The Best Foot Roller for Plantar Fasciitis That Are Absolutely Worth It!

The Best Foot Roller for Plantar Fasciitis That Are Absolutely Worth It!

It is common knowledge that we have moved our feet steadily since the minute we came into this earth. Ask your parents, and they’ll confirm that your two little fellas just couldn’t rest for a minute, or two. Growing up has made it even worse. Our occupations, styles of living, and a host of other factors now play a negative role in the overall health of our feet. Here is the best foot roller for plantar fasciitis.

Due to the steady abuse of our feet, painful conditions like ‘plantar fasciitis’ are now common. Thankfully, some of the best foot rollers for plantar fasciitis have been manufactured to combat these conditions. These foot rollers are designed to relax tight ligaments and muscles at various points in our feet, offer pain relief, combat stress, and reduce inflammation.

Having done a lot of analysis and reviews, we have been able to put together a list of 6 of the best foot rollers in the market today. Factors such as ease of use, functionality, convenience, user reviews, ratings, size, cost, and recommendation by physical therapists were put into consideration… so this list is as comprehensive as it gets.

If you are ready to give your flat, bruised feet a new lease of life, you will find that these foot rollers are up to the task.  

Top 6 Best Foot Rollers for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

1. TheraFlow Foot Roller

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If like us, you want a foot roller that ticks the performance, functionality, and size boxes, then the TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller is for you. This dual, large foot massager comes with a combined 10 individual rollers on each side that help you work on both feet simultaneously.

Besides helping in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, this roller also rejuvenates the feet after cycling, jogging, walking, running, dancing, or any other activity. Thanks to the 10 rollers massaging deep into the skin, your feet will relax at the reflexology acupoints in no time. 2 roller hubs would also allow you to switch between a smooth roll and a spiky treatment.

The edges of the wooden rollers are made using thecae (a very durable wood that hardly cracks or decays). This doesn’t mean you can stand on the rollers, though, as your full weight alone could break it. You shouldn’t freeze or heat the wood either. All you need do is sit back and enjoy a relaxing, calming, and deep massage.

A score of 4.6 stars out of 5 according to Amazon users does not tell the whole story. You would absolutely love the TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller.


–          It allows for the proper circulation of blood.

–          The reflexology warmth it offers is unique.

–          At $18.75, it may just be the most affordable on this list.

–          Releases fascial tension and muscle tightness.


–          It must be handled carefully as it is breakable.

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2. TriggerPoint NANO Foot Roller for Plantar Fasciitis

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There’s no better foot roller in the market as we speak. A 5 out of 5 rating on Amazon is testament to this fact. The TriggerPoint NANO was designed to relieve every muscle ache and minor pain that comes with plantar fasciitis. It also increases flexibility, as it comes with a thick three-faced foam surface. Simply put, this foot roller is most effective on this list.

The NANO foot roller is also manufactured with an EVA foam that helps with the proper circulation of blood, and the rerouting of nutrients to the bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. What’s more, it was designed to be compact and light enough to be carried about. You can easily put in your purse and carry it to the workout center, gym, or office.

To fully enjoy this roller, make use of it while sitting or a desk, sofa, or chair, and allow the stimulating massage to occur. The fact you can move this roller with your foot makes it an independent one. It can also be used on with your arms and hands if you are suffering from pains in the wrists due to Carpal Tunnel.


–          It is very compact and lightweight, and can be carried around.

–          It offers an all-encompassing relief from pain.

–          It is number one on this list in terms of durability, aesthetics, effectiveness, design, and quality.


–          A 5 out of 5 rating by Amazon users means it is almost perfect, but it’s $22.50 makes it slightly higher than most manual rollers.

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3. Carnation Footcare Pediroller

Another foot roller that treats plantar fasciitis without fuss and is worth every penny. Also, easily one of the cheapest in the market today. Carnation’s Footcare Pediroller comes with a carefully structured design that is both eye-catching and functional from all angles.

It comes with perfect ridges for improving relieving users of heel spurs, tired feet, plantar fasciitis, and arch pain. The ridges also ensure that when you use this device, blood is properly circulated. Beautiful and efficient; this must be all, right? No! It gets even better. You can freeze this roller for more relief and firmness depending on how intense the pain you feel is.

Carnation also comes with a resource leaflet that shows you some of the recommended exercises for the feet in the packaging of this pediroller. The fact that it is comparatively small in size is the only pronounced disadvantage. People with wider and larger feet may struggle to use it.

A quality foot roller shouldn’t be so difficult to lay hands on, and Carnation has made sure of that.


–          Only a handful of foot rollers in the market today can compete with this one from Carnation aesthetically.

–          It comes with an instruction leaflet for recommended feet exercises.

–          Perfect for immediate plantar fasciitis relief.

–          It comes with a ridged design that enables blood circulation.

–          Reduces pain, and increases flexibility.


–          As it is the smallest roller on this list, it may not be suitable for individuals with very wide or large feet.

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4. Lockeroom Footeez Foot Roller

The best foot roller for athletes or people that participate in a lot of physical competitions, exercises, and sports activities. These individuals experience a lot of foot aches and sores after intense and brutal physical sessions and need to quickly rejuvenate and recharge their feet to remain in perfect condition. Now, there is no better foot roller for that than this.

Lockeroom Footeez Foot Roller is concave shaped and designed to increase surface area contact, as well as contour to the muscle. It comes with acupressure nodules that help to relax the muscles, making it every sportsman’s best friend. To fully ease discomfort, this roller should be used along with the tight muscle in a slow-rolling technique for at least 20 minutes.

Lockeroom Footeez’s foot roller is better than your regular foam rollers for releasing muscle tightness and fascial tension that bring about a foot, calf, or knee pain. As tight muscles tend to resist attempts to relax them, equip yourself with this foot roller.


–          Helps to relieve plantar fasciitis foot pain, heel pain, knee pain, and hip pain.

–          Every athlete’s delight, as most of its features, is designed to tackle sports-related problems.

–          Individuals suffering from severe muscular problems can get relief from the convenience of their homes.


–          Its features are designed almost strictly for sporting individuals and athletes.

–          It can be uncomfortable and even painful when used at first.

–          It can only be comfortably used by individuals who can tolerate deep remedial massages.

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5. TheraBand Foot Roller

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Another multi-purpose, multi-dimensional foot roller for plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tired feet, arch pain, and foot pain, this foot roller is trusted by some of the world’s best athletic trainers and athletes. It helps cyclists, walkers, runners, and several other athletes maintain their feet conditioning, decreasing pain during exercise, and enhancing their athletic performance in the process.

A 4.3 out of 5 Amazon rating doesn’t do justice to this foot roller, as the reviews b Amazon users show only very satisfied customers. According to one user, “I use this every morning when my planar fasciitis is bothering me. I roll it up and down my Achilles tendon with my hand and then put it on the floor and roll it along the bottom of my foot, maybe 20-30 seconds each. It works wonders and allows me to walk normally right away after using it!”

This foot roller also comes with a hollow-core design that enables it easily bend and conform to the irregularities and contours of our feet. This means that relief will be provided right where you need it without having to keep one’s foot in unnatural and awkward positions.


–          Portable enough to fit into any desk drawer, purse, or gym bag, ensuring that you can relax your feet anywhere you want to.

–          Another roller that comes with exercise instructions.

–          Its durable natural rubber means that it can be frozen or chilled to provide an extra level of cold therapy relief.


–          The packaging does not include roller length, so one may not know if the length is ideal for one’s feet.

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6. Simple Spectra Foot Massager Roller and Spiky Ball Therapy Set

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We chose this foot roller to complete this list simply because of its versatility. At a cost of less than $20, the Simple Spectra which has different massagers, three in total for each set, is an absolute steal. When you open this package, you will find a firm foam roller, a solid spear-like ball, and also a soft spiked ball, all of which are rubber, PVC free type of massagers.

If you want a foot roller for your hamstrings, calves, and feet, then this is your guy. Physical therapists recommend massage balls that have spikes because they increase feet mobility, reduce muscle tightness by releasing the tough knots, eliminate soreness, and completely relieves us of muscle aches. We like to call this foot massager the ‘All-in-one’.

Did we mention that the massage ballers are very durable, washable, safe, and non-toxic? Well, they are! Simple Spectra also include an instructional booklet and a bonus sleek carrying bag in the package when you purchase, so it is great for travels, offices, and homes.

It has a glowing 5-star rating, which indicates that it has the stamp of approval by Amazon users. With one user saying “Absolutely amazing! I went from limping every time I walked due to plantar fasciitis to walking with limited pain in 2 weeks. I use the balls the most as they really get to where the pain and tightness is. Used for only 5-10 minutes a day and feel great relief. Sure beats getting injections from the podiatrist every month.”


–          You would struggle to find a more versatile foot roller.

–          An instructional booklet is included in the package.

–          A carrying bag means you can take this toolset with you anywhere!


–          Some individuals may prefer a more one-dimensional foot roller.

–          It may not be as durable as the others on the list.

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 Buyer Guide

How to choose the best massage device?

Depending on the area of your foot or leg that needs attention or the specific type of therapy you prefer, you should choose a foot roller based on its features and how best it can solve your problem. Some combine methods of air compression, rollers, heat, and hydrotherapy for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, while others make use of just neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

With a lot of varieties in the market, you could get confused when trying to choose a foot massager that suits your lifestyle and needs, so comprehensively explained some of the factors you should consider below.

Factors to consider when trying to purchase the best foot roller

–          Material Used:

Different materials are used for the construction of foot rollers. Some manufacturers make use of foam, some make us of wood, while others make use of rubber. This difference in material means that these foot rollers have varying performance levels and functions. Wooden rollers slide and slip much easier than foam or rubber rollers. They also have more pressure returns.

Rollers made with foam and rubber, on the other hand, can be frozen or heated for more relief and comfort. Rubber foot rollers also offer a lighter feel on the pressure than wooden ones, offer high slip-resistance features, and are also suppler. You just have to know the features you prefer.

–          Price:

You have to know your pocket before heading into the market in search of a foot roller. This is because you simply cannot spend what you can’t afford. Thankfully, foot rollers can be found in a variety of prices and designs as our list above suggest. If all you want is little relief at home, then a cheap model will do the trick.

If on the other hand, you are an athlete that wants relief from intense workout sessions, you should be a little loose with your purse, and purchase the slightly more expensive, and diverse ones.

–          Purpose:

Just like every other product in the market today, foot rollers come with varying requirements for certain conditions. While some foot rollers are best for relieving plantar fasciitis, others are perfect for relieving joint or knee pain and curing tight calves. There are some that are even multi-purpose; the ‘Simple Spectra Foot Massager Roller and Spiky Ball Therapy Set’ for instance.

Ensure that you know the actual function of a foot roller before purchasing to get the right tool for you.

–          Buyer reviews and ratings:

The truth is, people barely lie about whether or not they like a product. Not when they have probably spend a lot of hard-earned money on them. So, we totally recommend checking out what others have to say on the reviews section of these foot rollers manufacturers’ platforms. On Amazon, you can get a general overview of feedbacks on these products.

–          Therapeutic Effectiveness:

Almost all foot rollers will impact the wellbeing of your feet positively. But, the level of treatment you need, and how regularly you need it should affect your selection. Some foot rollers are more therapeutically effective than others.

The ones with the best result in terms of treatment of plantar fasciitis are the ones that come with more elements like pressure, heat, and kneading action.

–          Assembly and Ease of use:

Nobody wants to spend so much time figuring out how to put a foot roller together, so you might want to choose a product that is easy to assemble and tear down. You also want one that can be easily and navigated. Other than the power adapters, foot rollers come with various parts that may need attaching, so be on the lookout.

–          Size:

The dimensions of foot rollers are important because they affect scope and handling. If a foot roller is portable, you can easily carry it about from place to place without any inconvenience. So, before you purchase from that manufacturer, check that the size is portable enough to be carried about.

Why do you need foot rollers?

The feet are the foundation of the bodily system, making them very special. This is enough reason why they should be spoilt with a nice and comfortable foot roller. Every foot arch pain can be eased through the use of a foot roller. They also make the feet fresher and suppler. The use of the right foot rollers also ensures the proper circulation of blood in your feet.

The fact these rollers can be easily carried from one place to another, ensures that one can get relief from a foot problem without having to wait for a doctor. We also know that feet are packed with a high level of acusensors that reach every part of our body. The positive effects of these acusensors and reflexology is activated across our body through the proper use of foot rollers. These effects even go as far as our brains; the part of our body steadily dealing with stress.

Where to buy the best foot rollers?

You can find a foot roller at any natural health store. However, we recommend the use of the internet if you want to find a variety of foot rollers. The absolutely best foot rollers can be found on there. There are numerous online stores that sell the best foot rollers online, but we recommend Amazon because of user reviews and their almost flawless rating systems.

You will also find reduced prices on Amazon, an incredible customer service, and an awesome delivery process. Feel free though, to browse the internet, visit different websites and find product descriptions, and check the different reviews to make the best choice for you. 


There you go; we have put together a list of best foot rollers in the market today for you.  Now, you know everything you should about foot rollers and finding the one that suits you best. We’ve even shown you the factors you must consider when trying to purchase one.

The moment you get the best foot roller for plantar fasciitis available to you, always remember; you must observe maintenance and cleanliness practices to maintain durability. A foot roller that is dirty increases your chances of getting foot diseases and infections. We recommend the use of a disinfectant spray on your rubber, wooden, and plastic rollers to keep them clean. Clean your roller regularly, and you will enjoy it for a long time.

Even though we recommend foot rollers for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, we advise that you consult a medical specialist if your case is severe or continue to persist. Also, consult a specialist if you must use the devices mentioned above, regularly.