Best Lower Back Massager Reviews 2020

Best Lower Back Massager Reviews 2020

Buyers Guidelines and Reviews 2020

Lower back pain can ruin everything. You can’t lift things, you can’t sit for more extended periods, and it even hurts when you get out of bed. But instead of taking a pill to take care of back pain, so many people are now benefiting from a natural, effective way to relieve back pain, and this is using a lower back massager.

If you encounter lower backache and often end up enticed to book expensive massage parlor, it’s a great opportunity to bring circumstances to yourself. Buying a good back massager will comfort you to ease your back pain, all at your very own advantage.

Back massager trigger flow and loosens up tense muscles. It’s incredible to get an expert back massage sometimes, yet if your discomfort is constant, that gets costly. The accurate type of back massager can assist you with getting the advantage of back massage every day without the expensive cost going to a massage therapist.

Types of lower back massagers

There are many types of lower back massagers. There are handheld massagers and electronic massagers as well as massagers that use heat, vibration, and a combination of the two. Also, you might find lower back massagers designed to be used while driving or while relaxing on a chair or bed.
Back massagers provide aid through various features like warmth, manual back massager, vibrations and broad massage Shiatsu rollers.

Best handheld massager for lower back

If you’re experiencing backache after games or from working all day, a handheld massager can give the help you need. These manual or electric massagers give you salon- feature in the leisure of your own home. There are two types of handheld massager:

Manual handheld Massager

Manual massagers device is used to help distress different body parts. They can ergonomically form to fit into different body bends and give a productive back rub. They force across your issue areas to produce the necessary measure of pressure. This delicate pressure support in developing the circulation. The stick out edges of manual massagers are commonly delicate and adjusted to keep away from skin discomfort when massaged on to the skin.

LiBa Back

Price: $19.99 4.6 stars rating

Buy on Amazon Get the help that you desire with LiBa Back Massager. It functions admirably if you experience the painful effects of muscle ties. This body back trigger point massager works for different parts of the body. It is intended for the most extreme service and convenience. Even the complicated to reach section between the shoulder and back are effectively accessible with the body back massager. And it’s made from an eco-friendly component.

Has a perfect Height, Weight, and Size

  • Made from Eco-friendly materials
  • Has a productive device for trigger point treatment and profound tissue massager
  • Has Instinctive ERGONOMIC DESIGN


  • Too small and it may be difficult to use by a larger person
  • Too sturdy

Thera Cane Massager

Price: $29.95 4.8 stars rating

Buy on Amazon Get quick comfort from basic muscle pain with the support of Thera Cane Massager. This massager highlights 7 critical balls that empower users to allow them a full body rub. It’s a basic yet powerful structure that makes it simple to use. This handheld massager works by adding strength to the muscles, which amplifies the progression of blood flow. It’s exactly what you want for backache.

  • Treat difficult tied muscles
  • Excellent design, capacity, and performance
  • Affordable


  • Not every lump of the handles are effective for backache
  • Too small and it may be difficult to use by a larger person

Electric Handheld Massager

Electric massagers enable the muscles to discharge, settle and prepare to be in the calm state instead of upholding a stress muscle condition.

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Massager

Price: $41.99 4.3 stars rating

Buy on Amazon This RENPHO massager will effectively reach your top to bottom muscles, and it will give you a relieving massage. The handheld structure enables you to take it any-place you go to. The most significant quality of this massager is that the Five rubbing heads can deal with all parts of your body.

  • Comes with safety design and a powerful motor
  • Cordless structure, you can bring it anyplace you go
  • Its built-in battery can last about 140 minutes if full of charge
  • FCC Certified and FDA Registered


  • It can’t operate while charging
  • Some complain that it may not last long

PADO PUREWAVE Therapy Massager

Price: $99.94 4.5 stars rating

Buy on Amazon Intended to restore your muscles, ease torment and improve versatility. Standard CM7 incorporates 6 imaginative and intentionally create bends to help get your back ease pain.
This makes it a reasonable massager to use in various body parts. Still, its benefit restricted to parts of the body referenced as the PureWave Massager causes individuals to acquire both mental and physical advantages.

  • Its characteristic structure is perfect for both individual and expert use.
  • It is a powerful and dependable cordless massager
  • It relaxes stress and pain on the ligaments and joints
  • It may apply with different lotions and creams


  • Too Pricey
  • The massager deals with a significant power which can be harming to delicate skin if not used correctly

Best least expensive massager for lower back

For budget-friendly massager, you get 3 sets of removable back rub heads and a set of settings to assist work with satisfying loops and irritation.

VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager

Price: $29.99 4.4 stars rating

Buy on Amazon What creates this handheld massager so engaging is the way that it works with double head connections rather than with the standard distinct rubbing hub. It consolidates pressure and different developments to copy an expert masseuse.

  • It has a special strength Massager
  • Simple to use and has a Non-slip and convenient grip
  • Comes with 3-sets of detachable free back rub
  • Soothes developed muscle pressure and agony while improving bloodstream


  • It’s quite heavy
  • Has no speed selection control
  • It may irritate your skin from a rapid vibration

HoMedics Percussion Massager

Price: $29.99 4.2 stars rating

It’s an economical massager. There are four unique degrees of power and two distinct groups of back rub knots. The quality is more than sufficient, and there’s even an extra warming capacity that will create the back rubs feel calming. The kind of back rub it offers can truly act on your back.
Pro’sBuy on Amazon

  • Portable and lightweight
  • It has a calming heat quality
  • Double rotating massage heads


  • You may feel some slight uneasiness in your grasp from the vibrations
  • Provide just impact rub with no different mode

Best lower back massager for car

Driving for extended periods can be exceptionally tiring for arms, backs and legs since slouching can’t be avoided most vehicle seat doesn’t generally offer that much help. You need to find the best vehicle seat massagers to help you relax during your long drive. Car back massager can help you the option to leave the car without being tormented by stiff joints and tender muscles.

SNAILAX Vibration Massager

Price: $49.99 4.3 stars rating

Buy on Amazon It’s a vibrating massaging chair back pad and doesn’t give massage methods. This is made for vehicle, office and home seats. It incorporates both the vehicle and home connectors. This kneading back seat accompanies six vibrating engines for your upper, lower thigh massage. It can comfort you with the assistance of 4 variable speed choices. This back massager has 3 ways to customize warming choices for curing inflamed muscles.

  • Comes with six-strong vibrating motors
  • The Heating cushion has an auto shut-off back and seats
  • It has a comfortable Plush Fabric


  • Heat setting is not adjustable
  • Not wireless

FIVE S Vibration Massager

Price: $54.99 3.9 stars rating

Buy on Amazon

For a person with a load of tension focuses and experience back pains all the time, the FIVE S Vibration Massager is a strong alternative. It’s intended to relieve and give help to different areas on your back so you can depend on it to give complete relief. It has 4 back rub sections that reach range from your back to your thighs It will let you command the speed and sort of move the back massager cushion and will make you guarantee that you’ll get your ideal outcomes.

  • Comfortable warmth treatment
  • Can control Easily
  • Will fit most chairs and seats perfectly


  • Not a shiatsu massage chair
  • Generally Noisy

Best shiatsu lower back and neck massager

Shiatsu attempts to boost your general wellbeing by influencing the interior vitality structure. Treatment frequently improved coordination and brings about expanded movement. It can be used as either an essential or correlative treatment, Shiatsu joins helped to extend methods and pressure point massage to reestablish bone and muscle structure.

RESTECK Shiatsu kneading Massagers

Price: $69.95 4.8 stars rating

The RESTECK Shiatsu Kneading Massager accompanies four buttons to change the heating, direction, and speed. Thus, you can modify the cushion for your ideal experience. The treatment of RESTECK massager doesn’t confine just to the neck and shoulder. It can Buy on Amazon include the entire body to reduce intense joint and muscle torment.

It can Limit intense ache that would ruin everything you might do. Help neck stiffness, lessen with steady fatigue, mitigate painful muscles and advance accurate blood flow.

  •  Can Relieve severe pains and muscle cramp
  •  Comes with a button that can control stimulation and heat
  • It can massage the entire body
  • Has Instinctive ERGONOMIC DESIGN


  • The massaging knot can be a bit hard for others
  • Not wireless, which is uncomfortable to use if you’re excessively away from an outlet

InvoSpa Shiatsu Kneading Massager

Price: $49.97 4.4 stars rating

Buy on Amazon This InvoSpa Shiatsu massager provides you a flexible scope of back rub medications to maintain your nerves and muscles calm after a tiring day. This massager comes to a U-molded cushion with arm lashes that can manage to move the cushion here and there your back when needed.

  • Has a deep tissue massager
  • Has a great Quality
  • Adjustable intensity


  • Too sturdy
  • Has a gentle heat

Best Back Massager for Lower Back Muscle Tension

Lower back muscle sprains and strains are the greatest recognized reasons for low backache. Muscle tension is popular in the lower back, as a result of the fact that its backing-up the weight of the chest that concern with moving, twisting and turning. Muscle tension is caused when muscle strands are abnormally torn or extended. Both of these can result from unexpected damage or progressive abuse. Muscle tension can be paralyzing.

LiBa Cordless Back Massager

Price: $29.99 4.7 stars rating

Buy on Amazon LiBa Cordless Back Massager happens to offer a path to several cushion shiatsu massagers with warmed balls. The ergonomic structure enables it to suit the bend of your neck, back, and thighs completely. It is simple to carry, and it accompanies a free connector.The uncommon innovation, which highlights warmed balls, mimics a hot stone back rub entirely. Also, it is entirely adjustable, enabling you to alter the warmth settings any way you need.

  • Has an Adjustable straps
  • It is Portable and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • It comes with a Comfortable pillow design


  • It may somewhat difficult to use
  • Some see the size is excessive in length for neck

Best lower back massager under $60

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Price: $49.95 4.5 stars rating

Buy on Amazon One of the most popular lower back massagers online is the Zyllion Shiatsu neck and back massager. This massager uses kneading action and heat to massage the lower back, shoulders, calf, and neck. You may use this massager at home, in the car, and at the office.
You can take this anywhere because of its compact design. With a strap, you can secure this to your office chair, car seat, or any favorite seat. However, this is not rechargeable massager. It needs to be plugged into a wall socket to work. But with a car power adapter, you can use this massager this could be the best lower back massager for car use.Pro’s

  • Compact, easy to carry anywhere
  • Can be used to massage the lower back, calf, thighs, neck, and abdomen
  • Can be strapped to any chair


  • Does not work with batteries
  • Should be plugged in an electrical socket to work
  • Changes massage directions every minute
  • Causes bruising or soreness on first use

Victor Jurgen Neck and Back Massager Pillow

Price: $35.95 4.4 stars rating

Buy on Amazon The Viktor Jurgen neck and back massager pillow works by combining the effects of Shiatsu kneading massage and heat. This best lower back massager with heat runs on a durable copper motor and comes with deep tissue kneading balls. This massager is an FDA –approved product that can help you relieve sore and tight lower back, neck, shoulder, and abdominal muscles with ease.This lower back massager uses heat therapy and can apply heat up to 42 degrees Centigrade to relieve pain, strain, and muscle irritation together with massage. The Viktor Jurgen is convenient to use with easy hand controls. It also comes with flexible straps, so you can attach this on any chair and experience the relief of deep heat and relaxation massage. You may use this at the office, in your car or at home.

  • Uses heat and deep Shiatsu massage
  • Reduces sore and tight muscles
  • Easy to use controls
  • Safe and portable massagers


  • Does not have batteries
  • Must be plugged to an outlet to work
  • Complaints that the massage is too vigorous/too strong
  • Complaints that the massaging balls are too large and uncomfortable

Mo Cuishle Back and Neck Massager

Price: $42.99 4.7 stars rating

Buy on Amazon The Mo Cuishle back and neck massager uses Shiatsu massage, deep electric kneading, and heat massage. This best massager for lower back pain can help reduce pain, fatigue, and strain on the neck, leg, shoulder, and lower back.It delivers advanced heat therapy with optional heating features to improve comfort by transferring warmth to the different ligaments and muscles. It can also enhance blood circulation to the affected areas.
You can use this 4D shiatsu massager according to your preference. It has three-speed settings with auto-reverse movements for enhanced massage effects.

  • Reduces sore and tight muscles with Shiatsu and heat
  • Adjustable intensity with three speeds and bi-directional speed
  • With a versatile design
  • With 90-back warranty


  • Shoulder holder too big for small people
  • Complaints that low setting is still too strong
  • Too bulky

Make Lemonade Air Compression Massage Cushion

Price: $42.99 3.9 stars rating

Buy on Amazon The Make Lemonade air compression massage cushion is larger than most back massagers in this list. This best lower back vibration massager covers the lumbar area as well as the back, hips, and the sides. You can select from three different speeds and two air massage settings.You’ll get personalized relief from pain by combining massage and heat. It comes with an ergonomic design, an efficient strapping system, and convenient remote control. This lower back massager is lightweight and is breathable due to its premium fabric cover.

  • Uses rhythmic air compression and heat
  • Offers customized relief for all kinds of pain
  • With an ergonomic design
  • Portable, lightweight and breathable


  • Is not for people with very small or huge back
  • No temperature regulating switch
  • Needs to be plugged to a socket to work

CINCOM Portable Shiatsu Back Massager

Price: $49.99 4.4 stars rating

Buy on Amazon The CINCOM Portable Shiatsu Back Massager is one of the best lower back massager products that use heat and kneading massager to relieve pain. You can use this back massager anywhere, in the car, at home, or at work. It has four kneading shiatsu massage pressure nodes that work in different directions.It offers a multi-position massage so you can relieve pain in your back, arms, abdomen, feet, and legs. This best shiatsu lower back and neck massager is easy to operate and comes with an automatic shut off feature to save power.

  • Portable, you can enjoy a massage anywhere
  • With a multi-position massage
  • Easy to use with auto shut-off
  • Can be used for different parts of the body
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Can make your back sore after just one use
  • Complaints that it’s too small
  • No temperature selection controls

Reasons for purchasing a lower back massager

Back massage can relieve and ease the muscle contraction which happens when your chest and joints lose flexibility, Massage can affect in helping joints and muscles to work better.

No One is more delighted than coming back to an excellent back rub after an unpleasant day. The muscle strain, body firmness after lifting beyond what you can oversee and worry at the workplace can negatively affect you whenever left untreated.

Prevention is better than a solution. Taking medicines may last only a short while from your back and body ache. A body massage can assist you to ease physical suffering and relieve muscles. Massages were studied as an extravagance to be delighted in just at spas or fitness centers, specialists and other therapeutic experts acknowledge taking a body massage a more standard treatment.
It will be wonderful if there would be someone who will give you a lower back massage. You can’t generally get what you want, you could purchase a massager. There are some positive reasons why you need to purchase a massager. Some people purchase a massager since it is helpful. You can get the chance to pamper yourself at home or anywhere you go using a back massager.

How to Use lower Back Massagers

Nothing is more advanced than a great back massager it can deal with your backache and neck cramp. Most individuals at their mature age suffer from backache. And the main choice to lessen and control the back agony is to take ceaseless back rub using a massager. Other massager has both neck and back massaging choices. Yet, without formal information on the best way to use a back massager, we won’t achieve the appropriate advantage of a massager.
Before using any sort of back massager, you should consistently pursue the instruction manual. If you’re hesitant about its probability it’s perfect to consult a medical expert to guarantee it is proper for your wellbeing or conditions.

An important characteristic in Looking for the Best Back Massager

Considering the advantages and kinds of back massagers, you need to search for a couple of specific highlights. Consulting your Physical Therapist could help point you the correct way of purchasing a massager. Massagers are an important way to soothe muscle strain and work on the physical suffering of the body.

  • Heat function

For certain individuals, heat is one of the most proficient strategies to bring relief from discomfort. Taking into account that warmed skin will hinder the torment sign by stimulating the sensibility, your mind will be recognized as the physical suffering goes down.

  • Shiatsu

As one would have understood, this aspect depends on a Japanese back massage method. If you need to duplicate the Shiatsu knead from a physical therapist however without the genuine masseuse, at that point you should think about this feature.

  • Vibrating

Some massager offers extra vibration which you need to consider for additional comfort.

  • Kneading

This is an effective profound back massage activity that helps your muscles more deeply and increases your blood flow.

  • Portability and Size

You need to think about the size, will it provide you with insurance for the space you want. Besides, size is truly identified with flexibility. Is it unreasonably huge for you to bring it anywhere you go? Think about this perspective when settling on your decision and perceive how you plan on utilizing it.

  • Shapes

Considering the shape of a massager is very important, especially if you are suffering from a backache. Regardless if you need a seat cushion or an S-molded stick, you should be certain that it has the option to reach your strain spot. You should guarantee that you can target a massager with appropriate curves.

  • Safety

The most security standard for an electric massager was his auto shut down, which is extremely available for individuals who will, in general, be comfortable while getting a back massage. Thusly you won’t need to stress over the massager getting overheated which can cause skin burn.


If you think about purchasing a massager, consider your situations, set up a spending limit, think of your preference, and the rest ought to be simple.
Lower Back Massage keeps stimulating the immune system and reestablishes the physical situation of the internal organs and nervous system.

Taking a glance at this you will feel that a handheld or seat neck and lower back massager is a wise venture that can give help from beat back muscle strains. It helps make you feel great as you feel loosened up using a massager.

In any case, there are such a significant number of types and models of back massagers accessible like home remedies back massager that you may think that it’s troublesome picking the best handheld lower back massager for your needs.