The Best Foot Massager For Diabetics

The Best Foot Massager For Diabetics

A foot massager will be the best for many people who are tired after a long workday, especially those suffering from diabetes. Doing this is important since the feet are an area of ​​the body where nerves and pressure points are concentrated. Consequently, having the best foot massager for diabetics or the equivalent of a machine for relaxing foot massages is highly recommended as it can help diabetic patients eliminate stress and make them feel more relaxed.

This is one of the main reasons why there is a wide variety of diabetic foot massagers on the market. Currently, you can find them in different designs, sizes, with functions and features aimed at giving you a relaxing foot massage. 

When it comes to choosing, it is not easy with the number of brands and prices ranging from the simple to the most complex. Here is a buying guide that should help you choose from the best diabetic foot massagers according to your specific needs and the budget you want to allocate to them!

Top 8 Best Foot Massager For Diabetics Reviews

1. Revitive Medic PLUS

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Much more than just a high-quality foot and calf massage device, Revitive Medic Plus is a medical device. If you have diabetes or osteoarthritis, this device is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you have a pacemaker, if you suffer from deep vein thrombosis or if you are pregnant, its use is totally inadvisable, especially for its ability to improve blood circulation in the legs. 

You have 99 intensity levels with the Revitive Medic Plus, all accessible from the remote control. You will, therefore, have no problem finding the level that suits you, but above all, you are free to adapt the device to your intensity needs Perfect for people with diabetic neuropathy, chronic pain, and arthritis.

The Revitive Medic Plus uses a new patented IsoRocker more advanced system to gain range of motion and thus effectively treat the ankle and muscles by rocking movements of the foot. The muscles then enter into a process of contraction and relaxation conducive to good blood circulation.


  • Scientifically proven to actively improve blood circulation in the legs.
  • It offers 15 stimulation wave variables.
  • It is completely autonomous and can be practiced anywhere, inside and out.


  • It is quite difficult for some plus-sized people to keep their legs together during the entire massage session when using the device in a natural sitting position.
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2. Medisana FM 885

Medisana is a German brand, specialized in the design of medical products and devices, including the shiatsu foot massage device FM 885. This device borrows the technique of finger pressure massage called “shiatsu” massage, originating in Japan, to soothe, relax, and unwind your diabetic feet. Shiatsu massage, literally “finger pressure” is a manual therapy that brings about relaxation and relaxation effectively. This type of massage is perfectly simulated in the Medisana FM 885 thanks to the presence of balls placed in sensitive areas of the foot, especially on the soles of the feet and on the heels.

The Medisana® FM 885 foot massage device offers 3 intensity levels with regard to compression of the upper foot. The transition between these different pressures is instantaneous. This compression massage accompanies the shiatsu massage, and this double action is powerful enough and sometimes surprising so that the objective of relaxing and relaxing the muscles under tension is perfectly achieved.

The FM 885 stops automatically after 15 minutes of operation, which is good for both the device and the user. In short, it is simple and practical. Certainly, the Medisana FM 885 looks like a huge slipper, but you will feel a deep massage when you use it. 


  • It is simple to use.
  • Perfect for home shiatsu massage.
  • Stimulates blood circulation and the revival of stressed and tired muscles.


  • It has an outdated design
  • Massage is not regularly optimal
  • Difficult to find the best positioning of the feet

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3. Beurer FB 50

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The Beurer brand offers you a hydro massage device, the FB 50, which uses the hot tub to bring you relaxation. The device is a tank offering both heated water, vibrations, powerful jets, and massage rollers for a very interesting price/quality ratio.

The Beurer FB 50 is 39 cm wide against 50 cm long. It is one of the largest devices in its category, which makes it well suited for diabetic people with large shoe sizes. The plastic which constitutes the tank is of excellent quality, robust and allows intensive use of the device. The Beurer FB 50 offers several features to enhance your relaxation and your relaxation. So you have a hot tub with heated water, powerful vibrations, and jets, as well as massage rollers.

We can say that the general quality of this hydro massage device is perfect, either in terms of choice of material or in terms of assembly and finish. It responds perfectly to the reputation of German products. In addition, its selling price is very competitive if we refer to all products in the same category.


  • It is very affordable.
  • It accommodates people with big feet.
  • It has 5 temperature settings, ranging from 35 to 48 ° C so that you can choose the one that suits you best.


  • The product is heavy and bulky.
  • The rollers at the bottom of the device do not activate automatically.
  • A mineral salt storage tank is missing.
  • No drainage.
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4. HoMedics

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The HoMedics brand is an American company specializing in well-being and beauty. World leader in massage devices, HoMedics provides you with a reflexology type foot massage device that is very easy to use, suitable for all sizes, and above all effective for improving the proper functioning of the organs of your body.

The HoMedics foot massager has 6 knots and 18 massage heads which perfectly simulate shiatsu massage, a therapeutic massage process from Japan. These heads exert enough pressure on the entire base of your foot, such as finger or elbow pressure, to relax tired feet.

You no longer have to enter a massage parlor with this HoMedics foot massager because you benefit from a daily personal massage. All you need to do is connect the device to an AC power supply and enjoy it. A single button turns the device on, off and adjusts, and the rest is handled with the foot. After the massage, you will feel light, relaxed, and in a feeling of well-being. To optimize the massage angle of this foot massage device, HoMedics has equipped it with several positioning adjustments. In addition, by being open and with a large massage surface, the HoMedics is suitable for both large feet and small sizes.


  • Calms the tired feet.
  • It has different options for foot positioning.
  • Fits all foot sizes
  • You can have a full foot massage session right in your house


  • The bearings lock in certain positions or maintain a continuous noise around the gears.
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5. Beurer FB 30

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If you want to acquire a cheap foot massage device, let yourself be tempted by the FB 30 model from the German brand Beurer. It is a basic model of hydromassage device that incorporates several functions. Among other things, it offers a pumice pedicure tip and splash protection, but its main quality is its very affordable price. This relaxing foot bath device offers you both vibration massage, whirlpool massage, healing massage but also massaging foot support if you want to work more intensely on your soles. or your arch.

The Beurer FB 30 hydro massage device has a foldable function and a cable reel to better optimize its storage space. It also has non-slip rubber feet to keep it stable during your massage sessions.

In the event of a cold or tension in the muscles, the Beurer FB 30 provides infrared light. The latter is scientifically recognized to relieve certain muscle and joint pain. Indeed, it stimulates blood circulation and the influx of oxygen in the blood, warms and relaxes the affected part in order to relax it. It is a completely natural process to relieve pain.

The selling price of this Beurer FB 30 is very advantageous if we take into account its functionality, its manufacturing quality, and its efficiency. We recommend it especially if you have diabetes and are discovering hydromassage for the first time because it is soft and relaxing.


  • It is very cheap.
  • Offers foot support for your arch and soles.
  • It has splash protection that allows you to keep your environment clean.


  • The vibrations offered by the Beurer FB 30 are a little too light, which sometimes forces the feet to soak a little longer to be able to feel the effects.
  • All the modes are frozen and cannot be adjusted at will.
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6. AREALER Foot Massager. 

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The AREALER foot massager is now the best-selling model. It is the latest to hit the market, with the latest massage technologies. The Arealer has revolutionized the market, in record time, the best seller just 2 months after its presentation. It improves blood circulation, reduces stress and pain, especially for people with arthritis, chronic pain, or diabetic neuropathy. This wonderful model has a remote control, with which you can control all the functions.

In combination with kneading, rolling, scratching, heating function, and air compression it provides comfortable foot massage that helps in blood circulation promotion, reduces stress, and relieves fatigue. With 5 different settings for work modes and pressure aimed at acupressure points. Release tension so the feet feel light and flexible. 

Modern and minimalistic design, so you can get a massage while carrying out your daily activities like watching TV,  surfing the internet, reading, working in the office, or after a long and stressful day. It is light, soft and hygienic, perfect for personal use and also as a gift for friends and family. It is certified, safe, and healthy, environmentally friendly, very popular among massage therapists, and recommended for your family.


  • Easy to use. 
  • Overheat protection automatically turns off when the temperature is higher than the safety level. 
  • Removable breathable cover. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Equipped with wireless remote control.


  • Not fit for all sizes
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The massagers’ feet of the brand NAIPO, are among the most popular. It has an ergonomic design of 37’5cm. It is a massager only for the soles of the feet. Its Rolling Kneading massage system consists of a deep massage provided by its 18 nodes, which point to the acupuncture points of the foot, the massage reaches all areas of the foot in a more homogeneous way, at the same time as intense and pleasant. It will also increase blood flow, with which the relief of tiredness and stress is guaranteed. The Naipo brand has a long experience of more than 30 years in the sector. 18 rotating heads of Shiatsu and heat technology, provides a relaxing massage that will soothe your feet.

If you’re struggling with chronic pain and nerve pain as a result of standing on your feet for hours, this deep kneading massage machine will act as a personal therapist to ease those painful stresses on the comfort of your home. A daily 20-minute massage session will provide effective relief for the most common foot aches and pains.


  • It has an efficient design
  • Rejuvenates the nerves and encourages blood circulation
  • It serves as a personal therapist


  • The heat temp is not adjustable
  • The foot size does not fit all
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8. ASIAKK EMS Foot Massager

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With EMS technology, an easy release is experienced by the foot and calf. Stress relief and proper blood circulation also happen. It is very soft and combines well with all types of skin. The foot stimulator comes with 6 modes: shoulder / forearm / arm / back / abdominal / waist. You can adjust 15 different intensities. And it automatically pauses in 30 min and automatically shut down without any operation in 1 min.

The surface of the massager mat can be easily cleaned with wipes, no need for complicated cleaning like big feet massager. And it comes with remote control, allowing you to sit operate the massager easily. The EMS foot massager has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be powered with a USB charging cable.

People who eat an unbalanced diet may experience high blood pressure. The good news is that with this foot massager and a massage session of at least 10 minutes, it is possible to reduce high blood pressure, including the anxiety associated with it. In fact, using this foot massager regularly is a good way to recover and prevent future injuries. The foot massager is portable and foldable, which makes it perfect to carry anywhere, provide massage relief anytime, and also a great gift for most people. 


  • It is available for all skin types
  • It is convenient to use
  • Easy and effective control
  • Simple cleaning after use


  • Foot size is restricted
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Buying Guide For You

Foot massage brings many benefits to our body, whether they are founded and scientifically proven or not. Many traditional techniques are associated with this massage, such as reflexology, aromatherapy, and acupressure to bring you much more than rest and relaxation.

How to choose the right device for massaging the feet?

Nowadays, there is no need to enter a massage parlor to be able to benefit from a foot massage. Devices have been designed to do this and are accessible to all budgets. Do you still have to know how to choose your device? Here are some features to consider if you wish to acquire one.

The Type of Massage

You can do foot massage in many ways and for many reasons. But overall, with regard to electrical devices, there are 5 different technologies with each their specificity and their technique.

Heat diffusion massage: Often associated with other technologies, the heat diffusion massage technique is based on the principle of infrared heating. The heat makes it possible to accentuate the relaxing aspect of the massage.

Shiatsu massage: Many devices can now perfectly simulate shiatsu massage thanks to a technology essentially based on rotating massage balls or balls that imitate the framework of the fingers. By controlling the intensity of rotation, you can generate a completely deep and totally relaxing massage.

Massage with rollers: These rollers are used to knead your heels and instep. By pressing and kneading these sensitive points, your feet will be perfectly relaxed and relaxed. This kind of technology is less widely used and used than the others and a little more expensive but offers excellent results.

Air cushion massage: This technology mimics acupressure massage using cushions inflated by air pressure. Foot acupuncture points are mainly targeted so that when you decompress, you will feel relaxed and relaxed.

Hydromassage: This technology is based on the use of whirlpools, while working on foot reflexology using massage pads and pulleys. The whirlpool in itself promotes blood circulation and the feeling of relaxation, while reflexology relaxes tense muscles and acts on the organs associated with the massage point.

Technical Specifications

As a massage machine, the device for relieving the feet has several technical characteristics, here are the most essential when buying one.

Size: Just like your shoes, you must choose a device suited to your size when you buy a foot massage device, at the risk of ending up with an unusable product. The sizes below 42 will be able to enjoy most of the devices, of “universal” size, but beyond this size, it is preferable to inquire well with the resellers. Otherwise, opt for open models.

Power and control: Prefer devices with several intensity levels because you should know that if you are not used to this kind of massage, or if you are sensitive to the feet, you will see that the sensation of massage is rather unpleasant or even painful at first. The presence of a timer is a great help to adjust the duration of your sessions.

Autonomy: We can distinguish two types of devices for massaging the feet, manual plantar massage devices, but which require the help of a third person to be able to operate, and electrical devices, more autonomous and above all more practical, and effective for a satisfactory rendering. These can be fully autonomous by the presence of a rechargeable battery or to be connected to the mains to be able to operate.

Getting Started and Maintenance

Foot massagers are generally easy to handle since they only have to manage 2 or 3 massage and intensity modes. Use machines controlled by remote control or foot control to save yourself from lowering each time you startup. Also, think about the maintenance of the device by checking especially if the manufacturer provides you with instructions to do so.

The Price

It must be said that there are foot massage devices for all budgets. Indeed, this type of device sells for a few tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars. Obviously, this price depends on the value and notoriety of the brand, the technology that the device uses but also the qualities of its manufacture. That said, you have to invest a lot when buying this kind of device because it can significantly improve your daily life.


First of all, ask a health professional if you are allowed to use this kind of device, especially if you have a treble valgus, or if you have a metallic object such as a pin in your feet. If you have illnesses that affect your feet, legs, or blood circulation in particular, it is better to turn to specialized devices.

Please note, however, that some people need medical guidance when using this type of device or receive a foot massage:

  • A person affected by diabetes must be subject to special care during a foot massage because the movements applied can cause a change in the production of insulin by the pancreas.
  • Pregnant women are strictly prohibited from undergoing reflexology treatment during the first three months of pregnancy.
  • Patients with heart problems should also be taken with great care to prevent the heart from being over-stimulated.


The feet are an important part of our body. We drop all our weight on them and our mobility depends on them. However, we often mistreat them with inappropriate footwear. Smaller size than our normal shoe size, a too-narrow toe, or excessive use of the heel. These are all ways we render damage to our foot.

In summary, the essence and importance of foot massage in the society at large can not be overemphasized as its positive results are tremendously on the high side. Health practitioners have encouraged people to ensure they get a body massage once a week and a foot massage four times a week for a duration of about fifteen to twenty minutes a day for healthy living. 

Online courses and other resources like this can help you learn about the different types of techniques you could use for a foot massage, and also selecting the best foot massager for diabetics. It only requires minimum time but has everlasting benefits for you, your friends, family, and even partner.