Fittop Scalp Massager – An Amazing Review

Fittop Scalp Massager – An Amazing Review

Brand Overview

Fittop is an American company that was established in 2006. The main aim of the company was to manufacture and produce therapeutic massagers for the end consumers. The organization mainly specializes in the design, distribution, and manufacturing of multiple types of health as well as personal care massager products like Fittop Scalp Massager. The company’s products combine the innovation and technology harnessed by the company’s designers and engineers, which is why the organization is highly proud of its achievements.

The company’s primary aim is to keep more consumers happy & healthy so that they can fulfill their dreams. When it comes to products, the company has been able to develop a wide range of portable massage products that can take care of the human neck, back, arm, and so on. The products also include the concepts from Chinese Acupuncture Therapy, and their design is made in conjunction with another major German company. Such collaboration makes the devices easy to use and thereby rejuvenates the human body. 

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One of the significant advantages of owning this massager is that the device is small and highly compact. The massager will be slightly larger than the size of your palm, which means that you can take it with you anywhere you want. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to use it at home or in the workplace, you can easily do so without any problems. Furthermore, the massage heads are made from silica gel, making them very soft and supple when used on your skin. It should be noted that each massage head will come with seven massage nodes, and the nodes help in alleviating the overall massaging experience. The massager would be able to relax and soothe your muscles effortlessly.

Moreover, the use of silica gel is also advantageous as it can work directly on your skin without any allergies or inflammation. Such a feature is highly useful as this massager can massage your head as well as facial muscles. The unit has been marked as waterproof by the manufacturer, making it easy to use when taking a bath or shower. Such a feature is highly useful for those suffering from chronic pain and wants instant relief from the massager. The device also features a custom curved design that can easily match the contours of your head and will be able to provide hand & finger simulation as well.

Aside from that, the massager comes with a set of 28 contractors working together to massage your scalp and head. It has three kneading massaging modes and comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Benefits / Reasons To Choose

You’d be happy to know that this device is extremely versatile in terms of how it functions and can be used. Even though the unit has been advertised as a scalp/head massager, you can also use it on other parts of the body and thereby receive enjoyable experience on the same. Apart from that, you can easily change the massage speed according to your liking.

The device will come with an adjustable speed setting, and you can choose between two given options. The difference between the two options will be noticeable, and if you want a relaxing massage, then opting for the first setting would do the trick. However, if you want your muscles to be massaged rigorously, the second option would be preferable.

Furthermore, the device has a 2000 mAh battery that is in-built and rechargeable. A single charge can contribute towards 90 minutes of the device’s operation. Therefore, if you continue to use the machine for small durations, then a single charge can get you through an entire week’s worth of massage.

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Pros & Cons


●     Provides A Soothing Massage – The overall design and the massage settings make it easy for any user to obtain a relaxing and soothing massage.

●     Can Be Used Anywhere In Your Body – You can use the device on your scalp or head and any other body part. This makes the machine extremely versatile in terms of uses and functioning.

●     Has A Waterproof Design – The massager comes with a waterproof design so that you can use it while showering or bathing. Obtaining a scalp massage in the shower is highly useful.

●     Has A Longer Battery Life – Comes with a 2000 mAh battery that can provide up to three hours or 90 minutes of battery life on a single charge.


●     Scalp Massages Can Tangle Your Hair – The massage heads can sometimes tangle your hair, especially if you have longer hair strands.

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How To Order?

In case you’re planning to purchase the Fittop Scalp Massager, you can easily do so by following the below website link:

The current price is $79.99, which is a lot lower than its MRP of $120.99.

Others Things To Know

The Device Has An In-Built Memory

It should be known the massager comes with a convenient memorization capability that can store your last run mode and thereby use the same when you plan to use the massager again. Such a feature is exceedingly helpful if you like a straightforward operation and have limited time to tweak the message settings.

The Manufacturer Provides A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the device’s functioning after purchase, you can certainly return the product and get your money back from the manufacturer. You’d be happy to know Fittop has friendly customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Apart from silicone, what other materials are used in the manufacturing of the device?

Besides silicone, the device uses ABS plastic to complete its overall sturdy construction. Aside from that, the type of silicone that has been used is of medical grade.

2. Do you get a travel pouch with the device?

Yes. Customers will receive a travel pouch with the device.

3. What is the rated lifespan of the in-built rechargeable battery?

The manufacturer has rated the lifespan of the battery to be around three years. However, the lifespan can increase or decrease depending on how much you use it and the wear & tear it has been exposed to (i.e., charging cycles).

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Sometimes finding the perfect scalp massager with all the essential features can be a headache. But, Fittop makes it easy for you to purchase an efficient yet powerful product with this device. The machine ticks in all the right boxes and comes with all the significant features that you always wanted in a piece of equipment like this. The competent pricing also makes it hard to resist from buying, ultimately making it a worthy investment in the long-run.