Massage guns have come to become very relevant in recent times. This comes as no surprise due to more people acknowledging the benefits that come from using massage guns. Massage guns were only used by top professional athletes and therapists. They alone enjoyed the pros of having a massage gun, but more people have come to use it due to its affordability, and it has become popular. Today we would discuss some of the best percussion massager guns under 200.

If you have never seen a percussion massage gun, you should know that they are designed to have a ball-like head that massages the muscles with speed and intensity. This type of massage is referred to as the percussion therapy. The massage guns were initially designed to provide relief for athletes that need to relax their taut muscles, it helps to relieve the sore muscles, and it also helps to decrease their pain. The massage gun is not reserved for athletes only but can be used by any individual to relax and alleviate stress. 

The effectiveness of this device is why a lot of athletes rely on it. It is also recommended by most sports therapists who typically prefer traditional massage therapy but have since realized that the massage gun easily replaces most massage therapies.



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The ideal massage gun is the Exerscribe Brushless massage gun. The massage gun is very affordable and costs $150. This massage gun is trendy. A lot of people have used it, and the consensus on the review is that the Exerscribe Brushless massage gun is that it is satisfactory. It has been proven to relieve muscle strain and relax stress.

The intensity of the massage gun makes it reach and handle any muscle pain. It applies the necessary pressure on the muscle. The major flaw with the Exerscribe Brushless massage gun is that it is deafening. This is the only flaw its users hold against it. It is not as durable as the Hypervolt, but it serves its purpose for the amount it is purchased.


  • It is powerful
  • It is offers flexibility of usage.
  • Faster recovery time


  • It is too loud
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You do not have to empty your coffers to procure a massage gun. It should not cost a limb to bring relief to the muscles. Another popular massage gun, the Sonic massage gun, is tested and trusted. It garnered numerous positive reviews. It is just as sophisticated as other well-known massage guns, in addition to being very affordable.

It is also very silent, which always an added edge massage guns have over others. To enjoy this very user-friendly massage gun, you will pay under $200. You can adjust between up to five different speed levels. 


  •  It is very quiet
  • It is portable so it is easily carried around
  • It has alternate levels of intensity to choose from
  • It is easy to operate


  • It is very powerful and if not used properly could cause injuries
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This is another perfect brand. The massage gun is affordable and costs less than $200. The unique feature of TimTam gun is its adjustment to an angle of 90 degrees, at which point it can offer more pressure and intensity. The massage gun has a very durable battery life, which ensures that you can use it without charging for a considerable amount of time.

 It is designed to be used easily, and it can be easily carried around as well. Sports therapists recommend this brand of massage gun because of its athlete-friendly characteristics. The fact that you do not have to break a bank to purchase such a good massage is the best merit of TimTam.

The added finesse of flexibility and customizability makes all the difference that matters. So it is an excellent idea to invest in the TimTam. You can buy the TimTam for $199.


  • It lasts long because of its high-quality production
  • It is flexible and can be adjusted to reach a deeper part of the muscles
  • It is therapeutic
  • Comes with extra attachments


  • It can be complicated to use
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As is evident in the review of previous massage guns, people are more naturally drawn to more quiet massage guns. The Opove has a lot of positive reviews that run into the thousands. If it is a popular choice among the consumers of massage gun, then there is a reason for it.

Opove is among the quietest massage guns. The comfort of using a very quiet massage gun might be lost on you until you have to use it around a sleeping infant that you have struggled to put down or if you even have to use it while watching a TV program or holding a conversation. It is just better to relax your muscle in the calmest manner possible, and the Opove is what comes to mind first.

The Opove is very easily carried around thanks to the case that comes with it and handles that purpose. So if you need to travel or be somewhere with a massage gun, you do not have any difficulty doing so. It also provides extra attachments so you can adjust the arm to serve your massage purposes. The added allure of having a very durable battery life is why this massage gun is the go-to choice for most consumers.  


  • It has a durable battery life
  • It is very noiseless
  • It lasts long
  • It is portable with a protective case


  • It can cause injury if not properly used because of its intensity
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ease of traveling with a massage gun is not lost on most of its users. Most people take it into consideration when purchasing a massage gun, and it often leads them to choose Lifepro. It also has its custom travel case for its portability and protection. This feature gives makes it easy for it lasts longer than most massage guns since it is not exposed to the elements or rough-handling while moving it around.

About its performance, the Lifepro is very intense and adds that extra concentration that is necessary to relieve your muscle pain. This comes easily to the brand, considering it comes with additional amplitude when compared to other guns. The percussion o this massage gun is top-notch. It reaches and penetrates the muscles more than other brands.

It is easy to use and operate this massage gun because it is designed to offer a good grip. The fact that it can be adjusted so that it provides a more intensive muscle therapy is why sports therapists do not get tired of recommending it. With the ability to give powerful vibrations, it can cause the relief to sore muscles in a shorter time than most other massage guns. You have the essential added feature of battery durability, which is up to seven hours. The battery life is one of its best qualities.

Providing three different speed ranges and attachments so that the gun can serve specific needs and give various massage therapies is the principal merit of using the LifePro.


  • It is very intense
  •  Fast recovery time
  •  It is very durable


  • It is not easy to use
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 The massage gun that can bring relief within the shortest time possible is the WuBeFine muscle massager. This gun offers more pressure and intensity much so that there is hardly any type of muscle pain; it cannot treat within a short while.

Sore and tensed muscles are subjected to percussion therapy, which helps the muscles to relax so as not to get too severe muscle injuries. The massage gun is sure to relax tension, relax knots, and relieve pain in all body parts.

With thirty different alternative speed levels, a user can choose the most suitable level to satisfy their massage needs. To ensure added effectiveness, there are enough attachments that will let you enjoy massage therapy in a way it is tailored to suit your needs. You also would not run into the struggle of carrying it around as it comes with a protective case, and it is not weighty.

To even endear it more to the consumers, the massage gun has the noiseless feature which lets you use and enjoy it without being in discomfort. It also offers a good handle for grip, so you do not have to worry about it slipping off.  


  • It is a very quiet device
  • It is portable and comes with a protective case
  • It comes with attachments and accessories
  • Increased recovery time


  • It is intense and can cause pain if not used properly
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Choosing to buy percussion massage gun is a decision that is mainly born out of necessity. The need to deal with muscle pain and other related issues makes people demand for massage therapy. Bodily pain could come from day to day activities which cause strain on the body. Different occupations and vocations have their way of telling on the body even and even worse for athletes or people that engage in sports and exercises. Getting the best products for massage therapy is important and below is a guide on how to go about it.


The rise in popularity and acceptance of percussion massage guns has increased its demand exponentially. The implication of this is that most quasi-manufacturers are supplying fake massage guns into the market. This would not be much of a problem if they did not use famous and original branding on their products.

You might think you have purchased an original percussion massage gun directly because it bears the trademark of the unique company. This is wasteful, and to avoid it; then you must have some knowledge of how to identify a fake product. Most people fall prey to buying a fake product because they want to buy at a lower price.  

The first thing to bear in mind when checking for percussion massage guns is the price range. Massage guns come at different prices, but they are not way too cheap. You should avoid sites that offer percussion massage guns at giveaway prices because, more often than not, they are fake products which you are better off not having. In your bid to get a meager amount, you end up with a product that does not serve its purpose, and you would have to spend extra money to buy the original, a wasteful venture.

The next step to ensure that you are getting quality percussion massage guns is to purchase from trustworthy sellers. You can know a reliable retailer by considering reviews and recommendations. A retailer with lots of bad reviews or no reviews at all may not be selling the right products. Having a trusted retailer saves you the stress of having to be conscious of details, and of course, when there is a problem, a trustworthy and verifiable retailer will handle it.

The next best way to go about making sure you get the original is to pay detailed attention to especially the pictures of the products. You will begin to notice trademarks and details that would not be on a look-alike. For example, if you are looking to buy Wubefine massage gun, then you will see the name of the product branded on it clearly. Knowing your product very well will avert the stress of going home with a fake product.

Amazon is a tested and trusted retailer. You can hardly go wrong with Amazon products so you can purchase your percussion massage gun from there. They also sell at the actual price, so there is nothing sketchy with buying from them and other good brands.



If you are an athlete or you engage in exercise or sporting activities, then you must be aware of the good working condition that your body requires for you to perform very well in these activities. The need to stimulate your muscles for endurance and better sports sessions is one of the reasons you need a massage gun.

The massage gun is not limited to the after-sport time only. You should and can use it before workouts to get your body ready for exercise. You will do better, and your body won’t fail you. You will hardly experience any bodily fatigue when you adopt the practice of using percussive therapy before your workouts.

The percussion massage guns are recommended by therapists, instructors, and professionals such as chiropractors. Most of them use a massage gun on their patients and have seen it to be effective.


The use of percussion massage guns guarantees relaxation and stress-relief. The massage guns can help you get rid of body aches, which keep you uncomfortable, you can use it on knots on the body. The tensed parts of the body benefit from the therapy as well. Most people have problems with sleeping and relaxation because they have subjected their bodies to undue stress. What the massage gun does is aid such people to relax their body and, in extension, of their minds.

Most people consider it a great idea to use it before their bedtime, it makes falling asleep easier since it helps get rid of pain and knots.


If you consider the financial implication of getting a massage gun, you will realize that it saves you the cost of going to see a massage therapist. Having a massage gun is like getting a massage anytime you want for free. It is quite cost-effective when you look at it.

Getting a massage gun does not mean you can no longer have need of a massage therapist, but in those times before you get an appointment, the massage gun will save you. You just save more money, time, and energy of catching up with your appointments.


Contrary to what most people believe about the massage gun being only a workout recovery tool, the device can be used for more functions. The percussive therapy helps with pain that comes from sustained injuries. It is considered by professionals to be an alternative to surgery in some cases.


Massage guns have secured a place in massage therapy. This is because of the intensity it offers, which is more than most treatments can provide. A deep tissue massage has proven not to be as intense as massage guns. This extra intensity is what the deep parts of the muscle need to be more relaxed and relieved.    

The massage guns do not have a large surface area, and for this reason, it focuses all of its pressure on a particular part and goes more in-depth to reach pain that is not reachable on the surface. It helps you pinpoint the spot on your muscle that is tensed, knotted, or aching so that it provides relief immediately.


You can easily purchase the percussion massage guns from stores around you, health stores especially but these stores may have limited varieties which may limit your buying options. It is often better to check online for the best percussion massage guns. There are countless stores that have it in stock but Amazon is one of the most reliable online stores, so you can go check them out.


Most people think percussion massage guns are for athletes alone as if they solely deal with muscle pain and other such issues. Granted, that is mostly used by athletes, but it is not limited to them alone. Massage guns can be used by anyone at all that has a need for it. If you want to enjoy the merits of getting one, then it is perfectly fine to do so.

It is also important to note that if you have any underlying health issues or injuries, then it is in your best interest to consult your physician before buying and using the percussion massage gun.

Armed with the knowledge you need about percussion massage guns, you can boldly purchase the one that suits your needs specifically.

It is important to note that these best percussion massager gun under 200 do not substitute a physician or therapist, the massage guns are only an aid and it is important that you consult your physician when you sustain an injury or when you are uncertain about using the massage gun.