10 Best Percussion Massager for Athletes: Guide and Review

10 Best Percussion Massager for Athletes: Guide and Review

 Athletes go through a lot of strenuous exercises to stay fit. Good massages with a percussion massager can be benefited in soothing strained muscle tissue. The percussion massager functions by applying equal pressure on the affected area. It works to improve blood circulation, eliminates muscle tension, and loosens the knot on the feet and other surrounding parts of the athlete’s body. This enables them to move quickly and go about their daily exercises.  However, the percussion massager needs to be used correctly for the user to reap the maximum benefits that come with it.

Using percussion massages is a natural way for relieving pain that is generally accompanied in normal, core, and muscle strengthening exercises. Get relief from pain swelling and other elements that hinder regular exercises with the help of best Percussion massagers for athletes.

Here are the 10 Best Percussion Massager for Athletes

1. Bearmax  percussion massager for athletes:

 This Percussion massager is one of the best in the market to relieve sore muscles and strengthen soft tissue.  All it takes is just a few minutes of massage with this device to get you back in shape. It is a must-have device for all athletes. It is specially designed to reduce the total recovery time that athletes normally take to get the muscles back in shape after an active exercise regime. The Bearmax percussion massager for athletes reduces the lactic acid that is produced by the body. 


·         The bearmax percussion massager can be adjusted at 20 different speeds.

·         The digital screen enables easy control, management, and the setting of the percussion massager.

·         It is user-friendly and the operation of this device can be easily understood by anyone.

·         This percussion massager performs the massage sessions in Silence.

·         The massage heads can be detached and removed to replace another one depending upon the requirement.

·         The battery in the bearmax percussion massager can function to up to 5 hours in a single charge.


·         The handle on the bearmax percussion massager tends to become loose after usage sometime.


 The bearmax percussion massager comes with the all-new 5th generation inbuilt Ultra-low damping Technology to give the best of massages for athletes.  In addition to this, there are 4 interchangeable tips that are specifically designed to meet each massage need. It comes with a 2500 mAh 6 x 24 batteries that is rechargeable and lasts for up to 5 hours. This is possible with its top-quality dynamic energy-saving Technology. What’s even more special about it is that it possesses aerodynamic properties and features acoustic insulation panels that keep the noise level low during a performance.

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2. DMS professional percussion massager:

Percussion massager is highly recommended for medical purposes. It is suited for those athletes who suffer injuries like that of carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, sciatica, joint pain, and more, during exercises or track runs. DMS professional works to boost muscle metabolism and provide pain relief to the athlete. It works well to treat all kinds of pains whether they may be mild pain or even acute and chronic pain. It also helps to loosen up bunched muscles and stiff joint conditions such as temporomandibular joint pain, pain caused due to edema and bursitis.


·         DMS professional aids in the elasticity of connective tissues and muscles.

·         Ensure faster recovery from injuries to the joints and muscles and tendons.

·         Boost blood circulation throughout the body as well as in the affected areas.

·         DMS professional disintegrate scars on muscles and tissue.

·         Alleviates pain and swelling in athletes.

·         DMS professional enables the free flow of the lymphatic areas.


·         The DMS professional tends to heat up quickly during use.

·         It is quite expensive for single person use. However, its benefits for athletes are commendable.


The entire DMS professional percussion massager applies rhythmical pressure to the affected areas. The special drums that it features soothe the nerves and dilate the blood vessels. It works best on muscle spasms and the resulting pain. 

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3. Pleno M3 percussion massager:

The pleno M3 percussion massager possesses powerful capabilities unlike any other.  It has a high rating in the market and is suitable both for athletes as well as others who need relief from pain and joint ailments. The frequency performance on this massager can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of the user.


·         The five massage heads that come with it provide the ultimate soothing and relaxing massage for athletes.

·         The entire body construction of the device is protected with a high-grade silicone protective cover.

·         Environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.

·         The one-year replacement is an added benefit.


·         The mission performs at a higher noise level even though it is equal to noise reduction technology.


The device comes with a 6-speed adjustment system and it provides for specific settings that are customizable based on the requirement during the massage.  The speed, frequency, and amplitude can all be controlled and set before and during the massage. In addition to this, it also comes with 4 mounting tips that enable the user to reach sensitive points.  The high featured Technology lessens the recovery time. The head can be adjusted and rotated on the muscles of athletes. The entire percussion massage device is lightweight and easily portable.

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4. Opove G3 pro:

The Opove G3 pro percussion massager is the ideal one if you want to take massage to a whole new level. It is the best one for athletes who are looking forward to doing a whole-body muscle massage. It comes with different heads that can be applied to the various parts of the body.  For example, the flat-shaped head works best for soothing muscles and to ensure elasticity. While the ball-shaped head works best for complex muscle clusters like that of the buttocks, spine, Back, Shoulders, and other similar parts. 


·         The battery is easily rechargeable and works for a longer time when compared to others on the market.

·         Lightweight and easily portable.

·         It is ready for use at any time and any place.

·         The intensity of the massage can be easily controlled and adjusted.

·         The noise pad keeps the level of noise to a bare minimum.

·         The special protective carrying case protects the vital parts from dust and other external particles from damaging the performance.

·         Easy and convenient to use.


·         There have been complaints of slightly high noise levels.


 The Opove G3 pro is capable of 3200 percussions every minute. It is popularly used in the medical field by physiotherapists and professional massages. It provides extraordinary results where you feel fresh and invigorated. The adjustable head is of three types which are ball-shaped; pointed shaped; flat-shaped, and folk shape. Each of them serves specific purposes on the different parts of your body. It gives athletes shapely and toned muscles that are free of Soreness and aches.

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5. Theragun G3 percussion massager for athletes:

 This is one of the professional and leading percussion massager devices on the list the manufacturers have designed it especially for professional massages and athletic use.  With its powerful Technology, the Theragun G3 percussion massager for athletes is one of the most advanced massages in the world and is a true beast in every sense of the word. It takes a few minutes to go through complex muscle groups and ensure that it is more flexible and strong. It is popular and reliable as it is made up of top quality materials that do not hang up on the user.


·         Portable and lightweight.

·         The strong and sturdy arm that can easily reach all parts of the body.

·         It can Soothe and relax muscle groups that might escape your attention.

·         The special calibration enables fully customized and adjusted massages.

·         The 60 minutes battery life enables a full body massage that can kick start and regulate sufficient blood circulation.

·         The device can be extended out to provide the user with full body coverage.

·         50% lesser noise levels.


·         There are only two-speed options available to users.

·         It is not budget-friendly.

·         Absence of pulse settings.


This percussion massager functions at two speeds which are the standard speed and a slower speed.  The standard speed of this device is 40 beats of vibrations per second.  It uses higher power to function and perform massages and so it uses two rechargeable batteries at a single time.  The special features guarantee instant relief and eliminate muscle cramps and tight spots in your body. Ergonomic handle enables the user to have a firm and strong grip on the device during the massage. It can also be adjusted and extended to up to four angles that cover the entire body.

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6. Exerscribe vybe pro:

This is one massager for those athletes who are looking out for a higher and stronger impact. It performs at high speeds and delivers top quality massages. You can adjust the speed and the extent of vibration levels for athletes to complete muscle massages. It relieves pains from sprains to swelling, tight knots, and more. It is capable of 2800 to 3400 rounds for every 30 seconds. It functions at a high level of 60 decibels and uses high power. The battery life lasts up to 3 hours giving the athlete user complete massage experience leaving them satisfied. 


·         Exerscribe vybe pro can perform massages at variable speeds.

·         It comes with a long-lasting battery that is reliable throughout the massage session.

·         It delivers powerful and effective full-body massages on athletes.

·         Exerscribe vybe pro is lightweight and portable.


·         Absence of an adjustable arm.


Exerscribe vybe pro special features comprise of settings that can be adjusted to 12 different speed levels. The speed begins at a minimum of 1800 RPM and goes up to a maximum of 3400 RPM. The high speeds and inbuilt Technology can relieve pain in a matter of 10 minutes. The massage device comes with 5 massage heads that are easily detachable. The high powered battery lasts up to 3 hours and delivers its maximum capabilities at any point in time.

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7. ARG percussion massager gun for athletes:

It is one of the most effective kinds of percussion massager for athletes. It is easily available at most outlets around the world.  The versatile performance of this massager is beyond expectations and suitable for different types of Athletic bodies. The massage effects extend not just on the surface of the body but also deep into the layers, relaxing tight knots and tensed up muscles.


·         It is a powerful device that provides effective full-body massages.

·         The manufacturers offer the massage device on 30 days money-back guarantee.

·         The quick charger enables the user to charge up the battery in no time and enjoy the long-lasting refreshing massages.

·         It is capable of providing massages to different body types.


·         The handle of this percussion massager gets heated up quickly.

·         Produces loud noises when operated.


 This device is commonly referred to as the athletic deep tissue massager. It comes in 6 different speed levels.  The device can be started automatically without the user having to press on the power button during the massages. The massage head is 22 inch enabling deep invigorating massages that get users wanting more of the experience. For every 60 minutes, the ARG massager gun delivers about a minimum of 500 strokes to a maximum of 2400 strokes. Along with the device you also get a sleeping bag, three massage heads, fast charge batteries, and fast charger. 

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8. Tim tam Massager for athletes:

 If you are looking for a budget-friendly, versatile and deep percussion massage device, then the Tim tam Massager for athletes is the one for you. It comes with different heads for all parts of the body and for various ailments that athletes generally suffer with. The manufacturers of this massage device have given much thought to the medical and physical effects that athletes have to deal with on a daily basis. 


·         The Tim tam Massager is economical and affordable by everyone. It is available at reasonable rates in the market.

·         The threaded shaft ensures a better experience for the user.

·         The head is easily adjustable and it can be set before the process of massage begins.

·         It meets the massage needs of all types of athletes and various muscle groups of the body.

·         The overall device is powerful enough to bring out the best outcomes in muscle toning.


·         There is only a single massage head in the package.

·         The recharging of the battery in the device is a bit difficult.


 The manufacturers of this massage device pack it with a massage head.  The other types of massages are provided separately and athletes need to purchase them as individual pieces. It works perfectly on the soft muscles and tissue parts and is capable of a wider coverage of muscle groups. It is one of the best massage therapists for athletes and they can carry it with them from one place to another.

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9. Super RX Gun percussion massager:

 The Super RX Gun percussion massager is durable and with long-lasting service life. It is resistant to water, scratches, slippages, and accidental falls. The external body is made up of strong aluminum material that enables a good and comfortable grip while using it. It engages the power of scientifically proven frequency vibrations that boosts blood flow, reduces muscle pain and spasms, and gets your muscles functioning back to normal. It begins by warming up and activating muscle groups around the body and then going deep to relieve tension and pain. The experience is beyond that of a professional masseuse.


·         Simple, easy to maintain and handle.

·         Constructed with durable and long-lasting aeronautical aluminum that provides effective massages.

·         Comes with a lifetime warranty.

·         The ergonomic ensures a versatile use of the device by athletes.


·         The noise generated from this device during the massage sessions is a bit loud.


This percussion massager for athletes features an active massager head that can get your muscles recovering in no time.  It delivers a powerful massage that reaches all the right parts of your body.  The body construction of this massager is well designed and user friendly. Anyone can easily understand the workings and be able to manage it on their own. It functions on a voltage of 20V and completes the massage in record time with effective results.

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10. Rapid release RRT – PRO2 :

This massage device is commonly recommended by massage therapists, professional masseurs, Medical practitioners, and chiropractors. Competitive athletes and sports trainers choose this device to treat chronic conditions caused as a result of excessive training. It works wonders on athletes who suffer from plantar fasciitis. It runs at a high frequency which is three times faster than any other massage devices on the market. It works its way around minor pains and muscle groups with small strokes while putting sufficient pressure on the area. 


·         It performs massages at 10000 RPM.

·         It is suitable for both minor and major injuries suffered by athletes with its gentle yet effective strokes.

·         The frequency and vibrations produced by this massage device is strong enough to be used on the athlete over clothing.


·         It is expensive when compared to other competitive massages.


This massager uses non-invasive vibration therapy tools to activate stiff muscles. It taps into the benefits of high speeds vibrations and short strokes for its massages. It is not comfortable for the patient but it enables the user to have a better control over the device. The entire device is meticulously engineered for Athletes and heavy-duty professional use.

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 Buying guide:

 Things to consider when choosing the right percussion massager for athletes:

 Athletes live a very active life and so it is vital that the percussion massager that they use is reliable and effective. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when deciding on the right person massager for athletes.

· Battery life:

One of the first things to look for in a good percussion massager is its long battery life. It should be one that is sufficient for the athlete to go through a complete massage session. Nobody wants to stop massages and keep putting the devices on for charging. This is an important point especially for athletes, therapists, and users with a continuous and regular need for massages. A long and powerful battery life in the percussion massager will enable the user to experience relaxing uninterrupted massages as and when needed.

· Noise levels:

 The noise levels on a percussion massager can affect the effectiveness and relaxing manner of the massages provided. If loud noise is produced, it can stress the individual and tense up the muscles in the body causing more bodily injuries. In addition to this, noisy devices also irritate the user as well as those around and interrupt the performance. Decide on the level of noise that you are accustomed to before purchasing it.

· Warranty:

 Generally percussion massages come with a period of warranty in case of any defects or failure in its performance. Check whether the product comes with sufficient warranty coverage so that the user can claim for warranty in case of malfunctions even before you enjoy the full effect of the massage.

· Weight:

 Weight goes a long way in deciding on a percussion massager for an athlete. With the muscle spasms, pain, and injuries, you sure do not want the burden of additional weight from the device.  Heavyweight makes it uncomfortable for the user to operate and handle while massaging the muscle knots.


 The above-mentioned percussion massages for athletes are some of the best ones in the market and highly recommended.  However, before making a purchase do complete research and review each of them while comparing your current athletic needs. Choose one of the best percussion massages for athletes that cover their overall health and well-being.