5 Best Head Massager for Headaches That Ensures Relaxing Experience | Buyer’s Guide

5 Best Head Massager for Headaches That Ensures Relaxing Experience | Buyer’s Guide

The aggravating lifestyle we all live can easily provide headaches and these best head massager for headaches can provide some charming experience in your routine. Besides experience, are you aware that the massager can also give you a good amount of hair growth which you have been looking for through various expensive hair oils and medicines?

While in the guide below we are happy to provide you with the best massagers available for purchase in 2020 and explained how it will benefit you in the long term. After going through all the massagers, you can ensure which model works great for you in terms of not only benefits but also cost-wise.

There are various different sizes and designs for a massager and each one of them is designed to suit a particular task. Before buying a massager, it is important for the users to understand what difference it will make otherwise it might be just a plastic piece that you will abandon within a couple of months.

5 Best Massagers for Headaches

1. HEETA Massager

The HEETA Massager is an efficient device that is highly recommended to use while taking a shower. The design of the device is absolutely waterproof that allows the users to enjoy a massage while relaxing. The benefit of taking this device and using it under the shower is that the user won’t have been worried about getting their hair tangled again.

What makes this best head massager for headaches is another significant advantage that is being incredibly compact and the weight is light. Users can simply fit this device anywhere for storage purposes. The design is ergonomic while the grip is solid that ensures it does not slip from your hands while it’s all soapy because of hair wash gel.

The product is made with silicone antibacterial materials that prevent any kind of mold or dirt growing in your scalp. Moreover, the cost of this head massager is reasonable which makes users buy it without second thoughts. There is a varied range of colors available such as Rose Pink, Black, Green, and Purple.


  • The device is waterproof, in fact, made for showering
  • Easy to store due to its compact design
  • Light in weight ensures holding it for a long time becomes easy
  • The ergonomic design makes a firm grip


  • Not recommended for big scalp size
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2. Zyllion Massager

Zyllion Massager is the best to head massager for headaches because of the combination of pleasure and practicality it provides. This massager is built with silicone bristles of high-quality that ensure the users get a very gentle massage.

It is recommended for users who have sensitive skin and yet want to have a clean scalp completely. After using the product for a while, we are extremely fascinated with the adaptability of this product. It is convenient for all types of hair as it provides detailed attention to problems such as the itchy scalp.

Users can operate this directly on their scalp or even after applying shampoo, the product works great in any combination you would like to use it. The major reason to make this massager one of our most liked products is because of the low cost and highest pleasurable experience.


  • Combination of pleasure and practicality
  • Low cost and yet effective
  • Pleasurable experience
  • Good for sensitive skin as it massages gently
  • No batteries are required to use this product
  • Adaptability is great as it can be used on wet and dry hair
  • Silicone bristles ensure it doesn’t break easily


  • Only one-color option available
  • Move constantly otherwise hair might get tangled
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3. Breo Mini Massager

This mini massager is portable and highly recommended for those who are looking to have a pocket-friendly product. This is a mini massager for your scalp that is extremely compact and it can be kept in the bag while traveling.

If you travel a lot and want light in weight and compact product then this will be great for hectic business trips you make. Given that, the affordable price does not affect the features one might expect. It comes with four heads to massage your head and there are 24 total notes on it that is built with an eco-friendly material of silicon that is incredibly soft makes it best head massager for headaches.

The soft notes will ensure that it won’t pull or tangle your hair while using and it is powered with a lithium rechargeable built-in battery which makes it easier to carry around. Once the product gets charged completely, you can use it for ninety minutes non-stop.


  • Maintenance is extremely easy as necessary parts will get detach for washing
  • Being eco-friendly works as a great advantage
  • Easy to carry anywhere due to its compact design
  • It is waterproof


  • Large hands might not get a firm grip
  • Charging takes time
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4. FITTOP Massager

The design of this massager makes it the best head massager for headaches and it comes with its own station to charge the device that makes it even more interesting to use. The product uses four heads to massage that will provide you with an experience that is pleasurable and comfortable.

Another benefit to use this model is no noise feature, if you are someone who likes no noise at all while taking a massage then this device is highly recommended for you. No noise feature will also allow the user to operate this massager late night, in office after or before hectic meetings, or even during a long shower.

The ergonomic design of this massager will contour the head by following it and provide you with a relaxing massage. In fact, there are options to select the speed for a delightful experience that can be set to the lowest or the highest one for getting an intense massage.


  • Provides a soothing and relaxing experience
  • It can experience near a poolside, shower, or anywhere without worrying as it is waterproof


  • Might seem little pricey though it is effective
  • Sometimes it makes your wet hair get tangled
  • Using after apply styling products might tangle your hair even worse
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5. Kesitis Massager

Kesitis Massager has been implemented with a basic design and a great choice for someone looking forward to having hair growth along with eliminating the pain as it is the best head massager for headaches. It uses four heads to massage your scalp with the help of 21 notes individually will rotate in anti-clockwise and clockwise directions to provide you with the best possible soothing experience.

The massager is certified with IPX-7 waterproof that ensures you to be worry-free while using it under the shower and get a proper massage on your scalp. The detachable nodes make sure that you clean and replace them easily. The product comes with a button to simply turn it off and on along with an additional button that helps to select mode.

There is an indicator placed to determine the direction, charging, and speed that comes handy when you want to change the settings quickly. The best part about the design is that the nodes imitate the fingers of a human body that seems very relaxing.


  • The device is rechargeable and also portable to carry around
  • It is certified with IPX-7 to ensure it is waterproof
  • Pocket friendly


  • Notes might seem too strong for sensitive skin
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Once you know the benefits of each massager, you have all the best head massager for headaches mentioned-above. Choose the massager not only based on cost but also comfort, size, intensity, quality and so on. You can simply select which one suits the best when it comes to cost, size, and pressure that is required for your skin type.


One important thing to consider is that you don’t always need to buy the best one available in the market and instead search for a massager that fits best for your requirements. It can mind-boggling how one massager can bring change in various aspects in users’ life by making them more productive and working on the levels of anxiety.

The myth of a massager that can be used for headaches only has been destroyed as it can be helpful for migraines, growing hair, blood circulation, and relaxing oneself. It is great for reducing stress level along with improvising your routine of sleeping.