The Best Toullgo Head Massager Review for 2021

The Best Toullgo Head Massager Review for 2021


When you are stressed and it gets to your head in the form of pressure or strain, it can cause headaches and disrupt your productivity. Today, when you get this feeling, you just wear a head massager and watch every stress vanish as blood flow to your head is improved. Check this Toullgo Head Massager review.

A head massager is a machine that is worn around or on the head and that thoroughly massages the scalp, improving blood flow and eliminating stress and strain in the process. The stress and pressure reduction can also have powerful effects on the mind and thereby affecting the individual’s productivity and relaxation. With a head massager, you do not need an expert. From the comfort of your home, you can get an excellent scalp massage which not only benefits your body but your hair and mind as well.

Head massagers are of different types and functions. Your choice of head massager would be determined by what you need.

Head Massagers for Headaches

There are head massagers that work on the neck and are excellent for eliminating headaches.

Head Massagers  To Enhance Sleep

Sleep is a serious issue and the lack of it can be dangerous to health. There are massagers that help free the head and improve blood flow to that region to make for better sleep.

There are also head massagers for blood circulation and for hair growth.

Tuollgo Head Massager

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Product Overview

We earlier talked about head massagers that are excellent for people who have sleep deprivation. Tuollgo head massager is one of the best for sleep deprivation. Even if the person has mental issues, this head massager influences sleep by relaxing the head and mind and reducing any form of pressure and strain.

Let us learn about the specifications of this product.

The Tuollgo Head Massager is a piece of modern equipment that incorporates an advanced technology using the TSNS stimulant wave which sees that you get all the relaxation you need by eliminating pressure from your head.

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The Tuollgo Head Massager is designed like a circular ring worn around the head. It is lightweight and portable and can be used anywhere and everywhere. It can also be worn around the head while you’re exercising – walking, running, and even while you’re asleep. It is designed using electrode sheets that can be reused. These sheets are protected by a protective film that is best removed while the head massager is un use. If the electrode sheet isn’t covered by a protective film, it may become oxidized and the equipment may not be able to withstand regular or frequent use.

When it is in use, the head massager indicator lights come on and flicker frequently. Users also have flexibility because the massage vibration force can be adjusted to suit the need at a particular point in time.

According to the manufacturers, this product was built to last for at least 12 months – especially if there are no accidents.

Product Specification

Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces


Color: Pink

Customer Ratings: 3.5 stars

Material: ABS and Elastic

Charger: V8 charger interface

Charging Time: 2 hours

Benefits Of Choosing This Brand

The Toullgo head massager is one of the most popular head massagers out there. It incorporates modern technology as seen with the design and the TSNS stimulant wave capability. Its portability and ability to be charged and recharged makes it an excellent choice. It also has adjustable straps so you can choose how tight or lose the massager clings to your head. It also comes with adjustable vibration modes in case you want to pick between light or strong (more vigorous) scalp massage.

Furthermore, all these premium level functionalities can be afforded at a small price! This pocket-friendly head massager brings quality to everyone!


  • The Tuollgo Head Massager has electrodes that can be used and reused. This means with such great quality comes great value all in one product.
  • This product has the TSNS stimulant wave capability that is a modern head massager technology that helps the user to nod off to sleep quite easily.
  •  It is also equipped with a dual application mode with a design for adjusting the vibration force.
  • This product comes for a small price, making it affordable to everyone who suffers insomnia without blasting a hole in their wallet.


  •  It is built with indicator lights which can be distracting especially if you’re not yet asleep.
  •  Also, if you have any medical issues, this head massager is not recommendable for you – especially those suffering issues like heart diseases, pregnancy, high blood pressure, facial or brain trauma, or abnormal sweating.


The Toullgo Head Massager is one of the most affordable out there with a price range of $30 -$35 excluding the shipping fees. However, shipping across to other countries that are not in the US, the buyer incurs the fees and it can cost anywhere from $50 and above, depending on the country. 

How To Use The Tuollgo Head Massager 

This machine has a lock on the engine and electrode. To use it, you must connect or join these locks.

Then you must peel off the thin film used to protect the electrode

Get a clean cloth and wipe your face and forehead

Position the head massager like you’re wearing a pair of sunglasses but ensure the electrode sits directly on and sticks to the skin by placing it on the acupoint of your forehead’s trigeminal nerve.

It is not advisable to use this machine while driving or when you have an acute or abnormal headache.

Who Can Use This Product?

The Toullgo head massager can be used by anyone who experiences insomnia or pressure on the head due to stress. It is advised that this product be used by adults only. However, it is not recommendable for individuals with heart problems, migraines, facial or brain trauma, pregnant women, and people suffering inconsistent or high blood pressure.

Similar Products

There are other brands and products of head massager that are similar to the Toullgo.  They possess one of two similar properties like the Electric Scalp Massager with dual vibrating modes and an auto-off function. It also has a USB cable for powering its rechargeable batteries. Check this link to learn more. 

Another similar product to the Toullgo is the REAQER Electric Head Massager which helps you to achieve a night of better sleep. It fits on your head like a helmet and equipped with air and music functions fr nudging you to sleep. Although quite pricey because of the additional features, it is worth every penny. Check this product out here

FAQs and Answers

Does The Tuollgo Head Massager Make Noise?

Answer: Although this head massager has a dual speed setting, it doesn’t make any noise.

Does The Tuoullgo Head Massager Need Extra Batteries?

Answer: The Tuollgo head massager doesn’t need any extra batteries. It has a USB interface and built-in batteries that are rechargeable.

When Do The Lights Flicker?

Answer: The head massager flickers red while it is charging and when it is full, the light indicator turns green.

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Insomnia has been a problem for most people and can be caused by stress. When you cannot sleep properly, you develop headaches and several other health issues which can affect your productivity during your day to day activities. It is paramount that you take measures to get your sleep schedule back on track.

A head massager is a great choice for helping you achieve quality sleep and unwind after a long day and you need a quality product like the Tuollgo Head Massager.

Inexpensive and of high quality, the Tuollgo head massager provides you with the necessary scalp massage needed to improve blood flow to your head and neck, helping you to relax better and sleep more soundly.

However, if you have medical issues like heart diseases, and seizures, this head massager may not be the best option for you. We advise that you consult your medical expert for the best solution and ways to use your head massager efficiently.