 2010, Norlanya Technology was established in the year 2013. The technology company is generally focused on the distribution of various medical as well as aesthetic types of equipment. Norlanya is based in Hong Kong, China, with its head office in Guangzhou, China. Check out this Norlanya Electric Head Massager review.

Norlanya is known to deal with products such as body slimming machines, hair removal machines, skin therapy machines, long pulse & diode laser machines, cellulite reduction machines, cavitation machines, skin & body analyzer machines, vacuum slimming machines and so on. One of the main aims of the company is to provide high-quality medical & beauty tools to multiple clinics, spas, and salons around the world.

As a result, customer satisfaction has always been at the top-most priority for the company with a dedicated after-sales team to provide support to customers in times of need. The company continues its development in such types of equipment with its in-depth experience and knowledge in the field of treatment and machinery.

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When you’ll first obtain the Norlanya Electric Head Massager and start using it, you’ll notice that it’s quite comfortable to wear. The reason behind such a feature is simple – the device is not only lightweight but also very easy to adjust as well. The massager can easily be worn while you do your everyday chores around your home – be it watching the TV, reading the book, or even playing some games on your Nintendo Switch Lite.

One of the major plus points of this massager is that it can support alternative sources of power. You’ll have the option to either choose between four AA batteries or use the in-built power generator to charge via a USB cable. Such a concept exudes improved portability because you don’t have to depend on a singular power source to get your massager working.

The massager comes with four programs to choose from when planning to operate it. Such programs are – heat, deep massage, music, and vibration. It should be noted that the in-depth massage program has four intensity levels of its own and is carried out by deflating and inflating the air cushions that are built-in inside the device. With a massage therapy like that, the muscles of your head will be exposed to constant compression and relaxation.

Speaking about the vibration program, which includes ten types of intensity settings – from mildly to vigorously shaking your head in the process. The same can be said about the heating program, which has two intensity modes – one being a standard temperature setting and the other being an increased high-temperature setting. Additionally, the music program comes with three settings for the user to enjoy either environmental or natural sounds. 

It should be remembered that all of these features can either be used independently or together with one another. Each massage session can be set around five to fifteen minutes, and the whole system can be controlled using a provided remote controller in the device’s package.

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Benefits / Reasons To Choose

One of the first and foremost reasons for choosing such a head massager would be its portability. With the device’s lightweight design and the ability to power itself via two different sources (AA batteries or via USB cable) makes the equipment a worthy purchase.

Moreover, when it comes to the massaging programs, there are a ton of options (heat, music, vibration, and deep massage) to choose from – not only in the diversity of the massages but also their overall intensity levels. Customization is one of the factors that users like to have in their massaging machines so that the overall experience could be tailored according to their liking. And thankfully, this device provides the same.

In addition to that, you also get access to multiple timers for your massage sessions – which makes the overall procedure a lot seamless and practical. And finally, you get access to a remote control that doubles up the convenience. The remote provided is indeed user-friendly – is very simple to understand and also easy to use – displaying all the programs that are currently functioning all at one place through its modest display size. 

Pros & Cons


●     Enhanced Portability – With the device’s power usage and lightweight features, it allows the user to use the device anywhere he or she wants, without any hassles. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to get a comfortable head massage at your office or just want a calming massage while doing long distance travels in a touring train or bus – the device can be used regardless.  

●     Helmet Is Adjustable – The added knobs on the helmet will aid you in adjusting the device’s diameter according to the overall size of your head. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about comfortability.

●     Intuitive To Use – The device comes with an added remote controller that can be used not only to control the massaging programs but also to have a bird’s eye view of what is going on inside your machine.   

●     Multiple Massage Programs To Choose From – The machine comes with four programs which can be used independently or in collaboration with others. Out of those four programs, one is for music and the other three for massaging purposes (heat, vibration, and deep massage).


●     Some Features Can Prove To Be Inconvenient – Not all of the added features in the device are usable, and some can turn out to be a nuisance. For instance, when using the vibration program, if you turn up the intensity level, it’ll lead to vigorously shaking your head, which can lead to increased headache & loss of hearing.  

●     Music Options Are Very Limited – It’s appreciable that the manufacturers have included music tracks in the package, but the collection is minimal. Fortunately, you can turn them if you’re bored. 

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As of the current date, the price of the device (KS-2900A) is listed as $129 on Amazon US. However, it should be noted that the price quoted on the official website is around $89.99, which is quite cheaper than the price on Amazon US.

So, if you’re someone who is planning to buy the machine, it’s suggested that you take a look at the official website first before making the purchase. Because who doesn’t love discounts, right?

How To Order?

In case you’ve already decided to purchase the device, you have two options by your side:

●     Purchase the device right from Amazon US official website: Click Here to Buy

●     Buy the machine from the manufacturer’s official website (albeit at a discounted price): Click Here to Buy

Others Things To Know

The Device Has An Adjustable Helmet Size

The machine comes with three adjustable knobs which let the user to either make the helmet smaller or larger – thereby perfectly adjusting to the overall head size. It doesn’t matter how big or small your head is because rest assured the device will fit most people out there.

It should be noted that the default diameter of the machine is 6.3-inches with flexible options available in both up-down & front-back directions.

The Device Comes With A Pair Of Headphones

Besides having three different genres of music, it should be noted that the product package comes with a pair of headphones as well. Using headphones will highly alleviate the musical experience, and in case you don’t like the music genres – you’ll have the option to turn it off.


1. With a single charge, how much time can you use the device for?

The device accepts about four AA batteries to be able to operate itself. This means that using one set of four AA batteries will give you at least two to three hours of continuous usage at its peak performance. It’s suggested that users should be using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries so that the overall cost in the long-run can be reduced.

2. Does the product package come with batteries?

The product doesn’t come with any batteries, whatsoever. Batteries need to be provided by the user – which is an extra investment you need to look out for.

3. Can you replace the head attachments if they break during use?

No. The head attachments are a part of the entire system and cannot be changed part-by-part. Users shouldn’t expect modularity from the system and in case the device breaks during use, you need to send it in for repairs under its warranty program. The product comes with a regular manufacturer warranty.


At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a head massager that is not only simple to use but also is very much sophisticated in its functions, then you could go no wrong with the Norlanya Electric Head Massager. It’s quite portable, lightweight, and affordable as well. The design might not be as compact as you’d like it to be, but it’s still one of the best head massagers you can obtain in the current market.

Needless to say, you’d love using the remote for your day-to-day head massaging needs, and with its good enough build quality, you can expect to use the equipment for years to come.