Best Leg Compression Machine Home 2021

Best Leg Compression Machine Home 2021

You may know it as a leg massager or as pressotherapy equipment, but the truth is that the leg compression machine home is revolutionizing the market and its benefits to the body are undeniable. Leg massages are also a form of therapeutic massage done with compression through inflatable pumps. These are wrapped through the legs, arms, and/or abdomen, providing a very effective lymphatic massage.

The benefits it provides are multiple, in addition to well-being and relaxation, it induces blood circulation which helps with edema elimination, reducing the feeling of heaviness, and lowering any fatigue felt in the legs and feet. It also favors blood flows and the elimination of toxins by activating the lymphatic and venous circulation which is made possible through the best leg compression machine for lymphedema.

This compression therapy is often performed at massage or medical centers, but these benefits are already available at home today thanks to leg compression machine home. There is no reason why you should purchase heavy equipment, most of them are quite light and its easy usage means that an inexperienced person can make use of it perfectly by just following the instructions. Let’s now take a closer look at the 10 best pressotherapy equipment that we can find on the market.

Top 5 Best Leg Compression Machine Home Reviews

1. Amzdeal Pressure Therapy Apparatus

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This leg compression equipment is one of the cheapest on the market. It is designed to help keep both calves and arms well-rested and healthy. The kit includes 2 adjustable sleeves and a rechargeable battery with charger. It has enough autonomy, up to 2 uninterrupted hours with a full battery, so it is not necessary to sit next to an outlet when it is going to be used.

The remote control can be used to adjust the modes and amounts of pressure. This massager comes with 3 intensities and 2 different modes from which you can choose. The sleeves measure 55 cm and have velcro straps that can be used to better secure their closure. Also, note that this product has an automatic shutdown function to prevent the machine from working for a long time without rest.


  • It is cheap
  • Last long
  • Remote control which makes it less stressful to use
  • Velcro straps present for safe closure


  • Less target area coverage
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2. Belle Clover Professional Leg Compression Machine

The second model is advertised as a professional quality device and is one of the best leg compression machine in a hospital due to its high characteristics since it has an intelligent processor, based on state-of-the-art technology, and it can also be used both at home or in beauty centers, to combat the tiredness in the extremities, prevent varicose veins and generally optimize the lymphatic system.

It can be programmed with up to 4 programs and 3 Levels of Intensity. , activating its lymphatic system it is capable of eliminating toxins from the body, it has a 2-year guarantee, among the many benefits it helps to lose weight, it is made up of an adapter to be used on the legs as well as other areas of the body and a practical manual of use.

It has 4 outlet channels and handles a pressure between 0 and 260 mmHg, the box usually has a weight of 75 kg. 


  • Product equipped with the latest technology.
  • It has programs that vary between 3 levels of pressure.
  • The equipment is formed to be used on the abdomen, arms, and legs, which makes it complete equipment to use both at home and in business.
  • It offers a guarantee of up to 2 years.


  • There are no negative reviews for this product.

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3. Vein Angel 4 pressure therapy boots

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The Vein Angel 4 pressure therapy machine is a little more expensive than the previous models, but it has a bit more quality. This leg massager comes in one piece that covers the entire leg and is designed with excellent materials, 4 air chambers that are well-sealed, and with good zippers to seal.

This model only incorporates 1 program in which you can specify by means of a rotating wheel where you specify the working time you want it to operate. On the control screen, you can also adjust the pressure depending on the size of your legs. If you want a model with more programs we invite you to take a look at it on amazon to select the one suitable.


  • Designed with quality materials
  • Has a control screen
  • Pressure is adjustable


  • It is very expensive
  • Often not effective

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4. Vein Angel 6 Premium

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The brand has improved the Vein Angel 6 model making it Premium, is an outstanding product for professional treatment.

What does that mean? That the home pressure therapy device is equipped with 6 air chambers for a uniform and intense massage and has added 6 optimized massage programs to choose from.

The programs can be selected through a convenient remote control so that each of the air cushions can be operated. 


  • Pressure up to 250 mm Hg.
  • Massage your legs and abdomen well
  • Easy to program
  • Adjustable time


  • High price, although it is a professional model.
  • Not suitable for arms and feet

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5. Fit King Leg Massage

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Why couldn’t you enjoy the luxury of regular leg massage? It is not necessary to invest a fortune to have a good product. The proof is with this Fit King pressotherapy machine. Your feet, but also the whole leg benefit from 10 different massage techniques, with 3 so-called professional modes because they provide a deep massage, for improved blood and lymphatic circulation.

Here, no zipper, but scratches on these pressotherapy boots, which avoids possible breakage. Just put your legs up and close in the right places. Select the type of massage and the duration on the monitor and off you go for a good moment of relaxation. No less than six cushions are here to keep your legs happy.

The control unit is held here by hand and looks like a large remote control, for an ergonomic grip of the device. It is important to look at the maximum circumference sizes tolerated by the machine, so as not to be mistaken. The machine is delivered in a transport bag, to use it everywhere.


  • Full massage of legs and feet thanks to 6 compression air cushions
  • Adjustment of three possible massage intensities 
  • Effectively relieves fatigue and pain, and improves blood circulation
  • Adjustment of the size of the inflatable envelopes using velcro
  • Automatic stop function after 15 minutes of operation
  • A storage bag


  • It doesn’t work on the knee at all, which is a shame, the sleeves work the calves and thighs.
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Buying Guide – What To Take Into Account Before Buying A Leg Compression Machine For Home Use?

You have probably seen this type of machine in different beauty centers, however, you must understand that there is a great diversity of brands and models, whose prices will depend on their characteristics.

Usage: Frequent or Occasional

Certain professions where one stands or constantly in a sitting position can promote the feeling of heavy legs, without the blood circulation being purely affected. But it can be pleasant to use a leg compression machine, to have a relaxing massage, on a frequent or occasional basis. 

Conversely, when one suffers from a proven venous problem, the use becomes more regular. It is therefore important to focus the purchase choice on a brand recognized to work in the medical and health field in general and for which opinions are unanimous. The purchase price can then be more substantial, but the device then has a real vocation of care.

Surface of Leg Compression Machine Boots

As mentioned previously, these teams work through a boot, so the surface of the boot refers to its size and to what extent it is capable of covering the leg for the application.

The lower-priced models barely manage to extend from the feet to the calves, while the more effective models are able to cover the entire leg, from the feet to the hip. In general, its price is higher but the level of massage is better and more complete.

Number of Compartments

The number of compartments offers a greater capacity to accurately adjust the level of pressure used, thus enhancing the results that can be obtained, since lymphatic drainage will allow optimization of blood circulation.

In general, if the object is to use on the legs, it is best to find those that offer from 8 to 10 compartments, while if you want something more basic, those with 3 to 5 compartments will work for the arms and some parts of the legs.

Compression and Decompression Speed

For the correct operation of these products, it is necessary that the pumped lymphatic fluid can be cut quickly, since during the process some areas are also affected, so it is necessary that the level of both compression and decompression are of fairly short cycles. In general, short is considered 30 seconds and long, between 1 or 2 minutes.

Within this section we can mention that it is necessary for the product to have a moderate pressure level; although the higher the pressure, the better the result, measurements of between 100 or 120 mmHg should be managed. If the pressure is low, between 30 and 40, its effectiveness is practically nil.

Wireless – Best Choice

If you do not want to have to depend on being near a socket to use these devices, then the best thing is that you opt for a wireless model. Wireless models have rechargeable batteries so you can move around different areas when you use it. This can make them more practical and less messy.

However, keep in mind that these devices, because they are not connected to the current, the battery may drain more quickly, so you may not be able to use it for as long as you thought.

Accessories For Arms and Abdomen

If in addition to your legs you have circulation problems in your arms, it is important to check beforehand if the machine has arm sleeves or that they are compatible. Some models have this option, but others do not, the same happens with the accessory for the abdomen. Therefore, we recommend reviewing these plugins in advance. They work the same way as the legs, so there is no difference in use.


There are leg compression machines for all budgets. Some devices can start at just over a hundred dollars. They can be very effective, especially for occasional use. The high-end equipment can then sell for almost 800 dollars. We can then explain this difference in price by more elaborate massage programs, an increased number of air cushions, a prestigious brand, very resistant materials, and above all a device made for daily use.

What Are The Benefits of Leg Compression Machines?

Leg compression machines are becoming increasingly popular thanks to its numerous and proven benefits for treatment:

  • It improves the circulatory system: blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Reduces swelling and edema of a traumatic nature 
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves oxygenation of the skin
  • Improves the tone and elasticity of the epidermis
  • Reduces cellulite or varicose veins
  • Reduces lymphedema, including postoperative lymphedema
  • Relieves pain from trauma
  • It promotes the elimination of fats and toxins from the body
  • decreases fluid retention
  • Helps reduce stress by promoting relaxation processes

Where To Buy A Leg Compression Machine?

In addition to specialized local stores and department stores, it can also be purchased online on eBay, Aliexpress, or Amazon.

If you are on a low budget but don’t want to forgo the benefits of a good manual lymphatic drainage massager then you should buy it directly from Amazon.

The first reason is because of the price, which in some cases is more advantageous. However, they are not only affordable but also excellent value for money. This means that at a reasonable price we can get models with remarkable effectiveness.

This recommendation also extends to information. At Amazon, we can read detailed and optimized descriptions that give us a clearer, but above all complete, idea of ​​what the machine is capable of. Follow the comments and opinions of users to better guide you in purchasing according to your needs and budget.


At the time of buying you must know exactly the reason for the purchase if you are healthy and want to activate the circulation in a better way, a complete one will come in handy. If you have mobility problems or joint pain, before buying one, it is best to consult your doctor as you can improve or worsen your condition, depending on the characteristics of your case, if you use any without following instructions.

If you have very long or short legs, the idea is that you locate different types of massagers for different points of the leg: calves, thighs, feet, this, in order to work with adequate pressure. A good option in these cases is to look for specially manufactured massagers according to your size.

Having the best leg compression machine at home is a great way to help keep your legs healthy. Not only will they improve circulation problems, but they will also help keep you energized and reduce certain bothersome varicose veins. If you are looking for a model right now, keep in mind some of the ones we just mentioned on this list. They are some of the best models for quality and price.