10 Best Toe Separators: Review and Guide

10 Best Toe Separators: Review and Guide

Foot pain can be frustrating sometimes. Especially pain caused by overlapping toes, corns, blisters or bunions can be discomforting. Luckily, there are plenty of toe separators available to combat this issue. Toe separators or toe spacers are generally made using silicone, rubber or gel and are highly effective in aligning the toes. So whether you are an athlete/runner or are suffering from toe issues, the toe separators are perfect for keeping your toes happy.

Most of the toe spacers are stretchy, comfortable to wear and improve circulation to prevent soreness. So if you are thinking about buying a pair of quality toe separators, here are the 10 best toe separators that you can consider.

10 Best Toe Separators

1. ZenToes Pack of 4 Toe Separators and Spreaders

If you are looking for slip-proof and durable toe separators, grab these toe separators that are specially designed to prevent overlapping toes and for providing relief from hallux valgus and bunions. The toe separator gently realigns and straightens your toe and relieves pressure from the bunion. Also, if you have a big toe, this can be used as a stretcher.


·         Comes with a gel cushion to align the toe and prevent overlapping

·         Provides relief from bunion and hallux valgus

·         Can be comfortably worn with shoes

·         Made using allergy-free and latex-free medical-grade gel

·         Its unique design solves issues with toe drift and bunion in a natural way

·         The separator reduces pain and strain in the big toe


·         Size is too small for big feet


These are flexible and highly durable gel-based toe separators. The gel toe ring conforms to the toe and fits easily even when you are wearing your shoes. The ring is made using medical grade material and is latex-free. Plus, it’s washable and is allergy-free. So if you are looking for a comfortable and skin-friendly toe separator, this is an ideal pick.

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2. PediFix Visco-Gel Toe Spacers

If you are suffering from a bunion, achy feet or a toe drift, it is important to combat the issue with a good toe protector. Fight the irritation with these gel toe separators that are engineered to wear under shoes and sneakers and also to offer relief from the overlapping toe.  The best thing about this toe separator is that it comes in different sizes to fit small and large toes.


·         The toe separators are available in small medium and large sizes to suit different feet sizes

·         The gel pad is filled with skin smoothening and softening mineral oil

·         Prevents toe rubbing and chaffing

·         Instantly relieves toe and feet pain

·         Alleviates pressure on bunions and offers relief


·         The separators start losing its grip when used for an extended period

·         Not highly durable


You may not want the tighter and harsh toe separators, and thus, this one comes with a cushioned base and straightens and aligns crooked or rubbing toes. The thin and perfectly designed toe separators do not cause any chaffing and are filled with mineral oil that soothes and softens the skin. Thus, if you are worried about dried skin, the toe separator will take care of it.

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3. ZenToes Hammer Toe Straightener and Corrector

If you do not prefer the single toe separators, this hammer toe straightener and corrector is a great pick. The gel toe separator is made using gel and thus reduces rubbing or chafing between toes and keeps the toes aligned while walking. These separators are lightweight, flexible and stretchy enough to make you feel comfortable all day long.


·         Made using soft and comfortable medical-grade silicone gel

·         Lightweight separators that stretch according to your toe size

·         Can be worn with any footwear

·         Prevents stains, odour and sweating

·         Washable and reusable toe separators

·         Offers full and better coverage and keeps the toe aligned


·         Does not fit well on skinny toes


The gel cushions of the spacers are made using medical-grade material and are highly resistant to sweat, odour and stains. The cushions offer orthopaedic support, and they easily stretch according to your toe size. The supportive toe straightener can be worn at night or during the day with shoes and heels too. These separators offer additional coverage and help you walk comfortably.

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4. Toe Spacers, Pinkie Toe Separators Straightener

For curled or overlapping toes, this is a perfect separator you must give a shot. The separator is designed to separate the pinky toe, middle toe and other toes and prevents rubbing. Especially if you have no space between the toes, this separator is designed to increase space and protect the tissues from getting swollen due to fiction. Plus, these tiny tools also prevent the toes from bunion, corn and blisters.


·         Ideal toe separator to increase the gap between toes

·         Prevents swollen tissues and inflammation between toes

·         Made using high-grade gel

·         Prevents blisters, corn, overlapping toes and cramping

·         Washable and reusable separators that are also durable


·         Not ideal for all-day wear

·         Available only in 1 size


If you are suffering from inflammation and soreness due to overlapping toe, this separator will increase the space between toes and prevent fiction and swelling. It is a washable and reusable tool that improved circulation without causing any discomfort or pain. It is made of hygienic silicone gel and easily stretched to fit different toe sizes.

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5. Metatarsal Pads Toe Separators Ball of Foot Cushions

To realign the natural bone structure and to prevent overlapping toes, this toe separator is designed with the toe separator and ball of foot pad. If you are suffering from overlapping toes and bunion pain, this toe separator reduces the soreness and swelling and realigns your toes and creates required space to prevent chafing. Plus, the toe pads are highly stretchable, so you don’t have to worry about its fit.


·         It avoids extrusion, promotes blood flow and feels comfortable

·         Can be worn with socks and different footwear

·         Made using high-quality thermoplastic elastomer that stretches easily

·         Provides relief from calluses, blisters, corns and other issues

·         A refreshing design that combines ball of footpad and toe separator for maximum comfort and benefit


·         Not strong enough to separate the toes especially for skinny toes


The toe separator is made using premium-quality and eco friendly material. Medical grade rubber thermoplastic elastomer is used to prepare this separator that is easily removed and gets stretched when desired. The toe separator can also be inserted into socks and different footwear and thus is highly versatile for everyday wear. Its ergonomic design easily conforms to the foot and prevents any tightness or pain.

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6. AnHuaUnisex Small Toe Soft Silicone 2 Holes Orthotics Bunion Tail Toe Straightener

Made using high quality gel, these cushiony and smooth toe separators are perfect to wear with socks and shoes. These separators reduce friction and chafing caused due to wearing inappropriately sized shoes. The spacers are washable and reusable and reduce the pressure on small toe.


·         Designed to fit between smaller toes

·         Comes with a cushiony gel pad that prevents chafing and rubbing

·         A washable and reusable product that doesn’t leave a bad odour

·         Realigns the small toe to relieve the pressure on joints

·         Made using premium-grade thermoplastic elastomer gel


·         Does not last more than a month

·         Easily wears


The thin profile and ergonomic design of the toe separator easily fit on different sized feet and also works with most of the footwear. Crafted using thermoplastic elastomer gel, this plush and custom-fitted separator will realign your toe and will easily settle between your toes. Also, the 2 gel loops will keep the spacer in position and will increase the space between the toes to realign the toes. It prevents the toes from cramping and unlike the traditional options; you can also wash and reuse them.

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7. Duorui 2 Pairs Gel Hammer Toe Pads, Hammer Toe Cushion

Toe separators are not as awkward and weighty as they used to be before. These days, you can easily find a pair of toe separators that are lightweight, comfortable and easily fit in feet of different sizes. These toe separators come with a hammer toe cushion for relieving cramps, hammertoes, claw toes and to reduce the friction between toes quickly. It prevents corns, blisters and calluses.


·         The adjustable gel easily slides between toes and prevents overlapping toes

·         The padded part comfortably rests under the toes and doesn’t cause any discomfort when you wear shoes

·         Reduces shocks and neutralizes pressure while walking to improve toe alignment

·         Made using silicone to offer a stretchy and flexibly fit

·         Non-slip fit small toe separators


·         Feels big and loose on skinny toes


The hammer toe separator is designed using soft gel splints are made using silicone and are super soft and stretchy. These hygienic toe separators are easy to clean and can be comfortably worn with shoes, sneakers and boots. Also if you have big or skinny toes, this one size fits all design will stretch and adjust as per your size and will fit comfortably.

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8. Bunion Corrector and Bunion Relief Gel Toe Separator

For intense bunion pain, you need an orthopaedic bunion corrector, and this deluxe toe separator alleviates bunion pain by straightening the big toe joint while providing extra padding and comfort. Especially if you are on your feet throughout the day, the design of this separator will easily fit between your toes and stay in place for hours offering relaxation and comfort to your feet.


·         Offers extra padding and straightens the big toe joint

·         Made using medical-grade silicone for extra comfort, stretchability and fit

·         Hygienic, reusable and easy to clean

·         Non-slip toe separator that fits comfortably

·         Increase circulation, stretches and aligns toes and straightens bent toes


·         Not a lasting product


This toe separator offers quick relief from bunion pain stretches the toes and creates space between toes to distribute the weight of your body equally. This bunion remover and stretcher is made using medical-grade silicone gel so you can reuse it after washing and cleaning it. Plus, it’s highly durable and can be used for a prolonged period.

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9. ZenToes Toe Separators with 2 Loops – Pack of 4 Soft Gel Bunion Correctors

Toe separators are made in different forms and sizes and here is a toe separator with 2 loops that offers relief from bunion and cramping. If you have overlapping or painful toes, these correctors will keep your toes wide and prevent cramping while you wear your shoes and footwear. It is also useful in preventing blisters and corns.


·         2 loop design that keeps the separator in place

·         Anti-slip and securely fitted spacers

·         Offers relief from bunion and cramping

·         Aligns toes and stretches the toes for better gap

·         Can be used with footwear and prevents rubbing toes


·         Some may find it oversized and floppy


These toe separators are thin, flexible and easily fit almost all sizes.  This bunion corrector is made using high-quality latex-free material and easily fit inside all shoes to offer bunion pain relief. These spacers won’t slide and stay in place as these are designed with a double fitting loop. Plus, the set comes with a total 4 pieces of toe separators, so you don’t have to get a new pair very soon.

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10. Gel Toe Separators Silicone Toe Spacers, Hammer Toe Straightener Spreaders

These toe separators are super thin and durable and will quickly align all your five toes to offer maximum comfort and relaxation to your feet. If you are suffering from cramps, corns, blisters or bunion pain, these spacers will relax the overlapping toes and relieve foot pain naturally. The ergonomic design will allow you to stand and walk comfortably.


·         The ergonomic design aligns all the five toes

·         Prevents cramping and overlapping toes while keeping the toes stretched

·         Made using high-quality silicone gel to slide between toes easily

·         Easy to clean with water and soap

·         Skin-friendly and latex-free toe separators


·         May not fit in large feet

·         Loses its stretchiness within few weeks


These spacers are made using premium-grade silicone material gel, and thus, these are very stretchable and flexible. The spacers can effortlessly glide between your toes, offering utmost comfort. Especially, if your feet feel cramped due to wearing narrow shoes all day long, these spacers will keep your feet relaxed.

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How to Choose the Best Toe Separator?

The ultimate purpose of toe separators is to release pressure from the toes and realign the toes in the correct position. The toe separators are also useful in healing bunion pain, overlapping toes, crooked toes, hammertoes and such issues.

So whether you are a runner or want to relieve toe pain, it is essential to choose a toe-separator wisely. Discomforting toe separators can increase pain instead of helping you, and thus, here are certain factors you need to keep in mind while buying toe separators:

Type of Toe Separators

1.      Double and triple toe separators

There are different types of toe separators available in the market these days. The double toe separators are designed to fit between two toes easily and generally have soft padding to prevent rubbing and chafing between two toes. Some double toe separators have a cushion style design while some are available in the ringed shape that offers full coverage and encloses your toes. These are made of soft or hard gel. The triple toe separators are the same as double toe separators, but they fit three toes instead of two

2.      Full toe separators

On the other hand, the full toe separators are available in an open or closed design. These separators are made using soft or hard gel and are designed to stretch all the toes and create desired space between all toes to distribute pressure among all the toes for better stability and improved walk. These separators are comfortable with shoes and socks so you can wear these throughout the day.

Material of the toe separators

1.      Premium quality gel separators

The material of toe separators plays a significant role in offering comfort and flexibility to your toes. Most of the toe separators these days are made using a medical-grade gel. The spacers made using this soft and flexible gel are highly comfortable and easily fit between the toes. These separators are designed with latex-free and skin-friendly material and thus, do not cause allergies.

2.      Foam and rubber toe separators

The foam toe separators are not as durable and reliable as the gel-based separators. Also, the separators made using foam may feel hard and tight between the toes, and thus, these are not recommended for prolonged use. On the other hand, the rubber or thermoplastic elastomer toe separators are comparatively better.

A lot of triple toe separators and full toe separators are made using this material and are super thin. These separators have rubber padding in the bottom and can be worn with footwear throughout the day. Plus, these separators are easy to clean and reusable.


Padding makes the toe separators flexible and comfortable. The toe separators with soft and cushiony padding are more comfortable and allow your toes to stay relaxed when worn with footwear. The padded separators will protect your feet and toes from pain and unwanted cramping and thus if you are looking forward to wearing the separators for a prolonged period, pick a separator with padding to support your toes.

Size of the toe separators

The primary purpose of toe separators is to relax your toes and prevent pain, but when the toe separators don’t fit properly, it will cause more pain and discomfort and thus, it is crucial to consider your size.

Most of the gel-based toe separators feature as one-size-fits-all design and are very flexible. These separators easily fit skinny and big toes. However, when the toe separators are made using hard materials, the one-size-fits-all design does not work as the stretchiness is reduced.


1.      Is it safe to wear toe separators with shoes?

Yes. Most of the toe separators are designed to be worn with shoes. These toe separators are flexible and are padded in the bottom to prevent the feet and toes. The soft gel models are highly comfortable and allow you to walk and run and thus if you want to wear the toe separators with footwear, pick those with a soft gel padding.

2.      For how long should I wear toe separators?

If you are suffering from toe pain, overlapping toe, bunion and such issues, you can wear toe separators overnight. Some toe separators are designed for 20-30 minutes use while some can be worn throughout the day, so depending on your situation, you can wear the toe separators from 10-20 minutes to overnight.


Toe separators are the ultimate solution to relieve foot pain, realign overlapping toes and prevent issues such as a bunion, blisters, corn etc. The best toe separators naturally relieve pain and repair your bone structure so that you can walk without feeling the pain in your feet. If you are determined to get those toe separators, make sure that you choose the separators that easily fit are perfect for all-day wear and feel relaxing.

Also remember that it is a new habit and thus, it may take some time to adapt. However, if the toe separators are uncomfortable and painful, it is better to discontinue using them. Pick the durable and comfortable toe separators and help your feet relax.