How to Do a One Foot Spin on Roller Skates – No. 1 Guide

How to Do a One Foot Spin on Roller Skates – No. 1 Guide

It should be noted that roller skating is not only a massively enjoyable sport, but it also aids in the development of various motor skills among human beings of all ages. Roller skating also provides a method of obtaining a good enough workout for your body muscles, thereby keeping you in perfect shape without even going to the gym. This will help you on how to do a one foot spin on roller skates

 However, it should be remembered that roller skates are not just about rolling on wheels but there’s also something more diverse and enjoyable to learn. Once you get accustomed to your basic moves, the time will come for you to grasp new concepts & tricks, which is what we’re going to discuss in this article guide. The methods might sound challenging at first, but once you start to understand the strategy behind the same – it’ll be a piece of cake for you.

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Roller Skating Tricks For Beginners

1. Doing A Roller Skate Spin

If you’re comfortable moving on roller skate wheels then learning to do a spin might be your best bet because it’s one of the most fun tricks that almost all roller skaters have up their sleeves. In case you’re wondering how to do a one foot spin on roller skates, then the following method will be able to assist you:

●     First and foremost, your job would be to correct your body posture by slightly bending your knees and keeping about a shoulder’s distance between your two feet.

●     Once you’ve done that, you should put your arms in a right-angled stance and thereby start gently rotating them in one direction. As you do that, your arms should be kept carefully tucked along to your body.

●     Slowly your skates will align themselves together by keeping your closest feet backward and move the farthest feet in the forward direction.

●     Once momentum is reached, your body posture should be raised thereby pulling your skates closer, and a perfect spin will be generated. 

●     While performing the spin, gently pull up your weakest limb, and there you have it – a one-foot spin on roller skates.

To continue the spin, keep your skates turned and to stop it – just straighten out both of your feet.

2. Doing An Eagle Spread

If you want something casual, then doing the eagle spread can turn out to be the real deal. However, before you plan to practice the same, you should have your balancing act figured out; otherwise, the trick can be a lot tougher to pull through – ultimately ending a bone-crunching fall.

Considering you’ve already mastered the balancing act, then your first job would be to start skating forward with your knees slightly bent and keeping your legs at shoulder-width apart. Later try rolling back on your heels and balancing on the rear wheels of your skates. After that try to move gently forward and you’ll complete the eagle spread.

3. Doing A Salchow

After trying out the eagle spread if you need something more that’ll enhance your adrenaline rush, then this salchow trick can be a perfect companion in that regard.

To do this small trick, you have to start skating backward and then try twisting on one-leg. After that, continue your journey with a quick jump, thereby landing gently on the opposite foot. You can be assured that your admirers would love watching this new trick of yours.

4. Doing A Backward Direction Skating

It’s suggested that before you start on with your procedure for backward skating, you should ensure that your environment or surroundings are free from any kind of hindrances or obstacles. Once you’ve done that it’s time to regulate your body posture by keeping your legs in a V-shaped angle with the toes pointing in the inward direction.

Keep your knees slightly bent so that the entire weight of your body is distributed evenly across your legs. Start your backward direction skating by pressuring the toe of your dominant foot and slightly lifting the other foot simultaneously. Such momentum will push your body backward. Repeat the same procedure while slightly lifting your dominant foot and pressuring with the toe of the weaker foot. This will help you move more steadily in the backward direction.

Moreover, continue to look over your shoulder to avoid any unexpected accidents waiting to happen.

5. Doing Moonwalk

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, it was the signature dance move for the best dancer on Planet Earth – late Michael Jackson. His trick can be performed by wearing shoes, but in this trick, you’ll be doing the same with a pair of roller skates. If you’ve already gained the utmost confidence of skating backward, then doing moonwalking will be a piece of cake.

To perform the moonwalk you have to keep one of your skates on the ground just as it is and the other one with the toe in the downward direction acting as the stopper. Once you take off your toe stopper, try to push off in the backward direction with your other leg. Now start repeating the procedure by switching your legs – doing alternatively as possible.

Try to be slow on your first try and ensure that you do not perform the trick in haste. Once you start gaining momentum, you’ll be able to perfect your skill and thereby comfortably pull off the same in front of others.

6.  Doing Skating On One Foot

This is one of the simplest tricks on this list because of how much little you have to do. The rules of balancing get applied here as well as you’ll be balancing on one foot.

 Try moving with your skates in short bursts, later switching to longer strides. While doing that ensure that you continue shifting your body weight to one foot at a time and then alternate it gradually. The key here is to keep your balance and have patience because even though this trick is easy to learn, it’s quite hard to master.

And with that last one wraps up our list of some of the best roller skating tricks that you can learn as a beginner and enjoy your stay in the majestic world of skating enthusiasm.