The No. 1 Guide on How Do You Choose the Best Percussion Massager!

The No. 1 Guide on How Do You Choose the Best Percussion Massager!


If you are in search of some deep tissue massage system for yourself, a percussion massage can be a holy grail product for you. A percussion massager can treat all your deep tissue pain and provide ultimate relaxation to the non-superficial core tissues of the body.  A steady percussion massage is potent to improve the blood circulation in the deep tissues. Percussion massage has beneficial effects on practically everybody. It is of particular importance in treating muscle cramps and soreness. How do you choose the best percussion massager?

It works excellently well to tone and strengthen particular spots, specific muscle groups. Many athletes also make use of percussion massage to warm up the muscles before any event.


As with any typical massage technique, percussion massage consists of some fundamental strokes. A percussion massager as is evident from the name, is a handheld massager that generates the exact stereotypic strokes of percussion massage. The massager consists of a core motor as the force generator and a foam ball that is actually the transducer. It converts the force generated from the motor to percussion strokes which relaxes the deep core tissues and muscles of your body.


There are innumerable types of percussion massager available in the market. Each of the massagers differs from one another in terms of various aspects of functionality such as the density of vibration, frequency of vibration, strokes, or direction of massage. How do you choose the best percussion massager?

Let us have a look at the commonly available percussion massagers available: – 

1. Tim Tam Massage Guns 

It provides extremely intense percussion massage and is often too robust for beginners. 

If you have a gym pro body and can withstand the extremely high force of massage on your superficial as well as deep tissue layers, then this one’s for you. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money, and you will simply end up hurting yourself.

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2. Thera Gun

This is a serious professional product and those of you who are looking forward to employing percussion massagers as a means of simple work out must stay away from this extremely robust product. This one is more of a pro athletic product that is good for curing the body pains at specific locations.

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3. Hyper Volt

This one is relatively better for personal use because it comes in 3 adjustable speed settings with multiple appendages for the massage head. The hyper volt is easy to use, quiet and lightweight. The ergonomic, durable design gives a comfortable relaxation to the affected area. It has got an inbuilt pressure sensor technology that ensures accurate therapeutic sessions.

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 Here are the important factors that you must keep in mind while choosing the bests percussion massager for yourself: – 

Realize your need 

First of all, have a clear idea about the cause of using a percussion massager. If you are an athlete and have a toned body that is capable of tolerating forces, then you can go for the robust varieties. Not all massagers are suitable for everybody. Carry out detailed research before investing. Skincare percussion massagers are definitely not going to serve the same as a foot percussion massager

Prioritize your comfort

Keep in mind that the preliminary objective of percussion massager is to relax your tissues. The percussion massager generates a force that travels deep down to the tissues to tighten the muscles and provide spot relaxation by massage.

For athletes, it has a different purpose that is to strengthen and tighten a set of muscles of particular interest. Percussion massagers are also appropriate for relaxing deep tissue pain. Hurt tendons, ligaments, aching muscles can be cured by percussion massages. 

Understand your needs and choose the massager accordingly- that which fits your requirements appropriately. 

Choose wisely for the variety

It is always better to go for the cordless variety of the percussion massager. You are opting for a percussion massager because you need to relax your muscles. Every now and then there is a cord coming between the massager and you. You can never get to their relaxing posture to enjoy a perfect massage. You will not have to look for a place near to the charging point if you go for the cordless variety. In a way, the cordless varieties are the ultimatum of flexibility that gives you the best experience Hence, better invest in the cordless variant

Go for the ones which makes use of heat therapy 

Make sure that the massager makes use of heat therapy along with vibrations. Heatwaves percolate deep into the biological tissue system that composes your muscles and provided with the best relaxation. Moreover, if you are implementing the percussion massager for the relief of any pain, originating from an injury, then heat can be an effective remedy to get done with the pain quite fast. In other words, heat therapy employing massagers enhances the effectiveness of the percussion massage and amplifies the positive outcome of the massage for the betterment of the user.

Give maximum importance to versatility 

Each percussion massager comes with a number of head appendages. Each of these appendages is particularly speciated for specific areas of the body. If you choose the one that comes with a large variety of such heads, you can take the percussion massage at various parts of the body. This will increase the utility of the percussion massager. You can use them at different parts of the body to cater to the needs of multiple tissue locations of the body and thus make the massager of greater help. Each head type will provide personalized massage for each part of the body.  For more information, click here.


Percussion massagers are of great help in providing deep tissue massage, relieve the body of stress, improve the blood circulation, treat innumerable musculoskeletal disorders. And thus, we can conclude that this product is going to be of massive help to your body muscles; the only trick is to choose the massager wisely.