Best Recliners For Gaming 2021

Best Recliners For Gaming 2021

The human body is not designed to remain seated. That’s why everything hurts when we spend many hours in this position. Furthermore, these discomforts can eventually lead to more serious injuries. Here are the best recliners for gaming.

The best recliners for gaming not only “forces” us to adopt a correct position but is designed to be more comfortable for a longer time and to be able to face longer games without losing concentration.

Therefore, it is also a good option for those who study or work sitting: in addition to being healthier, it makes us more productive. In this guide, you will find the best gaming chairs according to analysts, from low-cost models to those used by professional gamers.

Here are the Best Recliners for Gaming

1. Diablo X-One

At first glance, what most catches the attention of the Diablo X-One, and that makes some fall in love at first sight and others discard it at the moment, is its daring design. Of course, aesthetic issues aside, we are facing a large chair:

  • It is slim and takes up little space.
  • At the same time, it is very robust and can support up to 150 kg of weight.
  • High back, side protections, cervical cushion (with a shape reminiscent of devilish horns), and height-adjustable lumbar cushion by means of straps.
  • The padding is thicker and fluffy than most chairs in this price range
  • It reclines to almost 180 degrees.

The height is adjusted by means of a gas spring and, as a paste, we have verified that the armrests are static and cannot be adjusted. Ah! And the upholstery is high quality, abrasion-resistant synthetic leather.

Considering that the chair already offers excellent value for money and is built to last for many years, we find the Diablo X-One to be a great investment.


  • Original and striking design
  • Great value for money
  • Very robust for its size


  • It’s kind of loud
  • The armrests are not adjustable

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2. GT Omega Pro Racing

Designed to offer a combination of comfort and high performance, without neglecting luxury and style. This Omega PRO gaming chair offers excellent lumbar support.

Includes a shoulder support as well as an integral cushion with wooden support. To increase the comfort of the backrest, a removable pillow and a lumbar cushion are provided that provide great comfort.

The GT Omega PRO incorporates a mechanism that allows the chair to tilt between 90 and 160 degrees, back and forth.

In addition, it can be reclined in such a way that it allows you to enjoy a quick nap, which is highly appreciated after long gaming sessions. The height and the armrests can also be adjusted according to your preferences. (4D)

At a price of around $ 216, this chair guarantees not only an excellent gaming experience but also an ideal use in the office. The good value for money make it our recommended option.

The chair is of very high quality and we can certainly recommend the purchase. However, there are two things you should keep in mind :

1. If you are one of those who prefer to have a very padded gamer chair, it is better to choose another chair, for example, a DX Racer.

2. If you are very wide or very tall, we recommend you choose another.


  • 4D armrest
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Great lumbar support


  • It is hard, so it may take a little while for it to fit your body
  • If you are very robust or you measure more than 190cm the best thing would be to opt for another chair for tall people

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3. Intimate WM Heart Racing

As expected from a gaming chair, the Intimate WM Heart Racing is designed to reduce the negative consequences of spending many hours sitting.

It has all the usual features, basic functions, and accessories in this type of chair:

  • An ergonomic design that conforms to the body.
  • A cervical and a lumbar cushion to avoid neck, shoulder, and back pain and prevent long-term injury.
  • Much more configurable than a classic office chair: in addition to the height, it allows to regulate the position of the armrests, that of the cushions and is reclining up to 135 °.
  • The backrest is higher to offer a greater support surface and relieve muscle tension.

In short, the Intimate WM Heart Racing does not offer anything new nor does it stand out for the materials with which it is made, but it fulfills the function for which it was designed.

To highlight the soft and pleasant touch of the synthetic leather that covers it and its wheels, made of nylon to avoid damage to delicate floors.

It is a good option if you want a gaming chair, but your budget is limited. Also, you have several colors to choose from.


  • Price
  • Anti-scratch wheels
  • It has all the basic functions and accessories of a gaming chair


  • It is not especially durable

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Shopping Guide: What to Watch Before Buying a Recliner For Gaming?

The comparison has brought you the proof, we hope, that quality and cheap can rhyme, as long as we know how to choose. And therein lies the whole question: which gaming chair to choose? To achieve this, I will give you useful keys here, like the selection criteria.

Presentations, characteristics, advantages, and prices of the gaming chair

We all know the classic office chair, welcoming enough to allow you to sit there for work, but whose comfort will not be memorable. Conversely, the gaming chair focuses above all on comfort: the quality of its foam as much as its padding and reinforcements come to support each member of your body to deploy maximum support. It is also a practical product, coming with armrests, a headrest, and sometimes even a support for the feet.

Where to find a gaming chair? Our purchase recommendations

Several options are available to you. You can first opt ​​for physical and specialized stores. However, this will require you to devote some time to it. Above all, once there, you will have little objective information outside of the technical characteristics to be able to conduct a real comparison. Note also that for storage reasons, these physical stores are obliged to offer reduced selections.

A second, more attractive option is available to you: online shopping. Via the various platforms, you can indeed buy a gaming chair with complete peace of mind, since you will have access to a wealth of information on each model. The choice is also much more extensive, because of the many models that can be found on the net. Last argument in favor of online sales: cost reduction and regular promotions allow you to find THE good deal!

How to choose your gaming chair? Selection criteria

As I told you in the methodological point of the comparison, several criteria form the basis of my analysis and allow me to objectively compare the products and give you the best recliners for gaming. I invite you to use these criteria in your turn in order to find the model that will suit you the most, both with regard to your budget and your expectations and needs.

  • Comfort: quality of the foam, support for the seat and back, cushions, etc.
  • Ergonomics: reclining backrest, adjustable seat…
  • Solidity: maximum supported weight, quality of materials …
  • Design and aesthetics: style and colors, quality of finishes…
  • Ease of assembly


Yes, the best recliners for gaming have been designed with those people, professional or not, who spend long hours sitting in front of a screen playing video games.

But precisely because they are made to offer maximum ergonomics and prevent the negative consequences of sitting for a long time, they should not be considered an exclusive product of the gamer community: they are highly recommended for all those people who, for whatever reason, spend many hours in a chair.

Don’t be left behind by any label or scared by the bold colors of YouTubers best recliners for gaming chairs: if you are an office worker or student, for example, a gaming chair is an investment in your health and surely there is an ideal one for you.

As you have seen, you have a choice: design, material, aesthetics, colors, accessories, size, price …

They are a little more expensive, it is true, but you will feel that you have amortized it as soon as you notice the benefits they provide for you and your health.