iKeepi Scalp Massager – The No 1 Review

iKeepi Scalp Massager – The No 1 Review

 iKeepi is a well-known and popular brand for the manufacturing of various types of massager products. The organization focuses on providing technology & innovation that helps its customers lead to a higher quality of life. iKeepi massager products help improve your overall health structure and allow your body to achieve the perfect relaxation pattern, just like iKeepi Scalp Massager.

The company’s line of therapeutic massagers generally aims to reduce muscle fatigue and tension in human bodies. Apart from that, the products can also aid you in relieving you off your aching body pains and offering the much-needed satisfaction it deserves.


Firstly, when you are receiving the massager, you’ll notice that it comes with two interchangeable massage heads. You can choose to go with either one of them, and the device will thereby trigger the vibration settings. You can control the vibration’s power by just using one button and ultimately customizing it to your liking. It should be noted that the massager is very simple to use and is quite versatile in the number of functions it offers. You can not only use the massager against your head & scalp but also your shoulders, neck, back, face, and so on. When you’re using the massager on your facial muscles, be sure to use the three-point round massage head, so that you can get a spa-like treatment around your eye area.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the massager is battery-powered and therefore comes with a slot to put 2 x AAA batteries. A single pair of AAA batteries will last roughly around three hours of a full massage session, which will be plenty to make your body relieved and relaxed. The device’s overall build has been made from silicone and ABS plastic, making the construction sturdy and durable at the same time.

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Benefits / Reasons To Choose

One of the very first reasons to choose the device is because of its magnificent design. The device has been designed for handheld usage. It’s exceptionally lightweight and truly effortless for anyone to hold – be it a young or an adult person. Moreover, the machine is also compact in terms of its shape and size, making it comfortable to hold even for larger hands. Your entire family can use this massager without any issues. Apart from that, the two interchangeable massage heads make it easy for anyone to choose between the type of massage he or she wants. It comes with the three-point round massage head and the claw-type finger gripper massage head, as the two available options. What you’d like to use will depend on the type of sensation you’d want on your head and scalp.

For instance, you can use the claw-type finger gripper massage head to massage your scalp and head, thereby improving blood circulation and achieving relaxation from stress. On the other hand, you can use the three-point round massage head to massage your eye area, face, shoulder, scalp, neck, and other body parts.

Besides, turning it on and using it is very simple, because the ON/OFF switch resides at the bottom of the device. This means that there will be no chances for accidental turn-offs during its operation. The button has also been made from soft silicone, making it very easy to press. Aside from that, since there is no in-built rechargeable battery, you can change the device’s AAA external batteries anytime you want.

Pros & Cons


●     Easy To Use – Right from the way it functions to changing its batteries on-the-go, it is very effortless to use. The operation is so simple that anyone in your family can use it regardless of their age.

●     Comes With Two Massage Heads – Variety is the spice of life, and that proverb has been fulfilled by this product as well. You get two massage heads to choose from according to your needs and desires.

●     Top-Notch Build Quality – The device has a very sturdy construction made from a combination of silicone and ABS plastic. Longevity will never be an issue with this machine in the long-run.

●     Can Easily Relieve Body Stress – Be it improving your body’s blood circulation or achieving relaxation, this device can do it all. It can be used by athletes, office goers, senior citizens, and the like. 


●     Has No In-Built Battery – Since the device supports external AAA batteries, you always need to keep yourself handy with additional batteries. This is important in case you run out of juice while using it.

●     Battery Life Could Have Been Better – The device only provides three hours of battery life on two AAA batteries, proving to be less for some users.

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Since the product is currently out of stock, it isn’t easy to gauge its price. We suggest waiting for the product to come back in stock, and then only you can learn about the pricing model.

How To Order?

As of the current time, the product is not in stock. You can keep an eye out for the following website e-commerce buying link for any future stocks:

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Others Things To Know

Use Of Skin Products Is Recommended

When you plan to massage your facial and eye area muscles, it’s recommended that you use skincare products, as it’ll promote the overall absorption procedure.

Vibration Can Be Turned ON/OFF

You’ll have the option to either keep the vibration function ON or OFF during its operation. Therefore, in case you don’t like the vibration feature, you can always turn it OFF.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the AAA batteries come in the device package?

No. Batteries will not come inside the device package and would need to be bought separately.

2. Is the machine waterproof?

No. The machine is not waterproof and therefore cannot be used directly under running water.

3. What are the device’s measurements?

The massager has a 5.5-inch main body length along with the massage head being 1.6-inch length-wise. The diameter of the device is 3.1-inch.


Scalp massagers are indeed necessary to keep your scalp and head in good health and well-being and serve as a gateway to massage other parts of the body. Investing in a massager like this helps you keep your body and mind in the right state & condition to focus more on your work and personal life. Rest assured, this iKeepi Scalp Massager would be the perfect fit for you in terms of overall performance and value for money.