15 Best Foot Massager for Neuropathy

15 Best Foot Massager for Neuropathy


Neuropathy or numbness in hands or feet is quite common these days. People suffering from diabetes, people who have undergone cancer treatments or people with multiple nerve damage experience tingling or numbness in their hands and feet, which is known as neuropathy. Here is 15 best foot massager for neuropathy.

There are many treatment options to heal this condition, but for people who need some extra healing at home, foot massagers are a great option. Foot massagers stimulate blood flow to the areas experiencing neuropathy and, thus, are highly effective. Also, the feet have more nerve endings compared to any other body part and, thus, are the best body part to stimulate the entire nervous system. So if you are looking for some promising foot massagers for neuropathy healing, here are the best 15 options.

List of Best Foot Massager for Neuropathy

1. FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Circulation and Relaxation

A good massager is capable of promoting blood flow to the lowermost extremities of your feet, and this massager is specially designed to enhance blood flow to the entire leg. This massager is helpful for people with circulation issues as its ergonomic design covers the entire leg from feet to calves and offers deep massage. Plus, the massager also has 2×2 airbags that press the feet and calf muscles for quick pain relief.


·         Comes with a detailed user manual for guided use

·         The massager features 10 massage techniques to let you choose the style that suits you better

·         Features 2 modes for slow and high-intensity massage

·         Comes with 3 variable intensities and settings

·         2×2 airbags to offer relaxing massage from feet to calf

·         Large wrap size with 2 inch extensions to fit all sizes

·         Made using friendly and safe materials

·         Comes with 20-minute timing function


·         May cause bruising in small and delicate areas if used at high intensity


The leg or foot wraps are large, adjustable, and can fit anyone with up to 28.5 calve size. It also comes with 2 inches size extension to fit people of all sizes.  The massager also features 2 modes and 3 massaging intensities, offering you the complete power to use the massager. You can either use it in a slow mode and can increase the intensity gradually.

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2. Miko Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading

Massaging your feet on a regular basis can have a significant impact on blood flow, and this massager is engineered to improve blood flow through kneading, heat, and shiatsu rolling functions. The massager also features 2 huge foot massaging chambers in which with 5 air pressure settings to control the pressure.


·         Adjustable air compression chambers to stimulate blood flow

·         Comes with 15 minutes auto shut off feature to prevent injuries or overheating

·         Also offers deep kneading and reflexology node target points for added comfort

·         Features a central control panel with buttons for massage settings

·         Independent heat function to apply gentle heat to painful areas


·         The chambers may squeeze the feet tightly making it less breathable


The massager can be operated with the 2 wireless remote controls. You can control the pressure and heat settings of the massager with the remotes while resting and enjoying your massage. The targeted heat technology of the massager melts away pain and tightness from painful areas and relaxes the muscles.

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3. TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller (Large)

Numbness, tingling, pain, and achiness in the feet and arms can be relieved through simple massaging. You don’t need high-end massagers to relax your muscles and feel good again. If you are looking for an affordable and portable massager that you can carry anywhere with you, this manual massager is a great pick. This manual massager works without heat or vibration and offers relaxation through reflexology.


·         Smart and ergonomic design that lets your feet relax and glide easily

·         Designed with acupressure numbs and spikes to relieve deep pain

·         Large rollers to promote blood flow and soothe tired muscles

·         Potable, lightweight, cordless and travel-friendly design

·         Heat free manual massager that comforts legs and entire body

·         Available at a highly affordable price


·         The massager has a robust and intense odor

·         Does not feature heat function and thus, doesn’t offer deep tissue massage


The massager is made of wood and features the spiked design to target the painful areas or acupressure points to provide quick relief. The massager is designed, keeping in mind the pain and has proper spacing between the spikes, elevation, arch, and acupressure nubs configured to suit all leg types and sizes. Simply glide your feet on the large rollers and relax your painful feet.

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4. Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat

This massager is truly based on the principles of reflexology and can effectively target the pressure points to reduce the symptoms of pain and fatigue in legs and sole. This heated shiatsu kneading massager features a built-in infrared heat function and comes with a power cord for easy operation.


·         The massager comes with 3 height levels and thus, the adjustable-height makes it comfortable to use

·         Safe and impactful heat function to target deep tissues

·         Power and other function buttons are on the massager so you can toggle between the buttons using your toe

·         Comes with built-in onboard cord storage and a comfortable carry handle

·         The 6 massage heads and 18 rotating massagers regulate blood flow


·         May not work well if the arches of your feet are very high


The massager has a super versatile design and features 6 massage heads and 18 rotating massaging nodes to ease tension and offer deep massage. Plus, its heating function relieves pain in the tired and achy muscles. The massager is very safe to use, and if the heat function feels painful, you can also switch off the function and run it in the regular mode.

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5. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Common symptoms of neuropathy such as tingling, inflammation, numbness, etc. can be relieved with time while using a high-quality massager. This shiatsu foot massager offers powerful deep-kneading through its rotating nodes and is designed to relieve the pain in tension areas. It also helps in relieving nerve pain, chronic pain, and plantar fasciitis too.


·         Strong massager with air compression

·         20% stronger than other massagers and offers 50 kpa air pressure for better relaxation

·         Adjustable pressure settings to promote blood flow

·         Massage nodes with built-in infrared switchable heat

·         Heat settings to reduce stiffness and soreness

·         Anti-slip rubber grip to hold the massager in place


·         Intense setting may cause bruising and burns


The massager cum air compressor offers power at 50 kpa and is 20% stronger than the other massagers. The massager also features multiple settings for switching between light to strong compression. The compression creates pumping action that increases the flow of oxygenated blood to various areas and especially to the feet.

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6. Miko Foot Massager with Shiatsu Settings

Just 10-15 minutes of massaging can improve the symptoms of tingling and numbness, and with this massager that features rotating heat will reduce muscle tension and improve blood flow over the achy areas. The electric massager is equipped with multiple settings rotating, heat, and kneading functions to offer mild to strong massage.


·         Toe-touch controls allow you to find your perfect pressure and heat settings

·         Plenty of massage nodes to target painful areas

·         Compact massager design that easily fits in your office or home

·         Massage nodes for deep tissue repair

·         Heat mechanism and settings for warmth and blood flow


·         Not a lasting and durable product


The massager features 6 massaging heads and 18 nodes to reach each and every pressure point of your feet. With these multiple nodes, targeting the problematic areas becomes easier, and the flow of blood improves. Plus, the massager is portable and lightweight so you can carry it around with you while traveling.

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7. Foot Circulation Plus – EMS Feet and Legs Massager Machine for Neuropathy-

A good foot massager can prevent fluid retention in legs that is generally caused by prolonged sitting. This EMS massager is designed on the principles of reflexology and is especially impactful on neuropathy.  The massager is FDA cleared and is prevalent in reducing swelling and muscle stiffness.


·         Uses EMS and TENS to relax stiff muscles and swollen feet

·         The massager sends micro current impulse to improve muscle functions

·         The textured foot pads are designed to reach painful areas

·         4 electro pads are stimulators that reduce pain in muscles

·         Easy to use a nerve stimulator


·         Is not ideal for pregnant women and people wearing a pacemaker


The massager improves circulation in feet and lower legs through its ergonomically designed footpads. The nerve stimulating massager reaches the hard to reach areas of the feet easily, and the gently textured foot roller relieves deep heel pain. The LED light is also equipped to show the power status of the massager.

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8. Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Heated Foot and Back Massager 

Nothing is as amazing as a massager that relieves pain from deep tissues and offers enhanced soothing. The massager features a huge cozy foot pocket that provides extra warmth and features 8 deep-kneading nodes to imitate the hands of a professional masseuse. The massager also has an infrared heat therapy that radiates warmth for added soothing and comfort.


·         12×12 inches broad massager that fits all feet sizes

·         Comes with optional heat therapy that radiates soft warmth

·         Comes with 8 deep massaging nodes for added comfort

·         Comes with a hand control keypad for controlling the functions

·         Made using luxurious plush fleece fabric for a cushioned feel


·         The heat function offers very low heat


This dual-purpose massager can be placed on any body part or can be used for foot massage. The massager is also designed with easy to use hand control keypad to switch between the control functions. Plus, it’s compact and large enough to fit large feet too.

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9. RENPHO Foot Massager with Shiatsu Tapping Heat

Here is a customizable and relaxing massager to soothe foot pain and neuropathy symptoms. The massager offers an optional heating function and allows you to adjust air intensity and kneading intensity to personalize your massage session. You can choose from 3 pressure levels and offers 3 massaging nodes to target painful areas, and the tapping function is offered for a customized massage.


·         Different modes of the massager can be easily controlled with the visual indicator

·         Comes with a 15 minutes auto shut off timer

·         The heat function reduces tension in the muscles and releases muscle knots

·         You can select from 3 tapping motions to suit your needs

·         Comes with 3 massaging nodes and pressure levels


·         The massager loses its strength after extended use


If you like to get a deeper massage, you can experiment with the kneading intensity and air pressure. It is not only customized but also capable of reaching your foot surface to cover your entire foot. The unique tapping motion of this massager delivers percussive heel therapy by shaking your legs that alleviates pressure and pain.

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10. Human Touch Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager

The foot massagers are designed to promote relaxation and relieve tension from the painful areas, and if you want extended massage for your calves, this is a great option. This foot and calf reflexology massager enhances the body’s natural healing powers through massaging and by improving blood flow. It offers targeted relief and provides quick recovery from soreness.


·         It is reinforced with tilt base to offer comfort while massaging

·         You can choose from 2 angles to find your perfect massage angle

·         Features removable sleeves for quick cleaning

·         Features underfoot massage rollers to relieve the soles and feet

·         Offers deep and vibrating massage


·         Prolonged use may squeeze your feet and cause pain


This deep penetrating and vibrating massager features figure-eight technology that circulates blood from feet to the core and allows nutrients and oxygenated blood to reach to the fete and calves. Plus, it features 2 intensity settings to find the perfect pressure to relieve soreness in your feet.

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11. FLEXISPOT Foot Massager Kneading Shiatsu Therapy

Due to the sedentary lifestyle and neuropathy, if your feet muscles are achy and painful, you need a massager that can improve blood flow to the feet and sole. This shiatsu therapy massager with effective heat function and auto-off timer will make the casual massage a relieving and soothing experience for you.


·         The customizable timer makes it easy to use and safe

·         The heat function offers gentle warmth to reduce fatigue

·         Comes with a removable and washable cover

·         5 function keys, 6 selectable timer modes,3 massage modes, and 2 intensity levels make it highly customizable

·         Stimulating air compressor improves blood flow


·         Loses compression ability after extended use


The massager comes with 5 different function keys, 6 selectable timer modes, 3 massage modes, and 2 intensity levels for offering the most personalized and comfortable massaging experience.  The kneading, rolling, and shiatsu massage you can relieve foot pain by using this massager for just 10-15 minutes a day.

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12. Giantex Foot Massager Machine Massage for Feet

After a tiring and hectic day, use this massager that comes with 4 automatic massager programs and features 4 optional modes for adjusting the speed. You can choose from kneading, rolling, or massaging combinations to heal your feet using reflexology therapy. The easy to use button can be operated using the toe. Plus, the massager is compact and travel friendly.


·         The meager features 4-foot mats in the bottom to keep the massager stable

·         The front footrest design lets your legs rest easily

·         The anti-skid footrest keeps your feet stable and relaxed

·         The massager comes with removable foot sleeves closed with zippers

·         Operation panel remote control offers easy to use


·         The massager may feel small for some feet


The massager comes with a remote controller to switch between massaging styles and intensities. The kneading and rolling foot massager has 2 controls, personalized and automatic. Plus, its ergonomic design easily massages the arch of your foot, the sole, and the tiptoe.

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13. Human Touch Reflex Swing Pro Leg Massager

This is a great pick if you are looking for a reliable and personalized foot massager.  This device massages your soles and improves blood flow through its ergonomic and flexible design. This swing pro massager restores equilibrium in your body and promotes natural healing while improving the functioning of your nerves.


·         Engineered with adjustable arms for a customized massage

·         Comes with easy sleeves for hassle-free maintenance

·         Features vibrating rollers for deep penetration and tissue repair

·         Optimizes blood flow through the leg

·         Improves the function of healthy nerve and cells


·         Big sized feet don’t fit in the massager properly

·         Rollers may feel painful


The massager is equipped with figure-8 technology that massages the calves upwards and offers wave-like motion to improve blood flow throughout the leg.  It is also equipped with vibrating rollers that offer deep and penetrative massage.

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14. Foot Massager Machine with Heat By Shiatsu

This breathable and double compression massager is great for relieving pain from feet and ankles. The massager offers a combination of rolling kneading massage and air compression. The ergonomic design of the massager targets acupuncture points and work wonders for relieving intense pain.


·         3D massage system stimulates soothing sensation and improves blood flow

·         Insert socks that come with the device are removable and easy to clean

·         Infrared heat option for warm and heating massage

·         Air compression to reach the acupuncture points effectively

·         Rolling and scrapping function for forepart and midsole


·         Heat function may not work properly for deep tissue repair


The massager also features heat function to relieve muscle knots and pressure. The temperature of heat massager is between 40-45 Celsius, which is neither too hot nor normal. Plus, its removable cover makes it easy to clean, maintain, and use.

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15.   CAMOUFLAGED MEDMASSAGER MMF06C 11 Speed Foot Massager

Here is a powerful tilted and high impact electrical massager to melt away neuropathy symptoms. The massager allows you to choose from 11 speeds from 1,000-3,600 rpm.  The massager features a full-sized oscillating footpad with an arch bar that allows your foot to rest easily on the pad and get massaged.


·         Reliable and CSA certified

·         Ergonomic tilted design for comfort

·         Offers 11 speeds from 1000-3600 rpm

·         Oscillating pad for comfortably holding and massaging your feet


·         Does not have a heat feature


The massager has a pressure point targeting surface that targets painful areas and offers deep tissue massage. It promotes healthy blood flow, and its optimal angle provides comfort while massaging.

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What type of massager is the best for relieving neuropathy symptoms?

Circulation and neuropathy massagers

Poor circulation and neuropathy symptoms are quite common, and to relieve these symptoms, electric massagers are the best. The electric massagers are powered by rollers and target the pressure points. If you simply want to sit back and relax while having a massage, electric massagers are a good option.

These massagers mimic the massaging sensations of a hand massage and improve blood flow to the feet and sole. The vibration and heat massagers target circulation issues and stimulate the nerves to reduce pain and inflammation. The electric massagers or massagers with heat, kneading, scrapping, rolling and shiatsu functions eliminate numbness and tingling and are thus suitable for neuropathy.


Foot massagers are great to stimulate blood flow and relax the achy and tired muscles. However, if you are suffering from any severe health condition, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before choosing a foot massager for neuropathy. Also, if you are suffering from circulation issues, massagers will help regulate blood flow and reduce numbness or tingling. I hope this article has helped you in choosing the best foot massager for the neuropathy.