Naipo Neck Massager Review – Is It The No. 1 Neck Massager?

Naipo Neck Massager Review – Is It The No. 1 Neck Massager?

Brand Overview

Naipo is a Chinese manufacturer based in Shenzhen and thereby specializes mainly in the production of various kinds of massagers for the human body. One of the company’s significant ambitions is to provide quality products at affordable prices to its customers, ultimately promoting healthier lifestyles, thus, they came up with Naipo neck massager.

Since we all live in a world bound by stress and fast-living, the company ensures that they are committed to providing the best products to obtain relaxation and massages. Moreover, offering excellent value to the customers has always been the ultimate aim of the company.

Naipo produces products for people of all lifestyles and ages, supported by modern technology. Aside from that, the company also focuses on providing contemporary as well as traditional therapy measures through their products.


First and foremost, it should be noted that the massager can be used on the neck and shoulders. This Shiatsu neck massager comes with four big and four small nodes responsible for providing you the massage. It can apply deep tissue massage on your shoulder, neck, upper back, waist, thigh, lower back, calve, feet, arm, and legs. Therefore, each of these body parts will be relieved of their stress, and the massager can also help in reducing sore muscles as well.

Moreover, you’d be happy to know the massager comes with three variable speeds to choose from. You’ll have the option to choose between low, medium, and high intensities. The low energy can be used for regular or average muscle pain relaxation and relief, while the medium & high-intensity levels should be used for tense muscles & tight knots. Aside from that, since the device has been made from PU leather and premium breathable mesh, it can be used by anyone. From young users to adults residing in your family – everyone can use the massager regardless. It’s recommended that you use the device for at least fifteen to twenty minutes per day. 

Lastly, the device can be used anywhere you want – be it your home or workplace. The massager also comes with a car adapter along with its primary power adapter, so that you can use it even when driving your vehicle. Besides, it also comes with a one-year warranty, so that you don’t have to worry about its longevity.

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Benefits / Reasons To Choose

When you first obtain the massager, you’ll notice that it comes covered in a very smooth and soft material. The material will almost feel like leather and will, therefore, exude high-quality and premium feeling. The product is indeed very well-made, and that can be seen quickly by its robust construction. Consequently, you can expect the massager to last you for a long time, even if you tend to use products very roughly & frequently.

The inside of the massager – where the device touches your body – has soft padding to ensure that your skin doesn’t irritate. The surface has been contoured in the right manner so that it can sit well with the curves on your neck and shoulders. Apart from that, it comes with a control pad so that you can quickly change the settings & functions according to your needs.

The overall set up procedure of the device is easy as you need to plug into the provided adapter cable and use it after that. Performance is highly commendable, and you’ll have the ability to change the movement speed along with the direction of the massage. There’s also an added heat option, which will significantly improve your overall performance.

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Pros & Cons


●     Top-Notch Build Quality – Since both the outside as well as the inside has been made from high-quality materials, you can always depend upon the device to give you the best massaging results.

●     Has Heating Function – The device comes with an infrared heating function that works with the eight provided massage nodes. Therefore, the user can receive a soothing massage without much fuss.  

●     Ability To Alter Massage Intensity – The machine comes with three variable speeds to choose from so that users can customize to their heart’s content.

●     Can Be Used By Anyone – As the massager features straightforward controls and easy to use methods, both the young and adult can use it. 


●     Each Session Lasts 20 Minutes Only – To prevent the device from overheating and malfunctioning, it can only work for 20 minutes per session. There’s no way to increase the period, which is a major bummer.

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How To Order?

The Naipo Neck Massager can be ordered easily thru Amazon

The current on-going price of the massager is around $59.99.

Others Things To Know

The Operating Temperatures Of The Device Is Between 32 – 95 Degrees Fahrenheit

It should be noted that the device can be operated between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The alternative numbers in the Celsius scale are between zero degrees and thirty-five degrees. Moreover, the operating relative humidity of the device is between 5 percent and 95 percent.

The Product Is Free From PVC

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is a harmful substance when it comes to human health and thereby leads to serious environmental problems in the long-run. Therefore, no existence of PVC is a welcoming feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the plastic quality that is used on the device recyclable?

Yes. The device uses a highly recyclable grade of plastic that can be easily molded and used again later.

2. Does the device’s motor make noise when operating?

No. The machine comes fitted with a low-noise making motor that will be making very minimal noise during its operation.

3. Does the product come with a user manual?

Yes. You’ll be receiving a user manual along with your product to know the clear instructions on how to use it effectively.

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In case you’re on the lookout for a neck massager that performs its job efficiently without charging an excessive amount of money, this is the perfect equipment for the same. It comes with all the essential features you require in a neck massager and then some more. Moreover, the build quality and ease of use make it perfect for your entire family.