Tezam Head Massager – Is it the No 1 Head Massager

Tezam Head Massager – Is it the No 1 Head Massager

Brand Overview

Tezam is a technology company that focuses on the production and manufacturing of various devices targeted towards human health and well-being. Some of these products include the Tezam head massager, scalp massagers, and so on.

The organization has always been at the forefront of bringing new technology to the masses and that too at affordable prices. The company’s management also invests highly in ensuring quality aftersale support for their customers, so that no customer would be left dissatisfied by their products or services.

Features of Tezam Head Massager

One of the main talking points of this head massager is that it can provide you with a vibration massage, if necessary, to help you alleviate your pains and aches. You can even use the massager to deal with any head fatigue you might be experiencing as well. It should be noted that the device generally provides around 8,500 micro-vibrations per minute, which would be enough to keep your scalp, head, or any body part satisfied.

Apart from that, the device can easily adapt to your body structure. You can quickly use it to comb through your hair and massage your scalp. Moreover, you can also use the device to massage other parts of your body, such as your legs & arms, and thereby relieve any muscle tension you might be feeling.

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Benefits / Reasons To Choose

When it comes to the massager’s overall design, it resembles a regular comb, mainly because of its five-hand design. The handle comes in a round-shaped structure, and it only takes a press of a button to activate the device. Moreover, the device is also incredibly lightweight and comes with an ergonomic build. This makes the machine very easy to hold and that too, with a comfortable experience. The massager is battery-operated and therefore needs AAA batteries to function. A single pair of AAA batteries will last you around one to two weeks before you plan on opting for a replacement.

Talking about the overall functionality of the device, you’ll have the option to choose between dual actions provided by the massager. This massager can either perform the tapping or shaking function according to what you plan on picking. Whatever function you plan to choose, the device will ensure that you obtain the ultimate comfort and the perfect pressure level on your muscle fibers. However, it should be known that the device vibrations can not only be felt only on the massage head but also on the handle of the machine.

Aside from that, the device is highly user-friendly, and the overall size is quite good enough to be used in multiple hand sizes. Moreover, the operation is pretty straightforward, and you need to sit back and enjoy the on-going massage.

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Pros & Cons


●     Compact Build – The device is highly portable and compact. It’s travel-friendly, which means that you can carry with you anywhere you want, without any worries.

●     Very Less Maintenance – Once you purchase the device, there will be no extra costs that you need to deal with. You need to ensure that you change the AAA batteries when they get depleted. But, apart from that, no extra costs are involved.

●     Premium Build Quality – Even though the device has been made from plastic, it is sturdy. The plastic has a shiny coating that keeps the machine looking great over time. 

●     Comfortable To Use – The massager comes with an ergonomic grip that is very comfortable and effortless to hold by anyone.


●     Strong Vibrations – Activating the vibration mode will shake not only the massage head but also the device body, which might be uncomfortable for some users.

●     Has Only One Massage Head – The machine comes with only one type of massage head, which is a significant disappointment. In case you plan on changing your massaging pattern, you cannot do so with the help of this device.

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Currently, you can obtain the Tezam Head Massager directly from Amazon US. The price is around $13.99, and the product can be obtained from the Amazon US website.

How To Order?

In case you’re interested in buying the device, you can proceed to order from the following website link:

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Others Things To Know

Can Be Used Before And After Bath

You can easily enhance your beauty by taking a vibrating head massage before going in for a bath. In case you decide to use the device after your bath session, then it’s recommended first to dry your hair with the help of a towel and then proceed to use it. Since the device is not waterproof or water-resistant, it’s recommended not to bring the device in contact with water droplets.

Can Be Use Anywhere

Since the device is highly portable, you can proceed to use the machine anywhere you want. Be it your home, workplace, or while traveling – you can operate the device efficiently, wherever you want. As the tool is lightweight and comfortable to hold, you don’t need to worry much about its usability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What comes in the product package?

The product package comes with the massager along with a warranty guide and a user manual.

2. Do you get AAA batteries inside the box?

No. AAA batteries are not provided in the box and therefore need to be bought separately for usage.

3. What is the recommended usage time?

The manufacturer recommends that you use the massager on your head or scalp for about eight to ten minutes per session – both in the morning & evening. Such a process will improve your sleeping patterns, reduce fatigue, and will make you feel energetic.


While most people out there would not care to invest in a head/scalp massager, it’s highly suggested that you do so. This is because maintaining good blood circulation in your head or scalp is necessary to keep your mind active and sharp. If your mind is not in a correct state, you cannot expect to be productive either in your personal or professional life. So, it’s highly advised that you consider the above recommendation and make the decision for yourself.