15 Best Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis

15 Best Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes chronic pain in the heels or feet. When the sole is repeatedly injured or strained due to running, jumping, or any other physical activity, it may lead to plantar fasciitis. People suffering from plantar fasciitis often experience intense pain in the heels and also report stiffness and sometimes complain about the inability to climb the stairs. Here are the best foot massager for Plantar Fasciitis.

Luckily, this condition is curable, and within 6-18 months of proper care, it can be treated. However, if you have an active lifestyle and want to get quick relief from this chronic pain, getting a right foot massager is a great idea. Foot massagers are calming and healing equipment that stimulate blood flow and relieve chronic nerve pain. Thus if you or your loved one are suffering from plantar fasciitis and want to get rid of it, here are the 15 best foot massagers for plantar fasciitis you can consider.

1. TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller (Large)

If you are looking for manual foot massagers, this roller massager is a budget-friendly and relaxing shiatsu acupressure massager that offers relief from plantar fasciitis pain as you glide your feet on it. The massager is engineered with wood, and its reflexology principle will soothe and relax our tired and achy feet.


·         High-impact Theraflow spiked wooden rollers to stimulate blood flow

·         Works well for relieving plantar fasciitis, arch pain or general foot ache

·         The numbs, spacing, arch, and elevation of the massager suits all feet types

·         Compact and travel-friendly 1/5lbs massager

·         Wire-free, comfortable and mobile massager

·         Offers great value a given price


·         Does not offer heat or vibration massage


The wooden spiked rollers that roll under the feet quickly stimulate blood flow and work as acupressure therapy. The design and structure of this massager offers deep stimulation and radiates the warmth of reflexology from your feet to the body. The sensation of spiked rollers can surely surpass the pleasure and relief provided by electric and heat massagers. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly and manual massager, this one is a great pick.

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2. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

A massage with controlled heat is also a great way to heal the achy feet and heels and this massager offers the same. This shiatsu massager comes with multiple settings along with deep kneading massage therapy and air compression. The massager features rotating nodes that effectively target the painful areas and release tension. The massager is designed to provide relief from plantar fasciitis, nerve pain, and chronic heel pain.


·         The massage nodes has built-in infrared controllable heat settings

·         Heat of the massager reduces stiffness and chronic pain

·         Comes with a removable mesh insert for added comfort

·         Offers better air compression and heat than standard massagers

·         Comes with deep rotating nodes

·         Comes with a 5 setting button pad that you can control with your feet


·         Improper use of heat setting may bruise the skin


The powerful and unique massager offers 20% more air pressure compared to the other massagers and has multiple settings from light to intense to relieve pain. If you have low pain tolerance, start with light settings and increase the settings as per your need. The pumping action of the massager improves blood flow and soothes heel pain within minutes.

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3. Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat

If you need a therapeutic grade massager with a versatile design and heat settings, this massager is an ideal option. The massager features 6 massage heads and 18 rotating massage nodes to target the painful areas and relax muscles.  The height of the massager can be adjusted for up to 3 levels so you can easily sit on your sofa or table and enjoy the massage.


·         Safe and easy to use heat function

·         Its 6 massage heads and 18 nodes target painful areas smartly

·         The adjustable height feature makes it convenient for people of all heights

·         Portable and lightweight massager

·         Offers mild and controlled heat to prevent burns and bruising


·         Not a highly durable product


The massager has a dynamic heating function to ease fatigued muscles and soothe the chronic plantar fasciitis pain. The heat function is safe to use and can be turned on and off manually.  Plus, the massager is highly portable and comes with a built-in on board storage so you can handle and store it with convenience.

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4. Giantex Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot Calf Leg Massager

Here’s a multi-function massager that offers kneading, shiatsu, vibration, heat and rolling functions to heal the pain. Its ergonomic design mimics the ancient massages and targets the painful and achy area with ease. The massager effectively targets calves and sole but both the functions can also be used separately.


·         Mimics the ancient massagers for complete and targeted relief

·         Offers kneading, shiatsu, rolling, vibration and heat massages

·         Offers 360 degree calf and heel massage functions

·         Features versatile and easy-to-use modes for heating and massages

·         Comes with 15 minutes auto shut off function to prevent overuse

·         Easily fits large or small feet


·         The massager may squeeze the legs tightly


The massager is designed to offer 360 degree massage. It consists of 8 massage discs to target the feet while 4 discs are used for targeting the calves. It also features 3 custom modes for foot massage, 3 levels of heating to offer instant fatigue relief and 3 intensities for calf massage.

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5. Best Choice Products Therapeutic Shiatsu Foot Massager Kneading and Rolling 

Invest in this therapeutic shiatsu massager that offers 4 pre-programmed massagers with its 3 different modes. The massager comes with a wireless remote control to control the speed, power and massage directions. You can also adjust the modes for manual, personal and automatic settings. The wide base effectively targets all the painful areas and leaves no area untreated.


·         Portable and lightweight design

·         Offers 3 customizable models to treat fee ache

·         The massager effortlessly target key pressure points such as toes, arch, sides and heel for better healing

·         Eases pain and through rolling, kneading and pulsing

·         Comes with a wireless remote control


·         Not a portable or travel friendly product

·         Feels sharp on the heels


The massager offers customized control with focus settings so you can design your personalized massage regimen. Plus, the massager offers healing through pulsing, kneading and rolling. It is pre-programmed so you can target the sole, arch and toes individually.

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6. uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Multi-Level Settings

For your tired and achy foot, this massager offers round and oval designs to target the pressure points and offer quick relief from pain. The massager offers shiatsu and kneading massage and has multi-level settings. These settings can be combined with low or medium heat to for maximum versatility and therapeutic grade massage.


·         Available in round and oval designs for all feet sizes

·         Choose from 2 styles kneading shiatsu style massage and kneading

·         Customized massages with heat and air pressure settings

·         Compact and easy to clean design

·         Offers controlled heat


·         Not a highly durable massager


The massager features 5 different speeds ranging from slow to intense. While the intense speed can be painful, you can start with the minimum speed and increase the speed gradually according to your comfort level. The infrared light stimulates blood flow and rejuvenates injured or inflamed muscles. Plus, it combines heat and pressure to offer needed relief.

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7. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading

This massager has helped plenty of people find relief from the chronic plantar fasciitis pain. It features 5 pressure levels so you can easily adjust the rolling motion. The feet chambers of this massager are engineered to offer a soothing sensation to the bottom and sides of the feet. It also features shiatsu nodes to soothe injured plantar fasciitis and tissues to leave your feet pain free.


·         Comes with 2 wireless remote controls to control heat and pressure

·         Heating function reduces tissue and muscle fatigue

·         Offers 5 massage pressure settings to relieve pain

·         Great for people struggling with plantar fasciitis pain

·         Targeted heat easily and effectively penetrates the muscles


·         Heat settings may feel painful


The massager comes with 2 remote controls for adjusting heat and pressure. You can switch between kneading and vibration for customized control. The 5 air pressure settings will promote blood flow and relieve tired and achy feet in a go.

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8. EMS Foot Massager/Foot Circulation Device

A medical grade foot massager is always beneficial in healing foot ache and this foot circulation device will boost blood flow and reduce pain. The massager comes with 25 unique massage patterns and 1-99 level intensities for controlled and effective massage. You can easily control the strength of the massager and soothe sore and aching muscles.


·         FDA cleared massager cum medical foot circulation device

·         Comes with 25 massaging patterns and 1-99 intensities

·         Features 4 body pads to reach painful areas

·         Comes 25 minutes auto-shut off feature for safe usage

·         Reduces muscle tension and strengthens the muscles


·         Doest last more than few months


The massager features 4 body pads that easily relax stiff muscles, fatigue and level swelling. From its 25 settings, you can select the setting that works best for you and offers intense relaxation. The massager also has a 25 minute auto shut off feature to offer controlled and injury-free massage.

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9. Moji Foot, Compact and Travel Friendly Foot Massager

How about a tiny and compact foot massaging tool? This mini pain relief massager is designed with unique 6 spheres that can easily target the painful areas and soothe pain. The massager stretches and massages the plantar fascia that leads to instant relief. Simply roll your feet over the massager and all angles of your feet will get massaged.


·         The massager has a slip-resistant base

·         Has 6 sphere design to target each and every muscle

·         Lightweight and travel friendly little massager

·         Designed to be used while sitting or standing

·         Works well for healing plantar fasciitis pain


·         Plastic massager may break easily


The massager features a slim and extremely compact design so you can carry it wherever you go. It has a slip-resistant base and lightweight construction and thus, is an extremely convenient tool.

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10. Speed Foot Massager from MedMassager

While you will be resting on your couch and relaxing, this massager, with its oscillating food pad will relieve your foot ache. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, this massager is a great tool to target the pressure point. This powerful massager operates at 11 different speeds 1000-3700 rpm to offer soothing sensation. The oscillating pad and arch bar are designed to target the achy areas and to reduce fatigue.


·         Used by doctors and therapists for deep massaging

·         Eases pain and improves blood flow

·         Comes with a kit to use on tiled floor or hardwood

·         Features 11 different speeds for customized massage

·         Powerful 1000-37000 rpm for comfort and control


·         Very noisy massager


This durable massager has an ultra-modern design and it easily fits under the desks and in drawers. The massager weighs 11 pounds and is easy to carry. It also features adjustable speeds to stimulate blood flow and target special pressure points for reducing chronic pain.

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11. Foot Massage AREALER Feet Massage Machine

You can use this foot massager at home or office and soothe the achy muscles. The massager combines the power of kneading, shiatsu, scraping, rolling, heating and air compression functions to relieve muscle stress and stimulate blood flow. It also has 5 different modes and pressure settings to release muscle knots and tightness.


·         Cleared by FDA and is environment friendly massager

·         Fashionable, sleek and ultra-modern design

·         Features 5 working modes for pressure and heat settings

·         Great for relieving plantar fasciitis and chronic foot ache

·         Combines kneading, air pressure, heat, rolling and scrapping functions


·         The squeeze function may feel painful


The massager comes with a breathable and detachable cover that makes it easy to clean and use. It also comes with a wireless remote control that can be used for switching between different pressures and heating modes. It also offers overheating protection when the temperature rises. Its lightweight design makes it travel friendly and portable.

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12. FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Foot and Calf Circulation Massage

This unique and ergonomically designed massager is designed to target the feet as well as offers deep tissue relaxation for the calves. This massager massages the calves and feet easily and has 2×2 air bags inside the massager that presses the foot and calf muscles to relieve pain. The massager has 2 modes and 3 intensities to offer controlled and customized massage.


·         Features 10 massage techniques and modes to offer better massage

·         Leg wraps are adjustable and can fit on all leg sizes

·         Comes with 2 modes and 3 intensities

·         Air massager has 2×2 air bags massages foot and calf muscles to improve blood flow

·         Reduces chronic pain and helps with restless leg syndrome


·         The foot portion doesn’t deflate

·         Feels more like a compressor


The massager comes with a handheld controller so you can easily switch between modes and choose the intensities to heal pain. The massager is also large in size and thus, can effectively cover the entire feet and calves for better heat and massaging.

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13. Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

If you need deep tissue massage for your feet as well for your calves, this relief foot and calf shiatsu massager is a great choice. The massager completely surrounds the calves and feet for stimulating and relieving massage. The massager has powerful rollers under the feet that relieve soles and offer a robust massage to the calves. The massager also has non-skid protectors to hold the unit in place and prevent injuries.


·         Comes with an easy explanation guide

·         Comes with a sturdy and easy-carry handle

·         Travel friendly and compact unit

·         Features non-skid protectors

·         Features stimulating under-foot rollers for comfortable massage


·         Makes annoying and loud noises


The massager does not make unwanted noise and has an ergonomic style that has a tilt angle to match the leg shape and offer maximum comfort. The modern and compact unit has an easy-to-carry handle so you can carry the unit effortlessly from one place to another.

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14. Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus

Thanks to this smart and stimulating massager that you can now easily fight plantar fasciitis pain while resting comfortably on your office desk or home couch. The massager is designed to target the pressure points and offer deep tissue relief. The massage has 2-speed heavy-duty motors to prevent swelling, achy feet, and muscle fatigue. It improves blood flow, and the tilt design assures more comfort.


·         Improves blood flow and reduces tightness

·         Offers targeted pressure point massaging relief

·         Tilted design for arch support

·         Easy to clean and maintain

·         Preferred by therapists and professionals


·         No heat massage option


The pain of plantar fascistic can be intense, and for healing the pain, you need a high-impact and comfortable massager. This massaging unit features 2 motors that offer stimulating massage to the soles and reduces fatigue. It effortlessly eases the ache in heels and toes and prevents leg cramps.

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15. HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager

This massager is highly recommended for people suffering from plantar fasciitis and other foot ache issues. The deep kneading massaging option stimulates blood flow and offers soothing heat. It also has four massage heads with counter-rotating heads to provide full foot coverage.


·         Features deep kneading action

·         Comes with LED illumination

·         Features 4 rotating nodes

·         Offers soothing and impactful heat massage

·         Easy to use touch control


·         Massage is not powerful enough


The massager features toe-touch controls so you can easily direct the massage intensity and heat intensity. It also has Led illumination that reflects the intensity of the heat. The four control heads are given to reduce fatigue and pain from the legs and sole.

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Buying Guides

How to choose the right foot massager for plantar fasciitis

If you want quick relief from plantar fasciitis, invest in a foot massager that offers great value at an affordable price. Here are the things you should keep in mind while buying a foot massager.

Type of massager

There are a variety of foot massagers available in the market these days. Electric foot massagers, tube massagers, manual massagers, spa massagers etc. are the most preferred options.  Manual massagers come with a spiked wooden design that offers acupressure massage and is compact. The electric massagers generally offer heat and vibration to target the pressure points and cover the entire foot. The massagers also offer varying heat intensity to treat low or extreme pain. 

Speed Controls

If you are determined to buy a spa or electric massagers, speed is something you might want to consider. With some massagers, you can control the speed and pressure while, for some, you cannot. It is always recommended to start with a slow speed and increase or fluctuate as you get habituated to using the massager. Thus, choose a massager with adjustable speed settings.

Heat or no heat

Some massagers offer vibration function while some heal the pain through heat. For plantar fasciitis, a massager with heat settings is suitable as heat can significantly reduce pain and also offers therapeutic benefits. If you often wake up with swollen feet or if you walk or stand for hours, the heat-based massager is ideal for healing the pain.


You probably won’t have the time and resources to get a soothing foot massage every day, and thus, the foot massagers are here to help you. However, choosing the right foot massager is vital as it can not only offer quick and deep relief from plantar fasciitis but will also provide overall health benefits. Think about what you need from your massager, have a look at the features of the massager and pick the foot massagers for plantar fasciitis that suits your needs.