No 1 Best Foot Bath Recipe – That You Need to Know

No 1 Best Foot Bath Recipe – That You Need to Know

We put in great effort to take care of our face, hair, and other parts of our bodies. We consider it proper grooming when the most visible parts of our bodies are taken care of properly. A lot of money and time goes into picking products, but we somehow manage to ignore our feet. What is the best foot bath recipe? Let us find out

Covered in good shoes and bearing our weight through our day to day activities, our feet are often neglected. Most people can be forgiven for being ignorant about what it takes to take care of the feet.

One of the ways to take care of our feet is by having a foot bath with the best foot bath recipe. It has proven to be therapeutic and an excellent grooming method. So what is a foot bath, and what are the benefits?

Benefits of a Foot Bath 

Did you know? The greatest concentration of nerve endings in the body is found under the soles of the feet. The seat of the autonomous nervous system composed of the parasympathetic (which relaxes) and the sympathetic (which energizes), the footpoint of support on the ground, carries our body, allows movements, and supports our weight changes. 

Indeed, since Antiquity, the washing of feet intimately associates the hygienic, religious (purification), and symbolic functions. It is still practiced in Asia, the Maghreb, India for religious, family, love, and health reasons in Chinese medicine. In the West, it is practiced to relax. If it provides great pleasures, the foot bath also brings great benefits.

Steeping your feet in a hot water bath is very soothing, and it is an excellent way to relax your tired feet. It is therapeutic as it helps get rid of flu symptoms and helps with pain on the abdomen and migraines.  

A foot bath is not just healthy for the feet, but the body generally. The soothing effect and relaxation are some of the most significant benefits of the footbath. Specialists and scientific research show that steeping your feet in a foot bath for up to twenty minutes every day can improve the mood. It also boosts the bodily energy and treats insomnia. It does not stop there as it can treat aches that bedevil your feet and your body.  

The benefits of a best foot bath recipe cannot be ignored, and it might be what your body has been missing for a long time. If you are uncertain about getting regular foot baths because of the cost, there is good news for you as you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own space. You only need the foot bath recipe to recreate your own.

Best Foot Bath Recipes 

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Making your foot bath is not an impossible task. It is easy for anyone to put the ingredients together. These ingredients can be purchased from stores closest to you, or you even have them handy in your home.

The most important thing to note about putting together a foot bath recipe is to understand different items will have different effects on the feet and the body. This means that the ingredients for an exfoliating foot bath will be slightly different from the ingredients needed for managing achy feet.

Having a clear idea of the reason for having a foot bath will help you pick the ideal ingredients. However, whatever you intend to achieve with a foot bath, the recipe is easily accessible.

There fundamentals things you should have if you want to make a foot bath and they include;

  • A bathtub or a foot tub is essential, or you can improvise with a big shallow basin. This is used to hold the water and other ingredients for you to soak your feet.
  • You will need a towel to actively dry your feet when you are done because not doing so could defeat the point of a foot bath, and it could also lead to a home accident in a case where you slip and fall. You can get a bath mat as well.
  • You may also need an extra supply of hot water if you are not making use of a bathtub. This will be used to replenish the one you are already using should it get cold.
  • An extra supply of cold water is necessary, too, after soaking your feet. It will be used to rinse your feet when you are done.  
  • A clock or stopwatch can be important too. You need to measure how long you soak your feet, so you do not do it for less time and get little or no result. A foot bath is not an activity you want to rush.

These basics are essential if you want to do it right, and thankfully these things are not difficult to procure.  

Foot Bath Recipe For Achy Feet

When you need relief from achy feet, having a foot bath will bring a lot of comfort, but it requires an essential ingredient, the Epsom salt. The Epsom salt is rich in Magnesium which the skin will absorb this Magnesium, which has a relaxing effect and can relieve tension. It helps with swelling and pain. 

You will need a half cup of Epsom salt with up to twenty drops of essential oil (you can use any one of your choices). Lavender, Rosemary, and Peppermint are good essential oils. You will also need to add six tablespoons of carrier oil. 

The key is to dissolve the Epsom salt in water, then add a blend of the carrier oil and essentials oils to the water and soak your feet to relieve ache.

Foot Bath Recipe For Exfoliation

Foot Bath Recipe – Detox Foot Bath Recipes
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For an exfoliating foot bath, you need some fresh lemons, not more than three. Vinegar and Epsom salt is necessary.

The vinegar is first added to the warm water with juice from the lemon. Do not get rid of the lemon peels as it would be used to clean the feet. Also, rub the Epsom salt on your feet before dissolving it in the bath.

This recipe softens the dead skin, and you can easily remove them with a brush, dry cloth, or stone.

In Conclusion

Footbaths are a great way to relax and heal the body. It helps increase blood circulation. Foot baths ingredients are handy, and the best foot bath recipe is easy to use.

You can save yourself the extra time, energy, and money to go to the spa by a simple DIY (Do It Yourself) foot bath in the comfort of your home.